Wet & Wild

Story 1: Wet & Wild
  • Story 1: Wet & Wild
  • Story 2: Simone’s Sexual Invitation
  • Story 3: His Sexual Techniques Held Her Captive
  • Story 4: Simone and Teresa Tangled Web
  • Story 5: His First Taste of Indian Pie
  • Story 6: She Too Can Play the Cheating Game
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Trilling and enticing sex story were hers for the tasting and she intended on dining until she was satisfied. Angela was a brilliant nurse in training. While she attended university, she was often made reference to as a weirdo. She was one who would be called an introvert since she was always walking alone; very rare you would find her in the company of others. She was a very eloquent speaker during her presentations, for many, it was hard to believe she didn’t socialize much. This charming beauty was a special gem; humility was the character she wore. The illuminating smile she was clothed in would just light up the hearts of those who admired her, although it was just a few. Her steps were always searching, though guided while she patiently walked the pavement going to and from as usual.

On this particular day, the rain was pouring heavily. While walking along the sheltered pavement, Angela came across a speeding boy who unwittingly slipped and crashed into her; knocking all of her belongings to the wet floor. Angela's assignments were saved due to the outer plastic covering she had placed them into. Bending over to reach for her belongings, she accidentally bumped heads with her unintentional assailant. He seemed hurt somewhat so she helped him to his feet and he appreciated it.

“Thank you for assisting me back to my feet and sorry, beautiful for crashing into you. I was on my way to the pool to have a swim; not many people use it this time of day.” He said while noticing the radiant smile that brightens Angela's countenance.

“It’s okay, your apology is accepted,” She told him.

“What about the invite to swim with me, if you’re not too busy?” He offered.

“Do you know if I can swim before inviting me into your four corner ocean?”

“If you can’t swim then I’ll be delighted to teach you.” He smiled.

“I don’t even know your name, yet, you’re asking me to join you for a swim.”

Angela raised a brow suspiciously. In response to this, the boy gave a brief introduction of himself.

“Hi! I’m Denzel, care to tell me what your name is, sexy?” He said reaching out his hand to greet her.

“I’m Angela, wonderful to meet you, Denzel,” She responded while shaking his hand.

“This sounds like a yes to me, right?” Denzel hastily added, “I’ll swim buck naked in the pool, you can barrow my boxers so your panties don’t get wet.” Though he said this, in his smutty mind, Denzel wanted to compose a hot peppery sex story with Angela by the pool. Little did he know that she was thinking the exact same thing.

From the moment Angela bumped into Denzel’s strapping body, she accidentally felt the bulge he had packing in his shorts and secretly desired to taste its full length. Many of her university colleagues thought of her as a reserved introvert, hence they wouldn’t have guessed that she was actually a craving nymphomaniac. To reply to Denzel’s early remark, Angela told him:

“Denzel, I didn’t confirm anything with you yet, more so to wear your boxers.”

Denzel responded cockily. “Believe me, girl, it’s not a problem. I have no shame in exposing my privates when it comes to women.”

“You’re a naughty one,” Angela spoke with slight laughter.

“I can get even dirtier for you girl. I want to eat below your table until your cup is full and running over.”

As they conversed, Angela felt heated up under Denzel’s desirous stare to the point where her innocent pussycat began itching. She wanted badly to ask Denzel to scratch the itch for her, however, she maintained a level head.

“Girl you’re so fine.” Denzel admired Angela from behind with mouth-watering desire, looking at her bouncy rump rolling like a dice. She went along while he did most of the sweet-talking, Angela only realized where she was standing when she arrived at the edge of the pool.

“Huh, how did I get here?”

“Don’t think about the ‘how’ girl, just follow my flow.” Denzel’s eyes were staring smack into Angela’s cleavage, thinking of how to approach her boobs. Angela trailed his eyes to her tits then she coughed breaking his concentration, as a result, his eyes met hers and he smiled at her broadly.

While beneath Denzel’s desirous stare, Angela's feet felt weak from his caressing eyes. She took a chocolate bar from her purse as she glanced at him thirstily watching her. “Would you care for a bite of my tasty chocolate?” She offered.

“Girl, if you give me a chance, your cherry lips will become a chocolate bar in my mouth and I’ll bite it with pure sleekness.”

“Are you certain about this?”

“Yes, I can handle the ride,” Denzel replied confidently.

While they munched on the snack, Denzel sparked up a steamy conversation with Angela, causing her sexuality to arouse to a heightened level. Make no mistake, Denzel wouldn’t stop, not until he lured Angela to the private party taking place in his shorts. His manhood was veritably disturbed now more than ever, and he desired so much to take a bite of Angela’s juicy ass. Denzel finally built up the courage to hit her with the most striking question he wanted to pose to her all along.

“Angela, do you want me to make that pussy purr for you?”

“I’m not sure, Denzel. I barely know you.” She replied teasingly.

At the response she gave, he gained leverage with her, thus he went in to conquer, “I must tell you that you’re the most beautiful, also sexiest young lady on this campus, and my rod is on fire for you. The only remedy that can cure it is the one that the doctor ordered, and since you’re the nurse please give me the thing that I need most.

“And what is it that you desire from this nurse?” Though she knew, she still asked.

“Sexual healing girl. You have a sexy jelly ass behind you and two beautiful tits that are tempting to touch. Angie, I hear them calling my name silently, and girl your whole package is so damn fine. I so want to be tangled up in your webs right now, look at the bulge your body has erected in my pants, just ima

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Written by Suzy Ferret
Cargado May 1, 2021
Notes Angela was a subtle primate who possessed a seductive hue about her that not many of her college peers noticed; they all thought that she was a brainy saint until a stranger came along and awakened her nymphomaniac persona with his big black flesh-pipe. Her caged pussycat, after been released from captivity, ravished his manhood like a Jurassic Park tour gone wrong! This is just the beginning of these wet and wild tales that are bound to keep you company.
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