A List for Kitten

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Kitten is a good sub, loyal and attentive at all times. Many of the details of our life together, like the way she smells, the way she tastes, the way the flowers are arranged in such a beautifully subtle display on our counter, would be nowhere near as well maintained if they were left only to my direction. I shudder to think of the beauty that would be absent in my life if she did not add her personal touch. However, kitten has a strong desire, a need, to feel useful, to have a sense of purpose that is directed, and, at times, micromanaged by me.

My direction serves to order her thoughts, to lessen the anxieties that assail her, and, in a way, to provide her with reassurance that her actions are pleasing to me. Above all else, kitten has a fundamental need to serve me, to please me, to be mine, to be owned, cherished, and cared for by me.

To help facilitate that exchange, we have hung a white board on our refrigerator where I write out her tasks for the day each morning. On days where kitten has to work at her job I try to keep her task list light. On days where she will be home I do my best to add more tasks.

Occasionally, we have visitors, prying eyes that might wonder at the specifics of the tasks that I have laid out for her. So, we have developed a coded system that I use to inform kitten in regard to whether the task should be done: without clothing, (.)(.), while wearing a plug, T, or while wearing her collar and leash, S. Occasionally, I’ll ask her to perform a task while she uses her kegel balls, B.

Kitten is a very intelligent person, and I think she has probably figured out by now that the more symbols she finds next to a task, the more likely it is that I will intercede at some point to give her the kind of fucking that good kitten’s deserve. Also, there were some not so subtle hints on her current list that gave her a good indication of what she was in for.

So it was that on Saturday morning, I beheld kitten’s naughty little smirk as she took in her task list for the morning, while I quietly sipped my coffee at the table.

Weed the garden (.)(.)

Change the dining room table cloth (.)(.) T

Make our bed (.)(.) T S

Fold the laundry (.)(.) T S B

Cuddle with Daddy (.)(.)

Make our bed (.)(.)

It was an incredibly gratifying thing for me, to watch her step gleefully out of her clothes and finish her morning tea with me before heading outside. Frankly, there is no sight in the world that I would rather see than her beautiful smile, especially when it is inspired by me.

As soon as she shut the door behind her I quickly refilled my cup, and strode out the door as well, not wanting to miss a second of the show that she would be putting on, but pretending as though I simply wanted a bit of fresh air. Normally, I would have climbed down the three short steps from our deck to go help kitten. However, we’d weeded all but one small corner of it together the day before, and for us, this task was really just an opportunity for kitten to show off her incredible body in the warmth of the early morning sunlight.

Teasing me with all of those dangerous curves that she has, is most certainly one of kitten’s strong suits. She had only just reached the garden gate when she heard the door close behind me and she smiled devilishly as the soft undersides of her breasts brushed across the top of the gate. Her nipples hardened in the morning air while the sunlight filtered through the trees, dappling varying shades of blue-gray across her alabaster skin.

She wasted no time turning her back to me when she reached the section that remained to be finished, bending over slowly, holding the backside of one of her thighs for support. This had the effect of opening her well-manicured slit slightly, allowing the sunlight to reflect off of the wetness that had already begun to form.

With a quick glance over her shoulder to make certain I was watching she bent to her task, diligently pulling every unwanted plant as her breasts swayed above the dirt and her ass waved in the most inviting way possible. When she was finished, she added the detritus to the compost bin and sashayed back across the yard, eyes downcast as she passed me. A smile twitched across her face as she noticed the swollen outline of my cock against my sweatpants but otherwise, she made no remark.

As soon as she crossed the threshold, she veritably leapt down the steps to our basement to equip herself for her next task. For my part, I hurried to the living room to do some careful tidying of my own. Of course, the close proximity of our living room to our dining room and the sight line it provided had “nothing” to do with the urgency of my task.

When kitten came back upstairs she hurried to the cabinet to pick out the new cloth, smiling coyly at me as she laid it briefly on the back of our couch so that she could remove the old one. Then, she flicked the cloth open over the table, bending far lower than necessary to carefully draw its crisp edges back so that it was centered on the table. My cock throbbed hungrily when I saw that she’d used her large, green jeweled plug rather than the smaller pink one.

Kitten is very shy, so we use subtle signals to communicate. Just like the pig-tails she was currently wearing indicated that she wanted her face fucked at my earliest convenience, the flash of that green jewel meant that she wanted her ass fucked in equal measure.

Once the cloth was in place, kitten carefully picked out a vase and strode gracefully out to the flower bed to select her arrangement. I drew in a quick breath and hurried to the bathroom to see that I was properly groomed for what was likely to be a very interesting encounter.

Kitten is very purposeful in her flower selections and with Easter coming up soon, a simple selection of yellow lilies was all that she required to complete her arrangement. I was still brushing my teeth as she walked past, having arranged the flowers

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Notes Master gives kitten a list of chores that she must complete. While she is working she must satisfy him as well.
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