Nurse Adventures

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“Just wait until you see Mr. 405. He’s gorgeous. And your age…” Sylvia laughed. They always referred to people as room numbers rather than names for the most part.
Sylvia was always trying to set her up. And truthfully, Laura was dying for some action. Between night shifts and a long dry spell she was craving being touched. “Thanks. I’ll go check on him.”
Walking into the hospital room, she almost did a double take. Mr. 405 definitely was gorgeous. Dark eyes, wavy hair and just a bit of stubble that was sexy as hell. “Hi there, I’m Laura. I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Do you need anything?”
He nodded at her and smiled. It was a damned sexy smile. “Thanks Laura. I’m Jack. Actually, since you’re here I do need some help to the boys’ room.”
“No problem at all.” As she got closer she could see no wedding ring. Strange on their ward they had someone hot, single and that she had to help. But grabbing his strong arm was welcome.
He allowed her to help him from the bed, but in the process his gown shifted and suddenly his lower half was exposed. Laura normally would look away, but her eyes were drawn to something. A massive dick. Swinging between his legs, it looked like it was about six inches and it wasn’t even fully hard.
Jack’s eyes found hers and he winked. “Didn’t mean to give you a show.”
“Uh…it’s okay.” She stammered.
“Been a while since anyone looked at that. Especially someone as cute as you are.”
Flirting was unexpected, but it was like her kryptonite. Walking back to the nurses station, Sophia laughed as she fanned herself.
All she could think about was his gorgeous cock. And how much she was tempted to so something highly irregular. The nursing station only had two of them on at night, and her counterpart had left for dinner and would be gone for at least an hour. If she was going to do anything, now was the time.
Knowing she could get fired for what she was about to do just made it hotter. The panties under her scrubs were soaked. She quietly walked into Jack’s room. He was just so damned tempting, and after seeing his cock earlier it was impossible to resist seeing it again, fully erect.
His eyes fluttered open and he moaned, turning to look at her as his eyes went wide. “Laura?”
“Shh. We need to be quiet.” She said in a low voice, not letting her hand stop stroking him. He nodded quickly and she saw him relax. If anything, now that he was fully aware his cock got even harder and thicker. Laura couldn’t help but get close enough to do what she was craving.
Leaning over the bed, she wrapped her lips around his erection and sucked gently, hearing him stifle a gasp. The thickness stretched her mouth perfectly and she went as deep as she could, feeling his long rod tickle her throat.
His hand cupped her ass and squeezed it, sliding between her legs and the heat from her dripping pussy was definitely noticeable.
Sliding down her scrubs, she slid onto the bed on top of him. All he did was slightly position himself so her knees could move to either side. His cock hovered underneath her and it was easy to pull her panties aside and sink down onto him. The wetness made it easy.
“Oh my GOD…” she gasped. The thick cock stretched her walls and made her entire body shudder with pleasure. From the position she was in it was easy to sink down and let him go deep inside her. And if she heard anything she could scramble off and yank her pants up, hopefully.
But any thought of being caught had exited her mind. The way his thick head and shaft were pumping into her told her that he wanted it just as badly as she did. His hands slid up her scrub top and he was squeezing her full breasts with every thrust.
Her body went rigid as she felt a massive wave of pleasure wash over her, gasping softly as she reached the fastest orgasm she could remember having in a long time. His cock was perfect.
Not far behind her, Jack started to gasp. “I’m…I’m going to…” Laura knew exactly what she wanted.
Quickly jumping off him, she tugged her scrubs back up with one pull and then grabbed his cock. Jerking it while swirling her hand around the tip, he arched his back and she saw his body tense up with a silent scream. Then his cock erupted with a fountain of sticky white cream, coating her hand, his crotch and even spilling onto the sheets.
It seemed like it was never ending, the volume of it both startling her and making her hot. Leaning forward she began to kiss and lick up the hot cream, enjoying the flavour of it in her mouth. Sucking him deep one more time, he finally tapped her shoulder as if to tell her to stop.
One more long lick of a stream of cum on his thigh and she was done. He lay there with a smile on his face. “If that’s the type of nursing service I get here, I’m definitely changing hospitals.”
Laura was shaking with both the rush of seducing him and getting fucked by such a massive dick. As she walked back to the station, her fellow nurse arrived just in time to see her coming out of Jack’s room.
“Any problems? He okay?”
“He’s fine.” Laura stifled a giggle. The next day when he was discharged there was a note left at the station for her.
Here’s my number. Use it. I want to see you again as soon as possible. Mr. 405. A smiley face ended the note and his phone number was below. Sophia giggled. “You must have made a heck of an impression.”
Oh, if you only knew.

Written by Marcela Alonso
Cargado May 12, 2021
Notes Nurse seduces her patient
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