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He called and said he was going to pick me up at 7p and that we were going someplace “fancy” so I should dress the part. I was curious where we might go and after COVID lockdowns, excited to be able to get dressed up! I dropped my iPhone and ran to my closet, scanning for an outfit that would fit the bill. I had exactly 2 hours to get ready and I was up against the clock as this surprise date was something I was not expecting. Had I known about it, I would have gone shopping for a new outfit to please my man but since that was not an option, I was searching my closet for an outfit and just thankful I did just get the mani/pedi yesterday.

I found a navy blue sating cocktail dress. Spaghetti straps and a cut that finished just above the knee. I wore it to my cousins wedding two years ago and hoped it would still fit. I placed it on my bed. I went to my panties drawer and found my strapless bra and flung it onto the bed. I decided on a black lace thong so that I wouldn’t show any panty lines and tossed them onto the bed. Stocking were black with a heavy thread on the back. These always accentuated my calves and I know they drove my boyfriend wild. I walked back to my bed and laid them all out perfectly and thought about shoes. I stood back and collected my thoughts before returning to the closet and found a pair of 6” navy heels that had a red sole. I pulled them out and placed them at the foot of my bed and admired the outfit. Perfect! I thought and with 1 1/2 hours to spare!

I walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of Whispering Angel Rose and returned to the bedroom. I stripped out of my Lululemon running tights and took off my Guns N’ Roses T-Shirt. I laid on the opposite side of the bed so as not to disturb my outfit and pulled my vibrator out and clicked it on. I took a gulp of wine and exhaled loudly. I placed the vibrator against my pussy and enjoyed the sliding affect that my satin panties shielded me from. The low hum was working its way through the fabric and eliciting pleasure to my hole. Wetness was building with each pass and stroke and I could feel myself leaking into the satin. Another gulp of wine before I pull my panties off and press the tip on my vibrator into my hole. Sliding in easily as I know exactly how to work myself over. I enjoy it gliding in and out of me and bury out deep inside me so the rabbit ears are now fluttering against my clit. I rub my tits while enjoying this intense feeling and I moan loudly with the building orgasm. I release and can feel my cum coat my vibrator and I pull it in and out of me as I finish off a strong orgasm. I pull the vibrator out and the cold air of the room feels nice as my warm hole is let go. I click the vibrator off and bring it up for a quick cleaning. I take it in my mouth and savor my juices. I love the taste of my pussy and I lick the toy clean before placing on the nightstand. I take another sip of wine and get up. Loving the relaxed state a good orgasm gives me, I pick up the vibrator and walk to the bathroom.

I turn the shower on and head the the sink. I clean my toy off and brush my teeth. I dry the vibrator off and walk back to my room to put it in the nightstand drawer. I pull my panties and bra off and take a little scoop of my remaining cum on my pussy lips and pull it up for one last taste before I clean my kitty. I toss my panties and bra and tights and T-Shirt into the laundry bin and head back to the shower. My nipples go erect from the cold air of the air conditioning and it feels good to be naked. I love being naked! I enter the steamy bathroom and enter the hot shower. The change in temperature feels great as the hot water bounces off my firm tits.

I wash my hair and rinse it. I soap up my body, admiring my curves and thinking about how the night will go. I know the dinner part will be fine but I am looking forward to the after party when I get to enjoy my boyfriends cock as he gives me a good fucking! I soap up again and enjoy the pleasure of me rubbing my tits and ass and pussy. I make sure every part of me is cleaned before I take the handheld and rinse me clean. The spray head switched to pulsing and I pay extra attention to my clit and get an extra orgasm out of it as a reward.

I turn the shower back on and lube up my legs and pubic mound. I shave my legs and then create a small work of art on my pubic mound. A little artwork for my pubic hair that my boyfriend will hopefully notice later on! I rinse off and jump out of the shower, dabbing the wetness off of me as I walk naked tot he sink. I blow dry my hair and create waves of beautiful semi curls in my just below shoulder length brunette hair. I do my makeup which is not too much and top it off with red lipstick. I retreat to the bedroom and put on my panties and bra and slide the satin cocktail dress over my petite 5’4” frame. I look in the full length mirror and rub my ass to check for panty lines, I see a small one and decide tonight I am going without. I pull them off and toss them back in my drawer. Much better as I redo the ass rub. I love the way sating feels against my skin. It fills me with sexual energy and looking at me in the mirror I have to admit, I look amazing!

I pull the panty hose up and click my shoes on. I return to the mirror and know that I have nailed this look. A slight twirl and the dress folds outward just a bit and I feel super sexy. A fast twirl and it shows a hint of my pussy so I hope we aren’t going dancing! I spray a bit of My Way by Giorgio Armani an my wrist. I rub it into my other wrist and then take both wrists and rub them against my neck. I squirt a blast up my dress and the alcohol in the perfume stings the outer walls of my pussy just a bit and brings my thoughts to how much fun I hope to have later tonight. Staring into the mirror as I do this I can’t help but think how my boyfriend is going to love this as he fucks me later tonight.

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Notes A surprise phone call leads to a great dinner and a great surprise!
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