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I put on the red lace panties and threw on a matching bra. I love the way lace feels agains my skin and for a moment, my nipples went erect as they rubbed against the delicate fabric. I looked in the mirror and loved the curves I saw, the perfect response to the extra workouts I have been doing to get into shape after the COVID 15 I put on over the past year.

I was meeting up with Ben while I had been dating casually before and during the lockdowns. He was meeting me at a bar in the city and today was a mid-70’s day with the sun beaming and little breeze. I was looking forward to returning to normal having been fully vaccinated now for just over two weeks.

I went to my closet and decided a pair of white shorts combined with a navy and white striped shirt would be a perfect look for the day. Especially when I threw my Levi’s jean jacket on along with a pair of sandals and my Ray Ban Clubmasters. I wore my blond hair down and added a few wavy curls which looked good. My boobs were pressing against the shirt and when I looked in the mirror again, I was very happy with what reflected back at me: A tight little booty, firm tits and a smile that would turn heads for sure.

I left my apartment and walked the 6 blocks to the restaurant. I was running a bit late and ignored his texts asking where I was. Playing hard to get is still a good thing! As I walked up the street, I could see him at an outside table, sipping a cocktail. He looked cute in his Red Polo and Lucky Jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors and he waved when he saw me.

“Hey Ben! Great to see you!”, I said as he stood up to greet me and I gave him a peck on the cheek. “Wow, Jenn, you look great!”, he replied while pulling my seat out, forever the gentleman. “Thank you!”, I said as I sat down and he retreated to his seat. He waited for the waitress to come over and take my drink order, a vodka and soda with lime. When she brought it back, we clinked glasses and said, “Cheers!”.

We caught up and talked about how re-entry was good but strange. He was still not going back to the office until at least the fall and I was just starting to book travel for my job in pharmaceutical sales. We talked about the lockdown and our Zoom dates where we started casually and ended up talking dirty and showing private parts to each other, we even masturbated with each other: first him with some lube, then me with some lube and a few toys. Today, we were meeting again for the first time in a while and I was hopping he would see the panties and bra that matched his shirt a bit later on.

The waitress came by and we ordered another round. I commented on her beautiful ass which was wrapped in a pair of Lululemon spandex running tights. She thanked me before walking away. I couldn’t help but watch that ass walk away and neither could Ben. We continued our conversation and after a few minutes of dancing around the subject, I said, “So Ben, did you want to fuck later? These drinks are going to my head and I am feeling a little horny watching that waitress!” He nearly spit his drink out and said, “Well, I was hoping to and I am glad you brought up the subject.” “What do you think about having another drink and then we get outta here?”, I asked. He waved the waitress over and ordered another round. I stared at her ass again as she walked away.

We drank pretty quickly and the warm sun combined with the vodka was helping bring a nice glow. We walked the 6 blocks back to my apartment and flirted heavily the entire way back. I opened the door to my apartment and tossed the keys on the table near the door. Ben shut the door and came directly in for a kiss. I longed for the feeling of human lips pressed into mine and melted into him. He pulled me in tight and pressed me into him from the small of my back. I stretched back and pulled my jacket off and then reached for his cock which was firming up and struggling to find freedom from his denim pants.

He pulled my shirt over my head and by breasted popped out int he red lace bra. I forgot about his shirt and worked his belt off and lowered his pants. He nearly fell kicking off his shoes and we clinked teeth as he regained balance. I grab his cock and felts its hardness while it stroked him a few times. I dropped to my knees and lowered his light blue Calvin Klein Black trunks. The slid down to his ankles as I placed my mouth over the tip of his glorious cock head and sucked on it while I stroked his shaft and swirled his tip with my tongue. I missed a real cock and I wasn’t letting it go as I dreamed about this for over a year!

He moaned loudly as I sucked and stroked him. I lowered my mouth all the way down his 6 inch cock and although I had longer, I was impressed with its width. I took him to his base and slurped my way back off, spit dripping from my mouth that I massaged into his balls. I came off him and pulled back while still stroking him and stared into his eyes, enjoying the physical connection. I pulled closer to his cock with my tits and stroked him between my lace bra and firm tits. He moaned at the pleasure I provided him.

He pulled me up and gave me a kiss. The hint of my vodka breath along with a bit of sweat from his cock mixed nicely between us and I kept stroking him. He unclasped my bra with the flick of a finger and my perky 32b cup tits popped out, nipples back to erect after the naughty thoughts I was thinking while I slurped on his cock. He lowered down and sucked on my nipples and I threw my head back to give him more access. My nipples protruding outward like tiny rocks and just as hard. He nibbled them and I could feel my pussy get wetter as he worked me over.

I began undoing my own shorts as I was building up too much sexual energy and I scooted them over my hips. As they fell to the floor, they hit Ben’s feet and he instantly moved his hand down and began rubbing the lace panties into my pubic mound and slit. The lac

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