Kiss My Neck and Fuck My Arse

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Paul was early. I was still in the middle of rehearsing when he rang my bell. I answered the door dressed as a boy. I count my lucky stars now that I did.

It didn’t seem to faze Paul, he stepped back and looked me up and down, he laughed in surprise and delight. He said he liked it as he came in, my suit and my hair tied up to look short, my fake moustache. Paul said I made a wonderfully pretty young man.

I offered Paul a drink; he offered to help me with my rehearsing.

I was tempted. It’d be fun to rehearse with Paul, to play with him, but that thought gave me a better idea. There was another type of play I’d prefer.

I’d always wanted to do it dressed like a man. I love playing different roles, becoming someone else, it’s why I’m an actress. But it was more than that. Roleplaying as a man, it was a kink of mine, but something I’d only ever fantasised about but never done. I said no to the rehearsal, but before I could make Paul a counteroffer, he spoke again. Seemed he felt the same way.

Paul said it was good he didn’t have to rehearse with me. He put his glass down, he told me it’d be torture to sit and watch me dressed like that and not be able to touch me. He strode over and took me in his arms. He pulled me into him and kissed me hard. Harder than he usually did. Paul kissed me until I was dizzy, then he dragged me by the hand to my bedroom.

I told Paul I wanted to stay in character, that I wanted to be a man as we fucked. I wanted to try that kink out, but there was that other thing I liked to do too. That thing I already wanted Paul to do to me but had been too scared to ask for. I hoped my moustache wasn’t too badly smudged, I hoped my request wouldn’t freak Paul out.

Paul grinned at me. He asked me if I knew where men got fucked? My cunt tightened as he said it; my breath caught in my throat. All I could manage was a nod of my head. That thing I liked. Would Paul dare do that or would he think I was joking? Would Paul assume I didn’t like it? I know most girls don’t. But some girls do. Some like it a lot.

I matched Paul’s grin; I found my voice. I told Paul I knew exactly where men got fucked. I said it as a challenge.

Paul pressed me up against the wall. He kissed me rough, he slid his hands into my suit jacket to feel my body through my shirt. He groaned a deep bass rumble as he touched me, I felt breathless already. Paul unbuttoned my shirt; his fingers touched my bare flesh. He reached around the back of my shirt and popped open the bra that had been holding my breasts down.

I moaned against Paul’s lips as he stroked and held my tits. I groaned as he circled my nipples, I gasped as he pinched them. This part of me was undeniably feminine, but the way Paul touched me, the coarseness of it, it was different. I stayed in character. I was still a man desperate to be fucked like men fuck.

Paul’s hard cock was pressing into my thigh as we kissed, the feel of it down there was driving me wild. I got my hand on it, I rubbed the firm shape of it eagerly through his jeans. I panted and groaned in Paul’s ear as he kissed my neck. He slid my flies open and wriggled his hand into my suit trousers. My clit throbbed as he rubbed me through the front of my underwear.

We were still new to each other, still in the first months of our relationship. Each time together was different and thrilling, there was the excitement of not knowing what Paul was capable of, what he liked, what was going to happen next. How far would Paul push me now? Would make good on his promise?

Paul pulled my trousers open and shoved them down to my knees along with my knickers. The warmth of his bare skin touched mine between my legs. I groaned louder as he caressed me, as he spread me open and found my clit with a fingertip slick with my wetness. Paul stroked me as he kissed me, he found a pace and touch that made me tremble and quiver. He slid his fingertip back and forth across my clit until my legs went so weak he had to hold me up with his other arm around me.

I got so unsteady on my feet, Paul picked me up and dropped me onto my bed. He fell on top of me and our limbs entangled, we kissed and pulled at each other’s clothes. I dragged Paul’s top off over his head, I kissed his muscular chest. I got his jeans open, I tore them down, his underwear too. Paul ripped my trousers and knickers off me, he kept me in my men’s shirt and jacket though.

Paul grabbed my ankles, I yelped in surprise as he dragged me down the bed, away from him. He got up on his knees and fell down on his other side, so we were lying top-to-toe. Paul opened my thighs, I groaned as he pressed his face into my pussy. I grasped his dick and guided into my mouth.

I sucked Paul’s thick cock more for my pleasure than for his. I moved slowly, I explored him with my lips and my tongue and my fingers. I kissed and licked and sucked him as I pleased, but Paul groaned loud as I did it.

Paul was less restrained with me. He spread me open with his fingers, he lapped at me with a greedy, questing tongue. He found my clit, he licked and sucked at it until I was pressing myself against his mouth for more. Paul slid two fingers into my sopping cunt and screwed me with them as he licked me. He ran them over my g-spot until I was groaning and tensing and close. He’d gotten me there so quickly.

And then I felt Paul’s fingertips moving lower. I felt Paul touch me down there. He ran a finger over me softly, teasing me, then more firmly until he was massaging my arsehole with the pads of two fingers. I groaned around his cock in my mouth to urge him on, to show him I wanted it.

Paul rubbed, then he pressed as his touch grew stronger. I felt myself coming open around a fingertip, then his finger began to slide into me there. Paul went slow, he was careful, he worked what felt like half his finger into me, then he held it still for me to get used to. He began to circle his finger in my sphincter, pressin

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Notes She wants him to fuck her like a man. She longs for it. Will he?
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