Diabolical Desires: Episode I: All Begins Somewhere

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Chapter One:

Felice shifted her gaze from the coffee pot with a long and annoyed sigh,
“God damn it! Lavena!” she called out. A pile of golden unkempt tendrils peeked into the doorway of the kitchen before her wide eyes met with Felice’s.
“What’s going on, Leese?” Lavena inquired with a cheery grin. Felice sighed – how was she supposed to stay mad at her when she was so sweet and, damn it, cute!
“Why won’t this thing ever work right for me?” she asked, pointing at the single-serve coffee maker. Her lips crinkled into a frown as she looked back at her.
“Um, you didn’t put enough water in the pot.” She pointed out, stepping fully into the kitchen Felice moved out of her way, “Watch.” She murmured, removing the back tank as she moved toward the sink. Her hands wrenched on the faucet and she began to fill it.
“Thanks, I was getting anxious. I mean, I should say I am anxious.” Felice remarked, wringing her hands slightly,
“I’m just...I need coffee.”
“What’s going?” Lavena asked, replacing the water tank on the back of the coffee maker and pursing her lips.
“You know that one job I applied to a few weeks ago?” Felice asked curiously. She had applied at a fancy Biotechnology company. Lavena gave a soft nod of her head before leaning back in her seat. Felice had started to sip her coffee before running barefoot to her bedroom,
“I remember. It was the one that yummy guy owned, right? Wasn’t he the only reason you applied?” She joked as usual, but if it was her, she would try to bump into that man as much as possible too. Felice gave an eye roll. Gripping her pajama top, she pulled it quickly over her head. Crimson tendrils fell over her bare flesh as she danced around trying to uncover her bra from the bedside dresser,
“I landed an interview! Mister Yummy himself is only a faint away. Can you believe it?”
Lavena moved from her spot by the coffee pot and over to Felice's bedroom to see the woman bouncing around,
“Leese, do you need help?”
A giggle escaped her peach stained lips as she raised her right hand to her lips. Placing her hand to her lips, she began to chew at her nail. Felice hated when she chewed on her nails. It was so.. unladylike. Picking up a shoe, she threw it at the doorway playfully,
“Stop chewing! You’re going to mess up your nail beds.”
Lavena squealed as she ducked the high heel. Pivoting on her foot, she then walked back into her own bedroom to lay back on the bed,
“Who knows. You might even get to meet Mister Yummy and he decides to devour your scandalous ass!”
Felice rolled her eyes again as she slipped on her bra. Her breasts were nice and full but still perky as they should be. She dressed that soon she would be thirty. Twenty-six is just going up the hill for old age. Another reason why she needed this job badly. Being it so close to home, she really hoped to land this job. Dressing in her cutest yet almost too tight dress, Felice came out of the bedroom. Her hair was pinned up slightly in a loose bun. Crimson tendrils fell every which way as she moved her head about. The dress she chose was a silk one. It was peach in color and almost resembled lingerie. There was lace along her breasts as the fabric dipped down to expose her cleavage. Adjusting her breasts, she felt as if one would fall out. The bottom of the dress hung just below her taut ass. It even gave a little wiggle as she swayed her hips walking. Her high heels were a soft peach color to match her dress. The shoes hugged her feet while exposing her toes. She wore stockings under the dress to make her legs look more tanned. She thought it may make her look more adult as well. Giving herself a once over in the mirror, she smiled at herself, grabbed the keys by the door, and headed for her car.
Her car was a Volkswagen beetle. The red color had faded a little and she desperately needed a new car. Felice opened the door and slid into the driver’s seat. Sticking the key into the ignition, she turned it over.
Coming out of the parking garage, Felice turned left onto 4th Avenue. Traffic was pretty decent, so it wasn’t too long till she reached SW Alder Street. Turning left upon it, she gave a sigh and a look at the
Buffalo Wild Wings she used to work at when she was sixteen. That was ten years ago.
Giving her head a shake, she continued on over the Morrison Bridge. The interstate wasn’t too far from there. Watching where she was crossing in her lanes, she had to make a short jerk stop as some guy cut her off.
“Come on, you asshole! What was that?” Felice blared her horn as the jaguar swiftly moved into her lane,
“Stupid rich assholes...”
Felice hated the interstate, but if that meant getting her a decent job, though, she was all for using it.
Looking up at the signs, she merged into the turning lane to go off the ramp and into the Waterfront area.
She was almost there now. From the Waterfront, she turned down Main Street and started looking for the building. It wasn’t too hard to find of course. A tall building with so many windows you could get dizzy counting to the top from the ground.
She quickly found a parking spot near the building. It said “Visitor” on the sign. She shrugged her shoulders a bit. Might as well use it. She was only visiting, technically. Turning off the ignition, she stuffed her keys in her purse. Getting out of the car, she locked and shut the door then crossed over the street to the main office,
“What does a girl have to lose, but everything...break a leg, Leese,” she whispered softly, only time would reveal what the future held.

Written by Sai Marie
Cargado May 15, 2021
Notes Felice is eager to get to know her new boss, but what she learns about him and the prowess of his dominance leaves her cunt aching for more.
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