Landlord Confessions: Student jerked me off on her doorstep after she'd forgotten her key.

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The boring background bit first: I’m a landlord who owns multiple properties all rented out as student accommodation for the local university. And it’s the fucking best. I have to deal with a lot of shit but on the bright side I’m a 37 year old guy who gets to spend his days surrounded by young hot students who are often grateful when I help fix their problems...

Lisa is one of the most polite students I've ever met. She's been renting from me for nearly two years and in all that time I've never had a single problem or issue from her. She's a dream tenant and even buys me a Christmas card. She's also cute as fuck. Long haired brunette with innocent looking hazel eyes and tits that I have to force myself not to stare at whenever I see her. Such a gentleman - I know!

So I was super surprised when I get a text from her at 1.42am.

'Hi, Lisa here from ***. SO sorry to bother you and I really hope I'm not waking you up or anything but I've been a total idiot and can't find my house key. I wouldn't normally bother you but I've tried knocking and everyone else must be either out or dead because no one is letting me in. Anyway if there's any chance you could let me in that'd be amazing. I'll wait 15mins and if you don't reply then at least I didn't wake you and no worries I'll find a friend's sofa to sleep on or something. Sorry again! :)'

I was still awake anyway so I texted back

'No worries. Be there ASAP. Just need to get dressed!'

I actually still was dressed but I didn't see the harm in her thinking she'd slightly more inconvenienced me than she actually had. So I waited a few minutes and set off.

On the way I got a message back

'You're a LIFESAVER! See you soon! :)'

I live close to the houses so I was round to hers less than 15 minutes after I got the her first text.

She'd obviously been out partying. She was wearing some tiny denim shorts/hot pants and an open white shirt dress top that showed off her incredible tits perfectly. It caught me unawares and I totally forgot not to stare.

She didn't notice. As soon as she saw me she threw herself at me giving me a big hug, squeezing her tits into me.

'Thank you so much. I really didn't fancy being homeless tonight!'

'No problem' I said as she let go and I started fishing through my pockets for the keys. 'I'm surprised you ended up coming home along tonight anyway looking that good!'

It slipped out. I'd meant to think it not say it. I felt like a prat and wanted the earth to swallow me up. I couldn't even look at her.

'Cheeky!' she said with a laugh that sounded genuine. Thank fuck I'd gotten away with it.

I started to ask her whether she thought she'd just misplaced the key somewhere about the house or whether she'd actually lost it and needed a new one as there was a procedure for that, but as I did she put her hand into my pockets where I was still rummaging for the key.

'Must have a lot in there!' she said as I swear I felt her feel me up through my own pockets. Before I even replied she'd pulled her hand out and started unzipping my trousers.

'You'll not find your key in there' taking a good look round to make sure no one was watching.

'Can you cum from a handjob?' she asked as casually as if she'd asked me the time. But I knew what she was really asking. It was clear that this wasn't a situation where if I said no she was going to offer a blowjob instead. She was saying that she'd wank me off but if that wasn't something I was into then she'd not bother wasting her time.

I told her of course I could and she started jerking me off.

She was really fucking good at it too. Some handjobs are like they're trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together as quickly as they can. But she knew what she was doing. Lot of focus on using the foreskin to stimulate the head.

And all the while she did it we stood and chatted. About her night out. About what she was planning on doing after university. It was almost as if we were just stood making conversation in a bus queue. Except she was jerking me off on her own doorstep and I was mostly staring at her tits.

After a while she asked me if I was getting close. I wasn't but I didn't want to sound ungrateful so I said yes. She switched to using two hands, one stroking the shaft and the other teasing the head.

The change in pace worked and suddenly I was ready to cum. She jerked faster and I came, shooting cum over her doorstep.

'I'll wipe that down tomorrow' she said. She meant it.

I opened her door and told her I'd get a spare key cut if she couldn't find her own. She thanked me again and went inside.

I got a text as I was walking home

'FFS IT WAS ON THE COUNTER TOP!! Thanks for being a hero! :)'

I replied 'Anytime ;) '

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Notes Landlord Confessions: Student jerked me off on her doorstep after she'd forgotten her key.
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