Freaky Cleaning

Por papi17
  • 6 months ago
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Me and my wife we own the cleaning business and one day I just look at my wife bent over scrubbing the shower in the bathtub and I was like damn man I wish I could get up inside some of that I came up behind her start rubbing it and rubbing it and it's not her pussy was all dripping so I sat there and pull down her pants I need to know it I just started licking it nice and slow at first until my tongue was just lashing at her and my hands were just gripping her waist her hips you know. I couldn't take it no more the taste of her pussy just drove me crazy so I picked her up and carried her to one of the bedrooms as I lay her down she turned around got up and zip my start sucking my cock just the warmth of her mouth wrapped around my cock felt so Good I was just trying to pound it now kept pounding you after kept sucking licking and grabbing on my balls man that was the best feeling I know I couldn't take no more of this so I turned around I just threw her down with her ass up in the air, inside that nice sweet hot pussy of my wife's man she knows how to work that pussy on me and how to back that ass up man I just start gripping her pounding and pounding I couldn't hold it back no more I'm busted a nice thick creamy load up inside of her mouth she turned around and looked at me and started laughing and right there I know no matter what house we was in no matter if I got horny or not I'm trying to fuck her in any house with clean anonymous

Written by papi17
Cargado May 3, 2021
Notes Can't wait till the next time I catch my wife bent over, just that beautiful sight how's my cock throbbing right now to go up in her and feel the warmth of her body against mine
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