Play or Yesterday P5

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“…Would definitely feel good. I always thought the most enticing aspect was simply how freaky and sexual you were but never been fully unleashed.”

SHE replied, “I honestly like it when a guy just takes me and does what ever to me.”

“Yes, I loved how submissive and willing to please you always were. Sucking me on command and letting me toss you around the bed and fuck anyway I wanted. Using and enjoying your pussy. Getting you off while doing so. I always wanted to cum in you simply to express complete domination. Shooting my cum in you so that you know I've used that pussy to the fullest satisfaction”

SHE replied, “ Mmmmm oh trust me. When we meet at the hotel and fucked for an hour. I walked out of there wondering what my name was that is how good it was”

Written by wyndhamgardengirl
Cargado May 10, 2021
Notes A real narrative. After having exchanged nothing but text messages for quite some time the two meet…discussing the post action heat is just as sweet.
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