Raven and Her Teacher! Part 1

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All she could think, is how she got herself into this mess into the first place
Raven was a beautiful girl. She was short, had brown eyes and dyed red hair. She was on the thicker side, but in all the tight places. She had large breasts, and wasn't afraid to flaunt them. She had just turned 18 two days ago, and was loving life. She was a senior in high school and had a close friend group. The school had a new teacher this year, who taught government. His name was Mr. Jacob Cruz. He was 27 and was tall and had black hair. He was very kind and nice to everyone, but even more to Raven. He was always buying snacks and small trinkets for everyone in his classroom. This time he bought an airpod case. He walked up to Raven and showed her.
"Do you have a Iphone?"
"No, why?"
"Darn, I got this really cool Baby Yoda airpod case for you."
"Aww, that's very kind of you. I do have a knock-off version of them so we'll see if it fits."
She pulls out her headphones. He opens the package and slowly puts on the case, while not breaking eye contact with her. She laughs nervously and turns her face away hiding the fact that she was blushing.
"A perfect fit." he says seductively "I knew it would fit, even if we would have to make it fit."
She quickly grabs it and goes to sit down.
"Thank you Mr. Cruz."

The bell rings for the end of the class. Raven is eager to go. This is her last class, and she wants to go home.
"Raven, could you stay after class for a moment." He says smiling
"Of course, sir."
The bell rings and everyone leaps from their seats and rushes out the door. Raven takes her time getting up to avoid the crowd and walks to Mr. Cruz's desk.
"You wanted to see me?"
"Ah yes, I wanted to talk to you about your grade."
"Is something wrong? I know that I've been turning everything in!"
"Well, I'm missing the end of the quarter essay that was due 3 weeks ago." He says as he points in his grade book.
"What?! I know I turned it in."
"In my grade book I have it marked as incomplete."
"But that essay is half the grade. If I fail that, I fail the quarter."
"I know. It's too late to turn it in now."
"Is there something I can do? Any extra credit? I'll do anything!!"
"Anything?" He says and stands up.
"What about if I..." He walks over to her and pulls her in close to where their noses are touching "do that?"
She pulls back instinctively but is held in place by his strong grip "M-Mr. Cruz...what are you doing?"
"Shhh," he puts his finger to her lips "nobody will know."
He moves his one hand down to grab her by the ass. "You know, I've been wanting to do this from the moment I saw you in my class."
Raven goes to scream but Jacob covers her mouth. He whispers "You're mine now."
He pulls down her skirt and bites his lip when he sees her dripping wet panties. He starts to slowly stroke her clit.
"You like that?" he asks
She nods her head unable to speak.
"Now what if I..." he starts going faster
Raven's eyes flutter and her knees give out slightly. This is the first time that anyone, including herself, has touched her. He covers her mouth with a piece of cloth so he could freely use his other hand. He shoves her against a wall and pulls down his pants.
"Look at it." he says as he grabs her face, forcing her to look "This is what will save your grade. Do you understand me?"
She nods quickly, hoping he will let go. Instead he pushes her to lay down. He pulls her knees up, spreading them to see her vagina. He pulls off her underwear and tosses them aside. He spread the lips of the vagina, wanting to see the clit. He moans.
"Mmm it's so fucking beautiful." He takes two fingers and slides up the length of her pussy, making sure to get his fingers nice and wet. He then takes the wetness from the pussy and slides it on his huge throbbing cock.
"You're a virgin, right?" he asks, smirking
She nods and tries as a last ditch effort to close her legs.
"Absolutely not. You're not going anywhere."
Without hesitation, or warning, he slides all 7 inches inside. She lets out a muffled moan. He begins thrusting, letting pre-cum go inside her. She felt so good, but she knew it was wrong. All she could think is how she got herself into this mess

Written by bea420
Cargado April 21, 2021
Notes Raven had no idea how she wound up having sex with her teacher. She said she would do anything to help her grade, this wasn't the "anything" she had in mind...
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