The day that I blowed my date while his parents were next-door

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I met him on tinder, he was cute, nerdy and after talking some bit, we agreed to meet for a walk with a coffee and going to his place to play some board games, since covid and stuff. The idea was just to get to know eachother, specially since he lives with his parents.

Once we met, and him looking even better than the pictures, I knew that it was gonna be difficult to just have a normal date, we really clicked and had a lot of common interests.

At his place of course I met his parents briefly, who were told that I was a friend that he had for some time, not from tinder lol, and we went into his room, were we actually played scrabble and a room scape game that he got recently. Thanks to that, we had to get close when discussing how to solve the puzzles, and after a bit we started kissing. We got a bit handsy, and then because of his parents he tried to stop, though I didn't want to, even more after noticing his bulge, and whispered him to be quiet as I got onto my knees while he was sitting on the bed, taking his pants down and being welcomed by his quite big cock. I started to blow him, trying not to make much noise, and the thrill of his parents being next door watching tv and being possible for them to maybe come into the room was really making me excited. I tried to give him the best silent blowjob, making sure to lick his balls too, and after about 10 minutes, he told me that he was going to cum, moment that I took his cock deep in my throat, feeling him pulsing and not making any mess.

We continued playing the game until we finished it, had diner with his parents, then I went back home!

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Notes surprising my date blowing him while his parents are next door
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