Welcome Home from a Tour of Duty

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I waited in the hanger and saw the plane land. I was wearing my floral cotton summer dress, white Keds sneakers and had just had a blow out done on my curly and wavy blond hair. I have been waiting for this day for over a year and was hopeful he was feeling the same! I was super excited to see him and eagerly wanted his arms around me. The warm summer breeze blew my dress backward and showed off my summer kissed athletic body and emphasized by 32B breasts which were pert with attention and the breeze was just hard enough to erect my nipples.

He wasted no time showing me what he wanted! He came at me quick and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tightly and came in for a kiss. I accepted it openly as I hadn’t seen him since he was deployed over a year ago. I loved seeing him again and missed him terribly. Him being away left me with fear, anxiety and a longing to have him inside me again and I was almost ready to fuck him right there in the hanger, around all the other returning soldiers. “God I missed you!”, he said and I couldn’t do anything but give him another kiss. The tears of happiness streaming down my face, ruining the mascara I put on to doll up for the reunion.

He let go and put his arm around my neck and shoulders and we casually and quickly said goodbye’s to his friends and peers. I was on cloud nine and relieved that he made it back in one piece and was just as happy to see me as I was to see him!

We got to my Jeep Grand Cherokee and I asked if he wanted to drive. He refused and said he was a still a bit tired from the long journey home so I hopped into the drivers seat and he jumped into the passenger seat. “Where to? Hungry?”, I asked and he replied, “Let’s just head home.”

I sped off and maneuvered the base streets til we found our way to the main streets of Wilmington, NC. He surfed the radio til it landed on Tom Petty’s “Souther Accents” and we jammed on the ride home. Once the radio was settled on, he leaned over and gave me a kiss and said, “I’m so happy to be home! I missed you!”, as he reached down and placed his hand on my inner thigh, the flimsy cotton summer dress pressed between my legs and he could feel the heat of my pussy. “I missed you too!”, I said and spread my legs a little wider to allow him a little more access. He took the bait and pressed a bit further up and felt that I wasn’t wearing panties and quickly retreated from the fabric side and went down to my knees and under the summer dress gliding across my freshly shaven legs until he reached my warm pussy. “Oh, I see you aren’t wearing panties!”, he stated as he began rubbing my outer folds. “No, I’ve been waiting for you to come home for a year and was hoping you would do exactly that on the car ride home!”, I said.

With that he sat back but kept his hand stroking my outer folds. The rough texture of his combat calloused hand and fingers felt nice against my tender pussy. I began feeling my wetness build as he played with the outside of me and he could probably feel, or at least sense, that I was getting wetter with each pass. I slid my hips forward a bit and he inserted one finger into me, I pulled my left leg up allowing more access to my pussy. He inserted another finger and his thumb managed to rub against my clit. My wetness built and he was soon sliding effortlessly in and out of me. I had a hard time concentrating on the road but managed to control my breathing enough to maintain focus. He pulled out of me and licked his fingers clean. “I probably missed eating your pussy the most”, he said and I laughed and said, “Really, my pussy? You didn’t miss me?” He replied, “Yeah, just your pussy, maybe your tits next and then you, I guess. No I’m just kidding. I really missed all of you! I am not sure I can wait until we get home to have you!”

As he said that, I noticed a state park entrance coming up in a few miles and kept my thoughts to myself as I had a similar feeling growing between my legs that needed to be fulfilled.
I pulled the Jeep in to the entrance and quickly found a secluded area. “Can’t wait either?”, he said as I put the Jeep in park but left it running with the air conditioner on. “Nope! I’ve waited a year for this and don’t think I can wait a minute longer!”, I replied and jump out out of the Jeep. He jumped out as well and we both maneuvered the back seats to fold flat and I placed the old NC State sweatshirt on the back of the seat and jumped in. He jumped in as well and we laid down and fumbled with each other’s clothes to strip them off. Mine much easier than his fatigues but soon I was naked and he was in his briefs.

Laying side by side we kissed savagely. Tongues wrapping around each other. Spit swapping from each other’s mouths. Slurping, succulent kisses causing the passion to grow: His hard on and my wetness pushing our bodies closer trying to take all of us into the other one, to become one.

I slide my hand downward and grab his shaft through his cotton briefs. I stroke it through the cottony fabric and am relieved to finally have him in my grasp again. I fumble to pull his briefs down and he arches his hips upward to help me yank them off him more easily. Once over his hips and down by his knees, he kicks them down and tosses them aside. I return my hand to his naked cock and love the silky smooth skin that surround his veiny shaft. His cock head is bulbous and is beginning to ooze a little pre-cum and I wrap my palm around it and pull it down his shaft giving him a clear and sticky coating. I work his shaft bottom to top and pull more pre-cum with each pass by the top. I pull all the way down and cup his balls and massage them gently. Rolling them between my palms as they fall and rise with my scrotum contained juggling act, I marvel at how clean shaven they are and they roll between my hand freely.

Still kissing and growing more passionate by the moment, my belly fills with excitement and m

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