Crave - A Betty Sullivan Lesbian Adventure

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Believe Music Hall in downtown Atlanta brought in the top electronic producers every weekend. A repurposed church, it had history steeped with tender ghost of the past. MLK Jr. delivered the churches opening sermon.

Now as I walked up the staircase surrounded by mythical settings of Bible stories encased in handmade stain glass, the pungent smell of dank weed permeates. The first DJ was manipulating the crowd to her will and the sea of bodies below on various drugs and alcohol was intoxicating itself.

I walked up to the bar and the stunning bartender smiled at me, she had to ask me twice what my poison was because the bass hit and the crowd went wild. It quieted down to a symphonic melody and I watched her pour my Angels Envy. She was Asian in origin and her long black her shimmered against the backdrop of laser lights.

“I love your dress, girl!” She spoke with a mischievous grin. “Louis V, right?”
Red flooded my cheeks, “Yes. I got it in LA a few months back.”
“Well, you make it look like the magazines for sure.” She handed me my drink as I thanked her.

I had paid for second level access and it was so worthy of the extra one twenty. My bestie and I had planned this for months, but his wife caught wind of it and shut it down. It sucked how insecure some people are in relationships. She hated our friendship and part time benefits...I got it, but she ruined my night and now I was alone in this amazing place.

It made me realize how far away I was from an actual ride or die. No man or woman wanted to be in a house of horrors. I giggled perversely at that thought. So my night was consumed with large amounts of bourbon and watching others do the same.

I leaned against the railing looking down on the VIP section. The famous music producer Mike Will was there with his entourage and security. It was one in the morning and I was feeling the dark liquor course through my veins.

The headliner, Allison Wonderland, was on the decks and per usual she was killing it. This was the third time I had seen her, but the first time alone. Blake crept into my conscience and my reptile brain seized on it and began replaying all the moments we shared. The highlights are great...thanks so much. I tried to focus on the Australian goddess working her musical magic.

Blake had been my love. I had cutoff all questionable entanglements for him and was his. We discussed our future together often and moved in together, which was a big step for me. The moment it happened I knew it was a mistake. The better part of me, which never gets a place at my mental boardroom, screamed at me. Six months later I caught him video chatting another girl at three in the morning while in our bed. I shut it down and kicked him out. My heart ached from the betrayal.

Being in the adult industry brought a lot of perks. Money was never a problem and I was able to procure lovers at will, but no one wants that girl to bring home to Christmas dinner.

Blake was a perfect example. He tolerated my work, and was shocked at how complicated the day to day photo shoots and constantly staying in touch with other men who would open up there wallets at will. When we moved in he got the full monte and I opened my heart to him even more. I worked my ass off to get where I was and he seemed to genuinely appreciate it.

I felt eyes on me and I snapped out of the hole of Blake the Betrayer and into the present. I had to always be aware of my surroundings because of creepers who recognized my work. There were mostly good guys out there, but the few made it impossible for me to go to social engagements alone. Yet here I was alone.

“I know who you are...”
Her heat made the music fade away. It was the bartender.
She caught the relief flood my face and she was embarrassed. “I am sorry. That sounded creepy. I love your work and am a huge fan.”
I relaxed and laughed, “Thank you so much!”
“You are even more gorgeous in person.”
I blushed. “You are even hotter!”
We both laughed. “You want another one?”
I realized my glass was empty. “Did you leave your bar to come get me a drink?” I responded playfully.
“I got off early actually.” She took my empty glass and I watch her disappear. Her body was fire. Her tight pencil skirt accentuated her ass and her tall, slender frame.

In moments she was back with a drink for me and herself. We both took in the finely tuned craftsmanship of Allison’s music in a comfortable silence.
“Have you seen her before?”
“Yes. This is my third. I am kind of obsessed.”
“She is worth it.” She smiled and I thought for a brief moment she wasn’t talking about the DJ.
“You wanna meet her?”
My mouth dropped and I couldn’t help but realize devilishly how badly Blake screwed up. He was the one that introduced me to the underbelly of electronic music culture. We went to Burning Man and Imagine to name a few. I loved the people and the lack of inhibition life. We lived in this world for years.
“Oh my god! That would be amazing! Are you serious?”
“It’s one of the many perks of working here.” She grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd. We went back down the stairs and a very handsome, well built security guard let us into a door with a cheesy grin.

We walked up a flight of stairs where I assumed was the backstage. It was buzzing with technical crew and stage hands. She led me into a swanky sitting area where a few dozen people waited with excitement.

We talked about our respective industries and dealing with men who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. “How do you deal with all of it?” She asked.
“It is pretty simple. I have clear boundaries and am not afraid to cut them off if they even think about crossing them.”
Her stare lingered on me and I let her take me in...I could sense the attraction...I felt it too.
“So, there is this after party and I was hoping to take you.”
“Are you asking me out?” I giggled.
“You are the reason I took off early.”
“Maybe you just

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Written by itsbettybitch
Cargado May 9, 2021
Notes Betty Sullivan had seen massive success as an adult content creator, but her relationships are a mess. After catching her boyfriend cheating and her friends with benefits ghosting her she goes to Atlanta’s hottest night club and rediscovers the lesbian energy she has been seeking.
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