Landlord Confessions: Student Blows me for fixing her bed!

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The boring background bit: I’m a landlord who owns multiple properties all rented out as student accommodation for the local university. And it’s the fucking best. I have to deal with a lot of shit but on the bright side I’m a 37 year old guy who gets to spend his days surrounded by hot students who are often grateful when I help fix their problems...

Jodie is fucking gorgeous and knows it. A pixie haired blonde with amazing fuck me eyes who has clearly never had any issues getting precisely what she wants.

And she sent me a text.

‘Super embarrassing but I think my bed is broken! Tried to fix it but no idea where to start. Can you come round and look? Might need a new one! Sorry for being such a pain! Xx’

My pervy brain jumps straight to the conclusion that she’s ridden some poor guy so hard she’s snapped the bed in two. I head over hoping I’ll get the full story.

When I arrive she’s the only one home. She’s stayed to show me the problem. She’s wearing her workout/gym gear. All I can do is try to be professional when my eyes are drawn to her amazing ass in her tight yoga pants and the tiny cleavage of her perky tits.

Her laugh when she invites me upstairs to take a look at her bed is so fucking dirty I swear I get hard on the spot. ‘It’s not normally this easy to get into my bed!’ I forget to even politely laugh back. I’m staring at her ass as I follow her up the stairs.

She’d already pulled the mattress from the bed frame and as soon as I walk in it’s obvious that three of the supporting slats have snapped.

‘Someone must be energetic’ I joked.

‘I don’t know what you mean!’ She replied. Definitely knowing what I mean.

She flirts the entire time I’m working. All the obvious stuff about being good with my tools and handling wood.

I laugh because she’s hot. And if she’s flirty she might tell me how the bed got broken. So I just ask. She pretends to be embarrassed but tells me it’s exactly what I think. I say whoever he is he’s a lucky guy. She smiles at that in a way that gets me hard all over again.

She says she’s sure I’ve broken a few beds in my time. I know what she’s doing. She’s buttering me up so I won’t take money from her deposit. Not that I would have anyway but she doesn’t know that.

Job done, she apologises again and tells me it’ll never happen again. Since she’s been such a flirty fucker I decide I don’t need to be too subtle and tell her not to hold back on the bed’s account. But maybe she could just bend over it next time so save putting pressure on the patches slats.

She looks genuinely shocked that I’ve been so crude but does it through a grin.

‘Are you allowed to say stuff like that?’

‘Only to the girls who have so much fun they break their bed!’ I wink.

“Blowjob?” She asks. She’s so casual about it for a second I thought I’d misheard.

“Sorry. What?”

“You heard. I won’t fuck you and break the bed again, but do you want a quick blowie as a thank you?”

She was looking at me with those fuck me eyes so I knew she wasn’t joking.

She knelt down in front of me while I got my cock out. It was already wet with precum.

She sucked like someone with plenty of practice. All tongue and lips and those amazing fuck me eyes looking up. The suddenness of it combined with me having endured a fifteen minute dirty flirtfest and taking every chance I could to look at her amazing ass meant my stamina wasn’t as hardy as I’d have wanted. After five minutes of her mouth at work and her hand stroking the shaft I couldn’t hold it anymore and told her I was going to cum.

She stopped sucking and jerked me like a jackhammer looking me in the eye the entire time. I came over her gym top and her tiny cleavage.

She thanked me again and started remaking her bed. I told her if she ever has anything else go wrong she knows who to call.

And when she does I’m getting to see more of that ass!

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Cargado May 7, 2021
Notes Landlord Confessions: Student suck me off for fixing her broken bed!
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