My First Spanking

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I like it rough. Not just hard fucking, I like to fight and struggle too. Maybe that’s not the best way to phrase it, though? I’m not talking about full-on Fight Club here, think more playful wrestling than actual combat. But something competitive and exciting and hot and heavy. Enough to get me panting, to get my adrenaline flowing. That’s my idea of fun.

Before Greg, the boys I’d been with had been pretty vanilla. So was the sex. But Greg was kinky and utterly unashamed of it. He got me to open up, to explore my sexuality, he taught me not be afraid to experiment and to ask.

Greg got the whole wrestling thing right away. He understood the visceral appeal of it, how much it turned me on when he overpowered me. Greg’s big, powerfully built, I love to feel how much stronger he is than me. But as much as we’d played around, we’d never tried spanking. I’d never even considered it really. Spanking was for other people. Or so I thought.

We were wrestling on my bed when it happened, all quite normal for us. Greg got on top of me, he pinned my hands above my head, he had me well and truly trapped. But then he tried to hold both of my wrists with one hand so he could fondle my tits through my top with the other. His mistake. I managed to wriggle an arm out of Greg’s grasp, I slapped him in the face, because he’s even hotter when he’s angry. It wasn’t a hard slap, but enough to spike his temper.

Greg sat up and looked shocked for an instant. His face flushed crimson, except for a white handprint on one cheek. Maybe I’d hit him harder than I thought? Greg growled a low bass rumble of a growl, then he fell on me.

He acted furious, and although I was pretty sure Greg was putting it on, I reacted as if it was genuine rage. I screamed, I kicked and squirmed as Greg grabbed me. I tried to roll over onto my front, but Greg grasped me around the waist and span me back so hard I yelped in surprise.

Maybe I really had hit him too hard? Greg pressed me down again, he was rougher with me than usual, it scared me, but not as much as it excited me. I couldn’t make it too easy for Greg either, I couldn’t just give in. I wriggled and writhed, I broke his grip, I managed to roll over again.

Greg grabbed my thighs, I kicked my legs and pulled myself across the bed with my hands. My heart was racing now, a blend of panic and excitement sent adrenaline surging through me. Greg gripped me, he hauled me back into place beneath him. I kept fighting; the submission was all the better when he had to work for it. I got my hands and knees beneath my body and raised up onto all fours to try and crawl away from Greg.

That was my mistake. Or perhaps a fortuitous error would be more accurate. I offered Greg the perfect target.

Greg reared up and grabbed me. He wrapped one arm under my waist and held me in place. He got hold of my skirt with his other hand, he tore it up and over my bent arse so hard I heard seams tearing. He dug his fingers into my tights; he ripped them open across my buttocks.

That was hot. I had to admit it. How often does a man literally tear your clothes off? I kept struggling though, obviously, trying to pull away from Greg, and maybe that’s why he did it? Maybe to quieten and quell me? Greg brought the flat of his hand down hard against the back of my exposed knickers.

I yelled at the sudden, searing pain, I stiffened in shock. I couldn’t believe Greg had actually done that to me. And so hard. He’d never spanked me before, we’d never broached the topic, it had come from nowhere. The stinging throb in my buttocks was resounding proof it had happened though. And then to really drive the point home, Greg did it again.

He smacked me even harder that second time. I made an embarrassing yelping-shrieking sound as a wave of hot pain radiated through my arse. That didn’t stop him though, Greg spanked me again, he kept it up, he slapped me over and over.

To an outside observer, if someone had somehow wandered into our bedroom, our position could have looked more than a little abusive. Greg was a bear of a man, all muscle and tattoos, whereas I was a sweet, wholesome looking slip of a thing. And I was screaming and shouting as Greg paddled my arse so hard my whole body shook with each slap. But don’t call the police quite yet. Despite the pain and the panic and the fear, I was loving it. I did say I liked it rough. And we had a safe word, the moment I yelled it, Grey would stop. But I didn’t. So he didn’t.

Greg really was slapping me with enthusiasm though. So hard and fast I guessed he was in to it too. Maybe it was having me in that position, maybe it was the act of punishing me, or maybe the way I reacted? Whatever it was that did it for him, he didn’t let up for a moment. And fuck, Greg’s hands are big and solid, and my bottom small and delicate, it was agony.

I felt trapped as well. I was wriggling and writhing with all my strength, with mounting desperation, but I couldn’t get free. It sent my panic soaring, and suddenly I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. My whole body started shaking, I tried to pull myself forwards again, I managed to move a couple of inches, but Greg dragged me easily back into place. We did it again and again, I’d drag myself forwards, but Greg hauled me back each time. My heart raced. I was breathing so fast I went dizzy.

It took me long, panic-filled moments to realise Greg had stopped spanking me. I slumped forwards, gasping for breath, but then Greg’s fingers slid into the back of my knickers. His hand tightened into a fist and he yanked them down to bare me. I squirmed and fought Greg anew, there was no dignity in the way he was treating me, it was shameful to be uncovered like that, in that position, bent over and panting. But then shame had always been a turn on for me too, and although I tried to resist him, it got me hotter still.

In that position, with Greg above me, with me bent over, I didn’t stand a chance though.

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Notes She loves it rough, but she's never been spanked before. Not until that evening, not until...
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