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Rachel Starr was usually a positive person. She always tried to find the good, even in a bad situation, and she didn't tend to let little things get to her. But it had been a rough week, and she needed a break, so she headed off to the bar down the street from her place.

She had texted a friend in hopes she would meet her there for a drink, but something came up, and her friend wasn't able to meet up with her. Rachel didn't care, though. She needed to get away and clear her head, so Rachel sat alone at the bar and sipped her drink, barely tasting the heady blend of sweet bitterness.
Her gloomy thoughts were elsewhere, far from the raucous laughter and flirting that filled the bar all around her.

By chance, she looked up at that very moment, and for the briefest of instants, she locked eyes with a man that took her breath away. It wasn't that he was handsome, yet he did have a pleasantly arranged face. It wasn't that he had an overpowering aura of charisma about him, though he seemed to be basking in the humor that surrounded him. No, it was simply the way that he grinned at Rachel, freezing her down to the very core with just a look.

It was just a passing glance, it had to be. There was no greater meaning to it, and yet Rachel felt her heart slamming so hard in her chest that she had to turn away and stare fiercely down at her drink, hoping that everyone would just think that her furious blush was because of the booze.

She couldn't deal with something like that, not on top of her existing problems. She didn't need any more complications in her life, not this girl. She was done with the whole relationship thing. She thought for just a moment about a hookup, a one-night stand to help her get her mind off things. But she discounted the idea. She didn't really need to run off and have sex with some guy she just met two minutes ago.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the same reservations. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him approach. The stool beside her squeaked as it moved, then creaked as he settled down into it.

"Something got you down?" he asked, his voice every bit as rich and dreamy as she'd feared.

Whatever she mumbled back, it clearly did the trick, at least as far as her darkest, most repressed desires were concerned.

The look that he fixed upon her was suddenly bereft of laughter, consumed by a hungry passion that she knew was rushing through her own veins. It was terrifying to see her own lust reflected so clearly in the eyes of a stranger.

Why was she allowing this complete stranger to have such sway over her? All she had to do was get up and walk away. Hell, maybe she didn't even have to do that. Really, all she had to do was ignore him, and maybe he'd take the hint.

But Rachel didn't do that. Instead, Rachel leaned over and whispered her name.
"Carlos," he whispered back, straight into her ear, his lips grazing the sensitive skin there.

And with not a word more, the pair rose from their stools at the bar and made their escape. There was no flirting to be had here, just absolute determination to find what small pleasures presented themselves in life.

Of course, as soon as they had finished the short walk back to Rachel's place, she was anticipating anything but small pleasure. By the way that his hand tenderly stroked her back, raising chills in every hair on her body, she was given the smallest and most tantalizing glimpse of what kind of lover he might be. There was no awkward groping here, just a barely controlled arousal that manifested in trembling fingers and a little too much distance between the two.

Once the pair were safely inside her front door, the inhibitions fell away, and the clothes soon followed. His fingers tore at her buttons with nearly enough eagerness to rip them apart, but his ardor was tempered by a discipline that sent a weakness straight to Rachel's knees. She had to brace herself against the wall to stop from collapsing into a heap of surrendered lust, but even if she had fainted on the spot, she was sure that her soon-to-be lover would have caught her with wickedly delicious grace.

His lips met her own with nothing but tenderness, at least at first. Soon enough, though, he was pushing into her, gently prying her open, demanding to experience every bit that she was willing to offer. There was only as much pushiness as she desired, always enough to keep her on edge, but never enough to summon second thoughts.

When Carlos lifted her onto her bed and knelt to offer his tongue between her thighs, Rachel had to stop him. It wasn't shame or fear that stopped her but sheer impatience. There was no need for more foreplay at this point, of that she was absolutely certain.

Thus, the gloomy girl that had been thinking of nothing but misery a mere hour before was now desperately clinging to a man, pulling and begging for him to enter her.

She needed him as much as she needed air to breathe.

"Come here," he said as he pulled her in closer. That rough sexy voice of his only pushed her need higher. His lips came crashing down on hers as he pushed her onto the bed.

His tongue swirled inside her mouth, finding her tongue, toying with it, eliciting a soft moan from deep within her.

She felt a smile against her lip and then felt something else that really caught her attention.

Rachel could feel his cock thickening against her and involuntarily shifted her body in his embrace, her hand slipping between his legs.

Realizing there was far too much fabric between them, she moved her hands to the buttons of his jeans, desperate to get them off. He stood up briefly to remove the rest of his clothes, tossing them to the side of the bed. As she did, she took a moment to appreciate the sight before her. Carlos wasn't the best-looking guy she'd ever seen, but there was still something quite impressive about him, especially what he had between his legs.

She'd seen a few cocks in her time, but this one impr

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Written by Rachel Starr
Cargado May 9, 2021
Notes Rachel Starr's had a rough week but what better way to blow off steam than a hot one-night stand with a stranger she meets at a bar?
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