Sunday Morning Anal

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To say it came as a surprise when Elodie first did it would be putting it mildly.

We’d only been together for a couple of months at the time, in love, but still getting to know each other. It was a Sunday morning in late spring when it happened, the curtains were closed but bright sunlight streamed in around them. We woke slowly. We entwined our arms and legs as we dozed. It got hot under the covers together, so we shrugged out of our bed clothes.

Elodie rolled over to face me, her eyes were still half closed when she pressed her lips to mine. The smell of her warm skin and hair, the faint trace of summery perfume washed over me. Elodie moaned right away, her lips came open and she kissed me with growing intensity. I could feel and hear how turned on she was already.

I skimmed the fingertips of one hand along Elodie’s flank, she shivered gently as they moved higher, she moaned a touch louder as my hand closed over a breast. She reached down, her fingers tightened around my swelling cock, she squeezed and pumped me quickly.

Elodie got me hard in moments, then she moved up on top of me. We’d barely started, and Elodie adored foreplay, so I was surprised when she sat across my body so quickly. She must have woken achingly horny, I assumed. But then Elodie didn’t slip me inside her like I expected.

Elodie held my cock as she sat across me, but she laid it down flat against my lower stomach. She shuffled forwards and pressed the heat and wetness of her pussy against the shaft of my dick. She leaned down and we kissed as Elodie began to rock back and forth on top of me.

I was still fogged from sleep; it took me long moments to realise what was happening, I almost couldn’t believe it when I did. But as Elodie pressed into me more firmly, as her pace picked up, it was undeniable. Elodie was rhythmically grinding herself into my rigid prick. She was doing it solely for herself, none of it was for me. Elodie was using me for her own enjoyment. She was masturbating, but using my body to do it.

It was hot as hell. No one had ever done anything like that to me before and Elodie made wonderful gasping, groaning noises as she kissed me, as she ground her clit into the shaft of my dick. She sounded so turned on, it had the same effect on me.

Elodie got louder as she moved faster, she got more energetic. It wasn’t just seeing her lose herself to her pleasure though that did it for me, seeing her so brazen and into it, it was the idea of what was happening too. Masturbation is private, something that’s sacred and usually hidden away. I felt honoured Elodie was doing this in front of me, that she was including me in it. My cock hardened to the point it felt like it was pulsing as Elodie rode me.

Elodie kissed me deeply between soft, low moans of pleasure. Our bodies got hotter where they met, sweat covered our skin there, I felt how soaking wet Elodie’s pussy was as she moved.

I moaned with Elodie as we kissed, as she got rougher, as she grew more frantic as her need to climax grew. Her noises became high-pitched bleating moans; I just lay there and let it happen. Elodie gasped, her body began to jerk and buck, and she climaxed with a quiet intensity that was dizzyingly sexy.

But then Elodie didn’t stop as her climax peaked and fell away. She kept riding me with that same rhythm. It added to my confusion, to my sense that I didn’t know this girl yet, that I didn’t know what she was capable of. Elodie came again a second time a moment later, her eyes closed tight in pleasure, her whole body trembling as she jerked and spasmed against me.

I lay there, my cock throbbing, as Elodie sat still on top of me for a time, relishing her post-orgasmic afterglow. Then Elodie slid down between my legs and took my dick into her wet, sucking, eager mouth.

Elodie groaned as she sucked me, I groaned with her, desperate for release myself now too. She pumped me in her hand as her tight lips moved up and down me, she moved quickly, she still felt and sounded so turned on. I gasped, I came hard as I spurted into her mouth.

We didn’t talk about what had happened, we carried on with our day as if it was all perfectly normal. Elodie did it again the next Sunday though, and the one after that, until it became one of the rituals of our relationship. No matter what happened that week, how much we fucked, no matter how much Elodie came, she used me each Sunday morning to bring herself off, usually more than once. I guess she just needed it.

I grew more involved as the ritual became established. Elodie encouraged me to touch her body, to add to her pleasure, just as long as my hard cock stayed exactly where it was, just as long as I didn’t interrupt her rhythm on top of me.

We did it with me sitting up against the headboard so I could run my hands all over Elodie as she ground into me. I traced my fingers across her body, I squeezed her small, high breasts, I rolled and sucked on her nipples and Elodie came harder, she came twice, three times, sometimes more. I’d hold and grasp and spread Elodie’s buttocks as she jerked back and forth on top of me, she loved being groped there more than any other girl I’d known.

I’d already discovered Elodie got off on anal stimulation. She always came harder and faster if I touched her down there when I licked her pussy, so I added it to our Sunday morning ritual. As Elodie rode me, I’d reach for a tube of lube I’d left on the bedside table the evening before. I’d rub the silky gel between Elodie’s firm, muscular little arse cheeks, I’d tease and stroke her there with lubricated fingertips. I’d massage Elodie’s arsehole as she used me, the tip of my finger sliding into her easily as she opened up.

I moved with caution at first. I was scared to break the spell, to push Elodie too far, to distract her and interfere with her pleasure. But on those Sunday mornings it seemed that everything was welcome, as long as I made it feel good for he

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