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About three months ago, my husband and I were invited to a friends wedding. It was a friend that I had grown up with and I was excited for her. I was also looking forward to getting out of the house because we had been locked up in our houses for a while, with everything that's going on, so it would be nice to get out a bit. My husband and I were driving each other nuts, arguing and bickering all the time so I needed a nice change of pace. He really wasn't in the mood to attend the wedding, and honestly if it were up to me, I would have gone alone.

The day of the wedding arrived, and we got ready to attend. I put on a low-cut dress, which showed some cleavage. I was hoping to maybe entice my husband a little bit, and hopefully be able to salvage the night and have some fun. It had been a while since we had been intimate or romantic with each other, so I was willing to try anything. I looked myself in the mirror, and liked what I saw. The dress hugged my curves nicely, showing off my ass, as well as my tits. My husband did complement me, but that's about as far as he went. In the old days, he would've lifted my dress up, and fucked me on the spot. Nowadays, he just seemed bored and angry all the time and I didn't get much attention from him.

Once we were dressed, we were on our way to the wedding. It was being held in a hotel lounge, so that any guests who wanted to drink and enjoy themselves, could rent rooms, and not worry about driving. My husband and I decided to rent a room, so that he could drink as much as he wanted, while I hoped our night would be fun and special.

After checking in, and putting our bags in our room, we headed down to the lounge to join the festivities. The wedding hadn't started yet, as the bridal party hadn't arrived. We walked around and mingled with some of the guests who were showing up, and I ran into so many old school friends. I tried to introduce my husband, but he eventually went over to the bar and began drinking. After about an hour, the bridal party finally arrived, and the wedding started.

Everyone began to eat and drink, while watching the ceremony, and we all seemed to be having a good time. The night was going well, but after a few drinks, I could tell my husband was bored. I would offer to dance, but he never wanted to. This took place for a bit, and I started getting fed up with him. Since he didn't want to do anything, I decided to hit the dance floor by myself, and have fun. If he was going to be boring, then he could be boring by himself. He wasn't going to ruin my night.

I got out on the dance floor and began to dance with some of my old classmates. As I was dancing, one of the groomsmen made his way over and began to dance with me. His name was Claudio and we immediately hit it off. We danced, laughed and had a great time over the course of the next couple of hours. He was super friendly, and didn't hesitate to complement or flirt with me. Naturally, I was enjoying all of the attention, especially since my husband was being such a dud. We danced for a while, before I decided to take a breather and headed over to my table.

I sat and had a drink, and asked my husband how he was feeling. He said he was bored and was probably going to head up to the hotel room soon. I shook my head, and told him to go ahead, because I was going to stay and enjoy the rest of the wedding. He said okay, and didn't hesitate to take off. I was irritated, but decided to make the best of it, and soon headed back out to the dance floor.

Claudio immediately joined me, and the two of us began to have fun once again. He picked up right where he left off, flirting and complimenting me, and I loved it. In between, we would go grab drinks, and he genuinely showed me a great time. Eventually, the DJ began playing a few slow songs, and we decided to dance to them. Claudio held me tightly, and was very romantic as we danced.

We danced for a while and he held me tightly in his arms, which made me feel great and wanted. I couldn't remember the last time my husband and I danced together like that. As we were dancing, he continued to complement and flirt with me and basically had me melting into his arms. After a bit, he mentioned that he had to go up to his room to grab something and asked if I wanted to take a walk with him. Without really thinking about it, I smiled and said sure, and we were on our way.

We made our way to the elevator, and headed up to the fifth floor. He walked with me, arm in arm, until we arrived at his room. He opened the door, let me in, and followed me inside. He then closed the door behind him, and before I could think, he spun me around and began to kiss me.

I was caught off guard, but somewhat pleasantly surprised by it. I don't know if it was all the frustration with my husband, or the drinks that I had consumed, but Claudio's lips felt amazing on mine, and I didn't bother to stop him.

He kissed me pretty passionately, with our tongues intertwining inside each other's mouths. After a bit of doing this, he began to kiss and suck on my neck, which was one of my major hot spots. I enjoyed it and when he began to slowly slide the straps of my dress down, I let him. He took his time, undressing me, until I was completely naked in front of him. He then went to work, licking and sucking my tits, while also squeezing my ass. He was enjoying himself and the attention that he was giving me felt amazing.

After fooling around with me for a bit, he led me over to the bed, where I laid down, while he undressed himself. He had a very nice looking body, and when he pulled his boxers off, his impressive cock sprang free. It had to be about 7 inches long and fairly thick. He was definitely bigger than my husband, and I could feel my excitement growing.

Once he was completely naked, he joined me on the bed, where we began to kiss again, while he fooled around with my body some more. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling, while my

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Notes While attending a friends wedding, my hubby gets bored and goes back to our hotel room alone...
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