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“What would you like to drink with that?”
“Tea,” said the blonde with tits that spilled out of her top.
“And for you?” I asked, nodding at the tight Asian girl to my right.
“Just water.”
Ice water? Probably. I need to pour it down my pants right now to keep me from picking you up and bending that sexy ass over the table.
“Anything else for you ladies?”
“No, that’s it for now. So, what’d he do next?” asked the blonde girl as she waved me away.
The Asian chick gave me a second look (cold) then a third to my cock. She was obviously picking up on my vibe. My dick literally hopped in my briefs.
I took that as my cue and headed back to the kitchen to drop their order and get some air to help cool my johnson.
I walked by Paul on the way.
“Not interested.”
“Really? Those two are…”
“Not interested in me.”
“Why do you say that?”
“They are knee deep in dick talk.”
“That’s nothing, man. Chicks love talking about our packages. Same as tits for us.”
“Never count ‘em out. Look at me.”
I did. His greasy hair and jacked-up grill told me Paul hadn’t been laid in months, probably years. His confidence, or lack thereof, came from stroking it to XHamster shots of girls way out of his league. He was the type of guy who had jerked off so many times to those porn movies, he’d probably worked it into his psyche that he was capable of pulling a beautiful woman, which explained why he treated most other females with disdain.
Either he’d end up pulling it off and he’d totally make me look like a fool for my assumption, or he’d settle for someone twice his weight and half his IQ as to be able to tolerate his shit.
Slow lunch.
No tips, and it makes the time go by SO much slower.
I hung out near the edge of the bar and folded napkins so I could listen in as my two customers kept going on about their weekends. Evidently, they were both single. And both loving it.
“Where’d he take you?” asked the Asian girl.
There was a beautiful sheen to her long black hair. I imagined it splayed out on my pillow in the morning. Yeah, I could do that... the night before and that next morning and the whole next day.
“We went to Jack’s. He wanted to watch the game,” said the blonde.
“Which meant you got no attention whatsoever. Beer, boys, and wings.”
“And waitresses in skin-tight clothes. Whores.”
“Whoa. Not their fault. That’s their uniform. Blame the boss. They’re just trying to pay for their tuition.”
“Fair enough. So, we went to Jack’s. This one was capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. I tested him in the car on the way over. He made it out of the car without tripping over his feet. I saw it. I shit you not.
“I thought about blasting him with the most expensive thing on the menu, but something told me it wasn’t gonna be like that. He actually held a conversation with me during the game and explained it enough to where I got into it.”
“Yeah. I’ve never had a guy do that before.”
“Most blow me off and then expect me to do the same when the game’s over.”
“Not happening.”
“Oh, no.”
“He had a couple of beers at dinner though, so we sorted out an Uber.”
“Responsible and a conversationalist.”
“And hot.”
“Triple whammy. Everything else... just whipped cream and cherries.”
“Speaking of which.”
“Did he take you home for dessert?”
“He ate me out for dessert.”
“Damn, girl.”
“I know, right? Not even a flinch.”
“Took me straight up, dropped his hands around my ass, and slid my pants to the floor like they were contaminated.”
“One salad with vinaigrette. One order of steamed clams,” I said as I laid the dishes in front of them.
The Asian girl went for the clams, and I cautioned her.
“Those things are super hot. Might want to give them a minute or two to cool down.”
She looked up at me and smiled.
Just a thanks, jackass. Doesn’t mean she wants to fuck.
The hostess walked by me as I spun around.
A woman in a white business dress was walking behind her. Her shoes clicked on the floor. A hint of perfume wafted in the air as she passed. Nothing too much, just a gentle finger under the nostril that said, “Come hither, sweet cock,” so I obviously had to watch her walk past.
Red high heels propped those feet up on platforms that showcased her long legs. For the right man, they’d part, then they’d fold in over his back with heels dug into his hips to coax out his seed and feed her hungry loins.
Ten or as close as I’d ever seen outside of a magazine.
I followed her to the next table and nodded at the hostess as she dropped her off in my section. Paul would drool all over this one. Jessica knew that, so I’d be taking care of her.
“How are you doing today?”
“Great. And you?”
“Things keep getting better by the minute.”
“That’s refreshing to hear. I’ve been drowning in negativity all morning. Please be nice to me.”
“Ask and you shall receive.”
“I just did.”
“The wheels are in motion. Would you like to hear the specials for the day?”
“Are you on there?”
I froze. That had come out of left field.
“I… I can be. That’ll be a dessert, though.”
“You’re not filling enough for a main course?”
“Ooh, you got me there. I gotta back track then. I’m a porterhouse.”
“That’s what I want.”
“OK, so one me. Anything else with... me?”
She looked up and gave me a sinister grin. Like if it were socially acceptable, she’d pounce out of her chair, rip my cock out of my pants, and smack the back of her thighs against the tops of mine until she’d milked me clean and I’d bruised her intestines with a wad shot the size of Texas.
Then, she’d smooth out her dress, use

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Written by Erotcia
Cargado May 2, 2021
Notes You Don’t Hunt Cougars. They Hunt You!

Jerry’s a fast-on-his-feet, faster-with-his-mouth server, paying his way through school. He likes his job, but he likes the tips even better…

Especially when one of his female patrons, a successful older woman, decides to give him some pointers after hours.

What starts as a wild one-night fling extends into a wild ride of seduction, deception, and heartache.

Fans of Lucia Jordan, Meghan March, and Jasinda Wilder will be spoon-feeding their lovers this
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