Sex Games

Story 1: Sex Games
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All Roads Lead To India

The Sex Games game room – an intimate studio with soft lighting. The Sex Wheel, a multi-colored, paneled, vertical wheel stands against a wall in the back of the room. The panels read: Pussy Eating, Blowbang, Gangbang, Creampie Fest, and All Of The Above. A table with a deck of cards sits in the middle of the room.

To the left of the table are three South Asian Indian women: Priyanka, Sumita, and Vidya. They wear traditional Indian attire: Priyanka a Sambalpuri sari, Sumita a Paithani sari, and Vidya a Banarasi sari.

To the right are three long-haired, tattooed, outlaw motorcycle club members: Slayer, Snake, and Skidmark. They wear Bombers MC leather cuts, t-shirts, and jeans.

Kitty, the host, a busty mixed-race British woman, struts out wearing a black corset, black panties, black stockings, and high heeled boots. She speaks with an East London accent.

“Welcome to another edition of Sex Games! We have three beautiful Indian ladies and three gruff bikers ready to play!”

The gals and guys clap. Slayer gets Kitty’s attention.

“Hey Kitty: We parked our Harleys outside in the crippled spaces. You ain't gonna tow 'em, right?”

“You guys can park wherever you want.”

Sumita covers her mouth and giggles. Priyanka and Vidya look at each other with displeased looks. Kitty continues.

“We're gonna start today with the Strip Round. Then we'll move to the Sex Wheel. And then we'll see what happens from there!”

The guys clap. Sumita, claps, with a big smile. Priyanka looks annoyed. Vidya raises her hand.

“Excuse me, but I came for the feminist poetry reading! This doesn't sound anything like that!”

The bikers chuckle. Kitty smiles at Vidya.

“Stick around! We may very well end up doing that! Let's meet the ladies!”

Kitty gestures towards Priyanka in her red Sambalpuri sari

“She's a militant feminist from Kolkata, say hello to Priyanka!”

Priyanka doesn't move a muscle. The bikers half clap.

Snake leans over to Slayer.

“That reminds me: Did you hear the one about the blind man and the fish market?”

Kitty shoots the bikers a look.

“Gentlemen: Please focus!”

Kitty resets.

“Out next contestant is an easy going, fun loving girl from Mumbai! Give it up for Sumita!”

Sumita smiles and curtsies in her pink Paithani sari. The bikers clap and whistle. Kitty continues.

“And last and least, she's a stubborn, pissed-off man hater from New Delhi. Please give a warm welcome to Vidya!

Vidya has no reaction as she stands with her arms folded in her blue Banarasi sari. The bikers half clap. Kitty turns towards the fellas.

“Let's meet the guys!

“He's a beer drinking, bar brawling biker known for cracking heads. Say hello to Slayer!”

Slayer raises his hand and grins. Sumita claps. Priyanka and Vidya stand with their arms crossed.

“He's a shit-kicking, very politically incorrect, tough guy with a heart of gold. Please welcome Snake!”

Snake pulls on his cut and smiles. Sumita claps. Priyanka and Vidya roll their eyes.

“He's a Billy Bad Ass who doesn't take shit from no one although he did soil his skivvies during the River Run. Let's meet Skidmark!”

Skidmark winks at the ladies. Sumita eagerly claps. Priyanka and Vidya look away in disgust. Skidmark leans in to Kitty.

“Let me tell ya that a Mexican buffet and 300 miles on a chopper are a bad combo!”

Kitty approaches the table.

“It's time for the stripping to begin!”

Kitty picks up the cards and shows them to the contestants.

“Each contestant will draw a card that will provide direction: Strip, Strip Twice, Safe, or All Off. Once the clothes are off, the fun begins!”

The bikers rub their hands together. Sumita has a big smile. Priyanka and Vidya look disgusted.

“Priyanka and Slayer: Come on down!”

Priyanka and Slayer approach the table. Kitty looks at Priyanka.

“Please draw a card.”

“Do I have to?”

“Slayer can do it for you.”


Priyanka draws a card and flips it over. It reads Safe.

“Safe. Slayer: You're up!”

Slayer draws a card and flips it over. It reads All Off.


“Our first nude male!”

Sumita watches intently. Priyanka and Vidya look away. Slayer displays a shit eating grin.

“I could use some help.”

Kitty helps remove Slayer's cut and t-shirt. He undoes his pants, revealing Mickey Mouse boxer shorts. Sumita covers her mouth and giggles. Kitty pulls down Slayer's boxers revealing a well-endowed penis. Sumita licks her lips. Slayer and Priyanka return to their respective sides.

“Sumita and Snake: Your turn!”

Sumita and Snake approach the table. Sumita draws a card and flips it over. It reads Strip.

“One article of clothing comes off,” Kitty says.

Sumita makes eyes at Snake.

“You can do the honors.”

Snake pulls off her sari, revealing a white corset, white stockings, and a chastity belt. Kitty admires Sumita.

“How cute! We're both wearing corsets!”

“Hopefully not for long!” Snake interjects.

The bikers laugh. Priyanka and Vidya shoot them cold stares.

“Pigs!” Priyanka blurts out.

Kitty looks at Snake.

“Snake: Please draw.”

Snake draws a card and flips it over. It reads Strip 2X.

“Remove two articles of clothing!”

“I could use some help too,” Snake says.
Sumita with a big smile assists removing his cut.

“One down,” Kitty says.

“I'll let Sumita make the call”


Sumita undoes his pants. They fall to the ground, revealing a yellow smiley face thong. Sumita runs her hands over it.

“That's hot!”

Snake's bulge protrudes. Sumita and Snake return to their respective sides.

“Vidya and Skidmark: Time to draw.”

Vidya and Skidmark approach.

“I can't believe I'm doing this,” Vidya says regretfully.

“Please take a card.”

Vidya draws a card and flips it over. It reads Strip.


Vidya sighs.


She takes off her shoes. The bikers mentally undress her. Kitty turns to Skidmark.


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Written by xyz417
Cargado May 17, 2021
Notes Sex Games matches up horny adults in naughty contests. In this edition, three Indian lovelies compete against a trio of gruff bikers.
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