The Step Mom - Pt. 04

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He was caught. He got lost in his arousal and she caught him.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” he said, shakily, turning to go back to his room.

“Wait.” Come here’s she said, patting the bed beside her. “Finish what you started.”

His heart was pounding. He couldn’t speak. He felt as though he should run down the hall into his room. Then he remembered running down the hall yesterday, holding his spewing cock in his fists. That memory gave him surge of arousal, and the courage to step forward.

Julie raises her eyebrows and smiled while watching his hand wrap around his hard on. She inched her naked body over to the edge of the bed and looked up at him.

“Right here,” she said, patting her breasts.

Nick moved forward and held his length over her breasts. Now it was he who was watching her watching him. He stroked his dripping cock slowly and when he saw her lick her lips, he announced he was going to cum.

“Mmmm yes Nicky boy,” do it.

Her hand slipped down to her pussy again, stroking for both their pleasure.

Nick watched her hand on her pussy and the other playing with her nipple, and came. The first shot flew clear across her body and landed on the sheet of the bed, the back half on the string lay across her right breast.

“Oh my!” Julie gasped.

The next one landed on her right nipple, the third and fourth the same. The rest poured out of him and made a massive pool of creamy cum between her breasts. Once spent, he let go of his softening cock and it rested on Julie’s left breast.

Julie moved to her right and his cock dangled heavily between his legs. She ran a finger through the white puddle on her chest and circled her nipple with it.

“Thank you Nicky boy,” she whispered, and made a dismissing motion with her hand.

Nick walked towards the door. He looked back just before stepping out into the hall only to see Julie’s eyes closed, playing with both her pussy and his cum. “Fuck,” he thought, wide eyed.

She looked over at him, smiling. “Shhhh,” she said, holding a finger to her mouth.

Nick smiled and nodded.
He went back to the bathroom, picking his long forgotten towel up off the hall floor, and cleaned up.

He got dressed and went down to the kitchen to make something to eat. Julie was there when he arrived. She was wearing a bikini under a sheer lime green cover up.

“Good morning Nick,” she said. “Can I make you some breakfast?”

He was confused. She’s acting as if nothing happened. “I just spewed cum over her a half hour ago,” he thought.

“Uh, yeah sure,” he said.

“So, I guess she just wants me to watch?” he thought to himself. “I’m okay with that of course.” He was rolling the many angle of this “relationship” around in his head when Julie called him.

“Nick? Hello? Earth to Nick, come in?” Julie said, snapping him out of his thought.

“Oh yeah sorry. Thanks.” he said.

“Cmon,” Julie said. “We can eat by the pool.”

Nick followed her out he watched her ass, which was barely covered by her white bikini bottom, strings holding it up at her hips much like the one she shed yesterday (“Holy fuck was that only yesterday?!” he thought.) while he watched her by the pool.

They sat by the pool and had breakfast. They barely spoke but she broke the ice.

“Are you okay Nick?” she asked.

“Yeah I’m fine,” he replied.

“Look sweetie,” she said touching his hand. “I like being watched,” she said frankly. “I like knowing someone is getting turned on watching me - it makes me even more turned on.“

Nick let out a breath.

“If you’re uncomfortable I’ll try to be careful when you’re around,” she told him.

“No no!” he exclaimed a little too excitedly. “That’s okay. Don’t let me stop you from doing what you enjoy.“

She smiled. “Okay Nicky boy,” she replied, winking.

She stood up in front of him and peeled the cover up over her head. She walked over to the lounge she was playing on yesterday and set it up to lie in the sun.

His eyes roamed over her. His groin was stirring again. “I’ll clean up,” he said.

“Thanks sweetie” she said, sauntering away.

He cleaned up the dishes and put everything away. He looked out the patio doors once in a while and watched her lay there, her hands lightly roaming over her bare tummy. “Fuck,” he thought. He went upstairs to his room.

Julie was quite pleased with how this was working out. She knew Nick was uncomfortable but in reality they weren’t blood relatives so this wasn’t incest by any means. “And he’s only watching me,” she thought. She still wasn’t too sure about how Steve would feel about it though. He was always more than willing to have her show off to anyone who cared to watch but his son, that might be another matter.

Nick brushed his teeth, shaved and headed downstairs again. He went out the front door, hopped into his car and went over to a friend’s house.


Julie was remembering the puddle of white cum she had on her tits earlier this morning and those familiar tingles were on the rise again. She slipped her hands under her top and found her hard nipples. She let out a soft moan as the goosebumps rose all over her body when she pinched them.

Looking up at the window she was a little disappointed “Nicky boy” wasn’t there. “Well, “ she thought, “I guess a guy can only masturbate so many times in twenty-four hours.”

She peeled her top off and played openly with her breasts. Circling the nipples lightly with her fingertips, cupping and squeezing them and pulling at the nipples when the urge got stronger. She undid the strings on her hips and let them fall loose on her lounge. She teased her clit with her fingertips, fighting the ever strong desire to just grab her pussy. The thought and actual existence of her being open with Nick made her hornier than ever.

She pulled the bikini bottom from between her thighs and tossed it on the ground by her top. Naked, she grabbed her pussy and stuffed two finger

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