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I am a student. Literally. Opened education is what i am reading about and because of my mental state reading about the topic is making me squirm. The battle for openness, for example, early on was simply a mattwr of being Opened vs. Closed but as the arguments advance they become more nuanced. Different aspects can be mutually exclusive... require understanding of priorities and motivation. For exqmple (i kid you not): opened audience (free easy access for all), increased reuse (others take what you create adapt, republish and consider underlying factors), increased access (!no screening restrictions even if some require more support than others you will help), increase experimentation (!), increased reputation (striving to target your right audience by establishing an identity, through publishing and peer recognition), and increased participation (yes please crowdsource the audience and get feedback). Damn textbook made me so wet. Who knew studying could be so hot?! God, how i want to be opened right now.

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Cargado May 8, 2021
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