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“How big was it?” texted Bella.

“OMG!!” texted Candace.

“How big is that?”

“Size of my arm.”

“How does that even work?”


“Did it hurt?”

“I thought I was going to cry, but he was so sweet, and he checked on me every little wince I made. By the time it was all the way in, I was bucking my hips for more. That cock turned me into a whore.”

“How’s that report coming along?” asked Chris over Bella’s shoulder.

“Oh, it’s…” Bella put her phone face down and pushed it off to the side. “I was just…”

“Texting your friend about her boyfriend’s cock size. That’s an interesting conversation to have while I’m paying you to take care of one of my top clients, Bella. Your mom pulled some strings for you to be here, and I respect her a lot. I hope you’re not planning on disappointing her.”

“Not at all. I was just working on it.”

Bella tapped on the mouse several times. The computer screen remained black.
“Might need to turn it on to get it to work,” said Chris, shaking his head. “That’s due first thing in the morning, Bella.”

“I thought it was due Friday.”

“That would be tomorrow.”

“Is it Thursday already?”

“Week flies by when you’re playing, doesn’t it? Have that to me first thing in the morning. I’m counting on you.”

“I’m not sure I’m going to get it done in time.”

“During normal working hours,” said Chris.

“But I leave at 5:00.”

“Which means you’ll probably have to stay late.”

“But my hours are 9-5.”

“And the work you needed to get done during that time is not done, Bella.”

“Seeing as how your computer isn’t even on, I think you’ll agree with me that it’d be a wise decision to get that done no matter how long you have to stay tonight.”

Bella bowed her head. “You’ll have it first thing in the morning.”

“I get here at 7 am,” said Chris. “I expect it on my desk when I get here.”


“Come on, girl,” said Lexi. “Happy hour at the Fat Pelican.”

“I gotta finish this before I go. Chris caught me texting earlier, and he wasn’t too happy,” said Bella.

“That’s nothing. I do that all the time.”

“Yeah, but I told him I was taking a break and my computer wasn’t even on.”

“Ouch. Yeah, if you’re going to fuck around, at least attempt to look like you’re doing some work.”


“See you tomorrow then. We’ll go out tomorrow night. Too much of this shit will make you crazy,” said Lexi, waving her hand around at the cubes and fluorescent lights.

“At least you’re not alone. Toni and Richard are here with you late tonight, too, but be careful with them.”

“What does that mean?”

“They’re a tad freaky. Just keep an eye out. They’re not always here doing work.”
“Why else would you stay late?”

“You got some learning to do, Bella.”

“I’m trying to get caught up.”

Lexi shook her head. “You’re as green as they come.”


Toni walked by and patted Bella on the shoulder. “You still here, huh?”

“Yeah, I only have a few more slides to prepare for Chris’s meeting tomorrow.”


“Chris has a meeting tomorrow with this big client. I’m putting the final touches on this report for him.”

“He’s golfing tomorrow.”

“He told me he needed this by 7 am for his meeting in the morning.”

“He’s just putting the squeeze on you. But if he says have it done, I’d get it done. Do you want any coffee? Looks like you’re struggling.”

“No thanks. That stuff makes me shake. I hate the way it tastes, too.”

“You’ll find it’s your best friend before too long, especially if Chris has you working for him.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means he’ll work you. Push back a little and you’ll find your common ground with him.”

“Really? I think I better do what he says for now. My mom…”

“You’re a goody two-shoes, aren’t you?”


“Whatever. Richard and I are in the breakroom. If you need anything from in there, knock before you come in. We’re working on a little project of our own,” winked Toni.

“No problem. I’m just gonna…” Bella put her hand over her mouth as she squeezed out another monster yawn.

“You sure you don’t want coffee?”

“I’m ok. Good luck with your project.”


“With Richard in the breakroom.”

“Uh... yeah. That’s going to be a breeze. He’s doing all the work. I just have to help show him where to put everything.”


Bella stood up from her desk and stretched. She rolled her neck around and stared out the windows at the city blanketed in lights.

“Two more. You got this.”

She sat back down and her head immediately slumped over.

“Maybe I’ll try some of that coffee.”

The breakroom sat in the middle of the cubicle-lined office. The blinds were pressed against the glass windows.

“They must be moving stuff. Maybe I can help. A little movement will wake me up.”
Bella twisted the knob and walked in.

Richard froze with his cock buried deep between Toni’s legs.

“What’d I tell you about knocking?” snapped Toni.

Bella stood there frozen on the spot.

Richard shrugged his shoulders and kept pumping away.

Toni looked at Bella, wondering when she was gonna walk out the door. Bella just stood there with a blank look on her face, her eyes as round as the green start button on the copy machine.

Richard stood there with his pants around his ankles, a pair of plaid boxers met black polyester socks about mid-calf. The hair on his spindly legs stopped a few inches below his balls. A white button-up shirt flapped against his fuzzy ass each time he drove his cock into Toni.

Toni had a few stretch marks around the top of her thighs

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Written by Erotcia
Cargado May 2, 2021
Notes Sometimes You Need to be Broken First

Bella’s mother has plans for her young socialite daughter after she loses yet another job. Gone are the days of partying and living off her family money.

It’s time Bella learns to make it on her own and accept some responsibility.

The one man who can help mold her into the woman capable of taking over the family business just fired her.

When Bella’s mother gets involved, Chris Dilworth decides to give her daughter another chance to prove herself.
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