TITANIA -From Schönbrunn to Saturn

Story 1: Info & Quote
  • Story 1: Info & Quote
  • Story 2: 1. The Museum
  • Story 3: 2. The Slip of Memory
  • Story 4: 3. The Time Peep
  • Story 5: 4. The Empty Nodes
  • Story 6: 5. The 12Bn-yo Virgin
  • Story 7: 6. Wails of The Titans
  • Story 8: 7. The Other Side of the Fence
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Genre: Romantic Erotica – with a touch of modern science and classic daemons.

by Doris Dawn
2013, Doris Dawn – DDHSIM – www.dorisdawn.com

“Finding a good mate is hard. But it's worth the time, trouble, and travail, because a man is only half a man until he has a good, supportive, loyal mate. Such women exist and have been the pride of men for centuries. A good woman is the crown of a man's life. A bad one is his worst nightmare.”
Ruddy Adam

Written by dorisdawn
Cargado April 30, 2021
Notes The crazy couple finds a way to fuck and even film some hardcore porn in historical places. The slip of memory and why some moms won't want to see what might happen in their face. Time is just an illusion, and a big guy with real problems. If you'd have the choice: transport or teleport?
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