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Thinking about a busty, chubby, curvy as fuck, big tit, big ass, sexy outfit, jewelry, heels, heavy make-up, hair did, slutty, bimbo, Glamazon, milf type of woman. Thinking of a yummy, young, smooth bodied, thick/veiny/fat/shaved mushroom head cock, sissy Twink boy who can hold his cum and loves the idea of a Glamazon milf type directing us at her whim. She can even bring her husband along as long as he listens well and secretly craves cock. I'm thinking this should be in a nice setting where we can listen/watch porn at high volume, talk nasty as fuck, make a****listic fucking sounds, get high as fuck and move about at our leisure. I want this right now! Never gonna happen but if anyone has anything remotely similar that they want to include me in, please. Please!!! Seriously. I'm feeling that vibe as usual and watching all the kinds of related porn with these two types of people are really making my cock worshipping session difficult to maintain! I can't cum yet. I'm not allowed... I need at least another day or two of getting high and teasing myself so I can get deep as fuck to achieve a proper milking! I really need it more than ever this time. I'm going tantric mind fuck this time! You are really missing out! For real. I need a group milking to go down with some fun characters who know how to glam it up, party like professionals and set the scene for an extreme/glamorous, PnP kind of nasty slut fuck fest! You know what's up! Does anyone else crave this kind of shit or is it just me talking to myself and never getting the kind of reaction/response I want from anyone who wants to be an active participant willing, needing and ready to meet and get this shit going... I'm not scary or creepy just really fucking nasty, self-confident, super sexy sexual, not scared, really into getting high, setting up scenes with the costumes and willing to put in the hours(lots and lots of hours), able to hold my cum for days and selfish but just as giving. I'm rambling now. Horny as fuck. Hit me up. I have until 1 in the afternoon Friday to play and after 10 on Friday all the way to Sunday noonish to get busy with someone or with some people! I'm going to go back to my porn watching. I plan on using ounces of silicone lube on my freshly shaved cock and desperately needing to be filled up asshole. Wish me luck!

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Cargado May 5, 2021
Notes This is a general theme I have come to love through experience.I want township a Goddess type similar to this . At least to start...
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