Officer Goddess Gets Her Bitch

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Officer Goddess

I went for a drive way out in the country in my new convertible to get some fresh air and enjoys the beautiful weather. I was driving some down some desolate country road in Texas that I had never been on before, when I looked in my rear-view and saw the dreaded red and blue flashing lights of a police cruiser coming up behind me. 

“Where the hell did they come from?” I wondered. I didn’t remember seeing any police cruisers on either side of the road the entire drive, and there isn’t even a speed limit sign on the road I was on, so surely I’m not getting pulled over for speeding. It was like the cop came out of nowhere. I had no idea why I was being pulled over, but I hoped whatever the reason was, the cop wouldn’t hassle me and I’d be on my again in no time.

So I pulled over onto the side of the road and stopped my car.  The cop car pulled up behind me.  I was watching from my rear view mirror and my jaw must have dropped as I saw this sexy red headed cop step out of the cruiser, wearing a denim skirt and a way too sexy tight black tank top, with ample cleavage hiding inside it.  That’s some uniform, I thought to myself.  I had never boinked a cop before, but this cop was totally boinkable, so Maybe this was my lucky day. Time to turn on the old charm.

When the cop  got to my window and I said “Hello Captain, I wasn’t speeding, was I” I said with a grin, and realized I was starting at her boobaliscious black tank top.   “I’m not a Captain”, she replied.  “Oh, I’m sorry Lieutenant” I replied with a smirk.  “I’m not a lieutenant either.  I’m just patrol Officer Goddess, just like my name tag that’s right in front of you says”, she said with a scowl.

I glanced at the name tag that was hanging from her way too sexy black tank top and was speechless for a few seconds.  Her name was actually Officer Goddess. And a Goddess she was. She was spectacular.

“Oh, I’m sorry Officer Goddess.  I was so taken with your beauty that I assumed you must be in charge.  Are all the other female officers as sexy as you?”, I asked.  I was really laying it on thick now. I could just imagine how wet she must be getting as she stood right in front of me.  I’ll be on my way again in no time, right after I fuck her in the backseat of her cruiser that is!

“Do those lines work on the drunk women you try to pick up in bars in the city?  Take your bullshit somewhere else Bitch.  Believe me, I AM in charge. Now, License and registration, bitch!” She barked..

“Did she just call me a bitch?” I asked myself.  “Great, figures a dyke cop would pull me over!  Time to change gears and play hardball” I told myself, knowing that even a blow job was off the table now.

"Where'd you get that potty mouth from, toots?" I asked.  If you're not careful, I'm gonna put you over my knee and give you a good spanking.  You'd probably enjoy that though, wouldn't you?" I said, hoping to push her buttons and let her know who was in charge now..

I continued, “Listen up toots. my taxes pay your salary.  I know people. All I have to do is make a few phone calls and you’ll be spending the rest of your career writing parking tickets!  You pulled over the wrong guy.  Now go home and play dress up with your girlfriend if you want to play cop.  I have places to go.  Are we done here?” I demanded to know.  This bitch picked the wrong car to pull over.  “I want your badge number”, I demanded.  

“My badge number is 69, bitch” she replied. That’s a joke, right, I thought to myself. Is her badge number really 69?

“And which police department are you with, sugar tits? I know all the local mayors and police chiefs in the area. You don’t know who you’re dealing with toots” I said.  

“I’m with The Bitch Squad Task Force, asshole” she told me.  “The what?” I asked.  

“Did I stutter? I said The Bitch Squad Task Force, you little bitch” she replied.  

“What the hell is that? I’ve never heard of it before” I said.  

“Of course you haven’t. It’s a top secret task force.  All of our local towns are being overrun with little bitches like yourself. We’re tasked with finding all the little bitches like you and bringing them to justice. You little bitches need to learn to obey women and obey the law and do whatever you are told, and act like the little bitches that you are.” she said. 

“Now Out of your car BITCH!” Officer Goddess screamed. “Get your fucking bitch ass out of your fucking car before I drag your little bitch ass out of it!”

I couldn’t believe this.  Was this chick actually ordering me out of my car? Her ass was grass.  So I got out of my car and pulled out my cell phone and turned to Officer Goddess and said to her “Your going to regret this.  Enjoy the rest of your career.  We'll see who the bitch is after I make a few calls”, I threatened.  I was scrolling through my contacts when Officer Goddess snatched the phone from my hand!  I spun around to see Officer Goddess holding my iPhone in her hand.

“You actually think there’s cell coverage out here bitch?” She laughed.  “Look, no bars” as she stuck my phone in my face.  “Look around you. Where the hell do you think you are, bitch? You’re in the middle of I’m Bum Fucked, Texas, population, your bitch ass!” She screamed.  I stopped a for a second and looked around. She was right. We were in the middle of nowhere.  There would be no one taking my calls out here!

And with that, Officer Goddess took my phone and threw it into the weeds. “Ok bitch, turn around and face your car and assume the position” she demanded.  Was this chick really going to arrest me for nothing?  If she did, I’d be the last arrest she ever made! I would make sure of it.  For now I’d just have to play along.

So I placed my hands on the hood of my car when Officer Goddess suddenly kicked my legs apart and shouted “Spread’em Bitch!”.  I spread my legs apart as far as possible and next thing I know, Officer goddess is running her hands up and down both of

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Written by herlittlebitch
Cargado May 14, 2021
Notes I was out for a drive in the country when I got pulled over by the beautiful red-headed Officer Goddess from The Bitch Squad. The members of The Bitch Squad always get their Bitch! So on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, Officer Goddess and her "night stick" made me her bitch.
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