Erotcia Bible: Genesis Books 1and 2 (Creation and Adam and Eve)

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Part I


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A word of warning: As the name implies, this is definitely erotica. If you’ve never read the Bible, don’t feel bad – I hadn’t either. I picked it up a few times when I was a kid. I was required to go to church until I was a teenager, and when given the choice, I politely told my parents I never wanted to go back. Judgement from too many hypocritical people has a penchant for doling out more of the same.
Reading the original bible is like reading a bad version of a horribly translated instruction manual for an alien printer. It’s not easy on the eyes. At all!
What I’ve chosen to do with the Erotcia Bible is a retelling. At times, it’s a very liberal retelling. At others, I stick pretty close to the original story… I just add my flavor to it.
And in some cases, I flip the script completely. For example, in the Erotcia Bible, God is a woman. And why the hell not, huh? I’ve heard enough rebuttals over my lifetime to fill a small Great Lake. I can change that in my story, and I’ll be darn tootin’ if I’m not going to do it.
There’s something else I need to say, and it is VERY important that you read this because I don’t want you getting to a part and then hitting the brakes, thinking WTF… Where the hell did that come from?
The year is now 2021. Bruce Jenner is no longer a man. Gays are in the U.S. military. Cross dressers are in politics, and women preside over some of the most successfully managed economies in the world (take note, men). So… the Erotcia Bible has a little something for everyone, and I mean EVERY one. Every color, every shape, every size, every sexual orientation.
I’ll use some codes at the beginning of each story to denote whether the sex is hetero (M/F), male on male (M/M), woman on woman (W/W), or group (G). That way, if a penis isn’t your thing, you won’t be cruising along, then next thing you know, your favorite character has a set of balls on their chin or vice versa.
Last, but not least, as I embarked on this journey, I felt a strong pull to respect the material I was working with. There’s a lot of good stuff in here that can be used to live a good life, and more importantly, to help others do the same. That’s the message in the Bible, and I’m keeping it in this version too: helping others, loving others, and fornicating A LOT along the way.




God’s Creation
She lay in darkness complete and total darkness, tossing and turning in frustration and loneliness. She stretched her limbs, looking, searching, hoping for something, yet nothing surrounded her.
“Light,” she called.
Light appeared.
Warmth from the illumination touched her soul. Tingling from the light’s touch made her smile from the inside out. As the intensity increased, it pained her, and she faced the darkness again.
Coolness ran over her body and caused a shiver. She called to the light once more.
God played with the light and the darkness until they both brought a smile to her face.
She pulled the light to her breasts. The tingling heat touched her deeper than her skin, and she called, “Light. Sweet, Light. What a beautiful color you are.”
She coddled and cuddled with the light until the darkness nuzzled against her bare back; then she gently pushed the light aside, off into the distance where its presence established itself by merely existing in the darkness.
God rolled into the darkness, letting the light warm her back while the darkness came.
The blackness blanketed her with solitude and quiet reflection in the absence of mind and duty.
The light flickered a lonely beacon in the corner, and God reached out to love it.
As she did, the darkness nuzzled further against her breast, creeping through her cleavage under the folds of her fleshy mounds.
“Darkness. Lovely, Darkness.”
“You needn’t worry. You prove your worth through your mere existence. You needn’t do a thing to prove that you are.”
She pulled the darkness under one arm and purred its name, “Dear Night.”
The light twinkled a pout in the corner, and God did the same, retrieving the light under her other breast as she purred its name, “Dear, Day.”
Day and Night shared a space on God’s chest, each reserved a half to occupy her attention and fill her with their loving gifts.
Night sat in silent servitude and lulled God into introspective thought.
Day stirred God’s creativity, her energy, warmth, and desire.
“Good morning,” she said as she looked to her left breast. Day shone bright with God’s love and affection. A kiss tamed Day’s brightness.
“Good evening,” said God, pulling Night tight against her bosom.
In the darkness, Night won out over the light of Day until God awoke and began working on her next day.
The love from her creations expanded from the center of God’s chest. The feeling cascaded down her body into her abdomen, rushing through every organ, permeating the nucleus of every cell, carrying the warm glow that rushed between her legs and flooded her womanly parts.
God fiddled with her feet. She rubbed them over and under one another as the glow flooded her labia and sent her spine arching and her hands rubbing over her belly with warm, wet feelings calling for her to attend to below.
Her fingers disappeared into her mouth, then she ran them through the light of her left breast, letting the warmth bathe them, cleanse them, ready them. She massaged the right breast and took the mysterious darkness down with her hand as she explored the curves and the soft suppleness of her skin and lost them in the water between her legs.
“Mmmm,” God moaned.
And she pa

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Written by Erotcia
Cargado April 30, 2021
Notes The Bible... like never before.

Imagine the Bible... yes, the one you're thinking of... completely rewritten. Imagine it done so with an erotica element splashed over the pages like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I is a book by book retelling of the good book with reverence and respect woven throughout. In this erotica version, the lessons remain intact, while readers enjoy a novel way to experience history.

Book 1: God creates Man in Her
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