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It was a municipal course near the hotel and I had a a few hours to kill so I headed over and rented some clubs and bought some balls and tees and rented a cart. The course wasn’t too busy and I was let out on the back 9 as a single.

I finished the first home with a bogey and was teeing off on the second when the beer cart came by and stopped. Driving was probably the most beautiful woman I have every laid eyes on and she was super cute in her black Michelob Ultra polo, one size too small which accentuated her perky tits, white pleated golf skirt, white sneakers and a white Titleist visor that held her blond hair back in a ponytail. The most amazing part about her was her piercing blue eyes. You couldn’t stop looking at them even though she clearly possessed all the attributes a man might be interested in: Nice tits, long tanned legs, and a killer smile.

“Can I get you anything?”, she asked and I replied, “Sure, I’ll have a Heineken” and she jumped out of the cart and found my beer. “Here you go”, she said as she handed me the beer, “That’s $6”. I grabbed the beer and handed her a $10 and said, “keep the change, but don’t forget I’m out here.” She said, “Thanks! I won’t.”, as she hopped into the cart and sped away.

I took a big pull off the Heineken and tee’d off. Not a bad hole but still a bogey and I was getting used to the rental clubs. I finished my beer and walked to the next hole. On the next hole, a par three, I tee’d off and landed it on the green about 4 feet from the pin. As I walked up, I hear the cart girl say, “Nice shot!”, and her voice kinda startled me. “Thanks”, I respond, “Can I grab another Heiny from you?” She gunned her cart and drove over to me and hopped out and dug deep into the cooler searching for another beer. Her leg muscles popped out and the curve of her ass looked great as she bent over to find the beer.

I give her another $10 and she thanks me again. I walk up to the green and I tap in for birdie and she says, “Nice bird!” And I tip my hat and say thanks. She speeds away and I sip my beer and head to the next hole. 1 over after 3. Tee off on the 4th hole and end up with a par and an empty beer. I tee off on 5, a par 5, and hit a nice drive down the middle about 367 yards. As I drive up, the beer cart pops out from behind the green and is headed my way. She stops a little ways up and waits for me to hit. I stroke a 3 wood and it trickles up onto the green and stops about 10 feet from the hole. I drive up to her and she is doing the golf clap. You know the soft clapping of hands and she says, “Nice shot! You’re hitting them well today!” And I reply, “You must be my good luck charm, my other holes aren’t as good. Any more Heineken’s in there?” She hops out and bends over the cooler digging for the beer and pulls one out, “Yup, last one!”, she says. I walk over and hand her another $10 and say, “Thanks! By the way, what is your name?” “Kasey”, she replies, “And you?” I say, “Tim, nice to meet you! Any chance of getting more Heiney’s before you come back around?”, and she says, “I’ll try!” And I say, “I’m very superstitious and it seems like you and the green can are my good luck charms today!” She laughs and says, “Somehow I doubt that, you seem to be a pretty good golfer.” She sits in the cart as I drive up and knock in the 10 footer for eagle and she is in her cart clapping. I laugh and tip my hat again. 1 under after 7.

Next hole is a Par 4 and I start to find a groove with the new clubs and think the cold beer has a bit to do with is as well as I feel really relaxed. I par the hole and head to 8 to tee off and as I step out of the cart, the beer cart comes churning around the bend from behind me. She stops and says, “I want to see you tee off”, and I say, “Ok”, and head to the box. A par 3 and I stroke my 8 iron and it hits the pin and goes in! Hole in one! “Holy shit!”, I say, “I’ve never had a hole in one before!” “Great shot! Congratulations!”, she says. I am excited and jittery after my shot and I walk over and ask her for a shot of Grey Goose and she says “That’s on the house!”. I buy another beer and say, “Glad I had a witness! Now I have to buy a round at the clubhouse. You available?” Kasey says, “Actually, I am. I get out in about 30 minutes. Can I meet you int he clubhouse?” I quickly agree and she speeds off.

I finish the round at 3 under. A new personal best and head to the clubhouse to return the clubs. I head into the clubhouse and hit the restroom to splash some water on my face and take some of the sweat away.

I walk up to the bar and find two seats and order a Bombay Sapphire and Tonic and wait for Kasey to arrive. She saunters in about 10 minutes later and chats up the regulars before meeting me at the bar. She looks amazing and my mind wanders to what she looks like naked and I can feel a little action in my cock as I think of this.

She sits down and announces to the bartender that I had a hole in one on 8. The bar erupts in applause and I order a round for the crew. Not sure how that tradition got started but I was happy to keep it going. Kasey orders a Sapphire and Tonic as well and I say, “Thanks for announcing that!” “No problem, thanks for the drink”, and she raises it for us to clink cheers to.

“I gotta be honest with you Tim, that was one of the best rounds I have ever witnessed. You are a pretty good golfer, eh?”, she says. “Not really, I just had a very lucky day and I think you were a big part of that.”, I respond. She replies, “Well, I enjoyed watching you play and I was skipping a lot of other golfers to make it a point to not leave you without a beer. I actually was happy you invited me for a drink, as when I first saw you I was kinda thinking you were cute.”

“You always this forward?”, I ask. She replies, “Not really but the combination of your good looks and your great golf game kinda made an impression.” I reply, “Funny you should say that, I wa

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Notes A round of golf gets better after I get to play with her holes
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