Cheating on My Husband with My Ex in Switzerland - Passionate Erotica

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The bitter taste of tobacco that covered his lips felt all too familiar. It flashed all of our memories back into my mind. The laughter, the excitement, the love and the passion, I felt it all back when I pressed my lips onto his. I knew I shouldn’t have done that. But I couldn’t help it. Seeing him in front of me sparked up all the emotions I thought I had buried. The smell of his cologne mixed in with the cigarette smoke flashed all of our memories back into my mind.

I remember all the sleepless nights we spent together, laughing, chatting, cuddling, and making love to each other. The lazy mornings where I’d beg him to stay in bed with me until it was time for lunch and the cosy dinners we had on the boat, rocking from side to side. All of my emotions crashed into me like waves without warning, dragging further away from the shore and leaving me with no control over my thoughts. I knew I shouldn’t have kissed him, but I did. And even though it pains me to know that I hurt Oscar, I knew deep down that I would do it again if I could go back in time.

Tom and I broke up three years ago, after having been together for two years. The timing was just not right for either of us, he had to travel back to England to focus on his career, and I had to stay in Switzerland to finish my PhD. We tried long-distance for a while, but it didn’t work out, we lost touch, and we drifted apart, that’s when I met Oscar. He was working at the same lab as me, and I technically cheated on Tom with Oscar.

I say technically because, in reality, Tom and I were not together anymore, but we just didn’t talk about it. Both of us kept postponing the conversation, knowing well enough that what we had going on was nowhere near what a relationship should be. And I slept with Oscar before, Tom and I had officially broken up. I don’t intend it to sound like an excuse, but I genuinely think that it was a grey zone when I slept with Oscar and that I wouldn’t count it as cheating. Whatever reason, Tom and I broke up, and I started dating Oscar. Things began to move quickly, and within a year, we were married and living together.

Everything was perfect at first, but as the honeymoon phase started to fade away, things took a sour turn. Oscar is 15 years older than me, and he doesn’t put any effort to keep up with my lifestyle. His hobbies are fishing by the lake and watching the football game with his boys. We never do anything fun anymore, and lately, it feels more like he’s my roommate than my husband. Having sex or spending time together feels like a chore. Neither of us is enjoying it, and anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention can tell that we’re forcing it.

The truth is that we both rushed into it; we didn’t think about our relationship long-term. Oscar wants to have kids, and I have no intention of ever bearing a child. I want to travel and see the world with him, but he wants to settle down and buy a house together. We’ve been arguing every couple of days, and it seems like our relationship is heading to a brick wall. So when Tom messaged me saying that he’s flying over to Switzerland for his cousin’s wedding, I offered to show him around.

I knew that Oscar would get annoyed if I told him that I’m meeting Tom, but I also knew that there was no way he’d ever find out. Given that he just sits around the house all day and never questions where I’m going, it was practically impossible for him to know that I’m meeting Tom. So I just packed an overnight bag and told him that I’m visiting a friend in Lucerne on Saturday.

The train ride took around three hours, and the whole way there, I kept playing different scenarios in my head. I hadn’t seen Tom in over three years, and I had no idea how to act around him. I wasn’t even sure if he knew that I was married. How do you tell the love of your life that you’re already married? The thought kept dwelling in my head, and I tried to come up with different ways to justify our marriage, but as the train pulled over to the platform, I did something I’m not proud of. My heart was racing, my thoughts were muffled up, and at that moment, I decided to take off my wedding ring. I thought it would make things easier if I just don’t talk about my marriage, at least not for today.

My eyes were desperately searching for a familiar face through the crowd, growing the anticipation with every second that passed. Then I saw him standing at the very end of the platform. Both of his hands in his pockets, his legs spread into a wide stance, and his chest puffed up with confidence. He was filtering the crowd, looking for the brunette that had fallen head over heels for him—the innocent, loving girl who slipped through his fingers.

But she wasn’t there anymore. I changed a lot over the years, both my look and my thoughts. I dyed my hair blonde, and I lost weight. My cheekbones were more prominent now, and my breasts were much smaller than he remembers. My mindset changed too; I became a person I barely recognise. I used to laugh every day, but now my smile is hidden behind desperation. Everything that I thought I wanted didn’t fulfil me, I got caught up chasing clouds. But here, just in front of me, was one person who could make all of that go away. He was the only person I’d ever truly loved and connected with.

I waved my arm up to catch his attention, and his face lit up with excitement. He started to walk in my direction, with a smile stretched from one ear to another and energy in his eyes. Tom looked just as I remembered him. Chubby and tall, his hair shaved and his eyebrows thick and scruffy. His beard was thin and patchy on his cheeks but fuller towards his jaw and neck. He reached his arms out, and we hugged each other, pressing our chests together and squeezing in tightly. Perhaps a bit longer than a hug between friends should be, but neither of us cared. For that moment, it felt like we were alone at the train st

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Written by Nina Lessi
Cargado May 18, 2021
Notes I cheated on my husband with my horny ex, we hooked up in a holiday home in Switzerland.
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