Wild Pussycats Purrs!

Story 1: Getting Kinky In The Graveyard
  • Story 1: Getting Kinky In The Graveyard
  • Story 2: Freaky Midair Sex!
  • Story 3: Salacious Exploration
  • Story 4: Wakey-Wakey, Dipping Big Sausage In her Steamy Gravy
  • Story 5: Wild Pussycat Purrs!
  • Story 6: Lap Dancing Agony!
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At the bar, an alluring lady sat gobbling down her drink until the sweet melodious sound of a love song rang out in her ears. She raised herself up; with searching steps, she walked towards the dance floor where she began kicking up a seductive storm. While she got within the juice of her motion, two men had their eyes glued on her beautiful body and it seemed they didn’t blink one wink.

She was gyrating her waistline to the alluring beat tones, swaying her broad hips while slightly brushing her hands intermittently across her breasts and pelvis. Approximately six men joined her on the dance floor; now the excitement began peaking with more interest. Two men were bold enough to sandwich her, one was dancing in front while the other one got funky behind her jelled ass.

Her nipples were as stiff as soft-iron while she continued caressing them both until one bold man stretched his hand forwards to touch her naughty bits; she hurriedly slapped his hand away. Honestly, there wasn’t a single man at the bar who wasn’t tempted to touch her luscious body. They desired to molest her right there but restrained themselves. However, one man’s manhood was shameless; its head was now bulging in the pants he wore.

“Easy Willy, it’s not time to eat yet. But there is one thing that I’m certain of, I’m not going home tonight without tasting any wet cunt.” He moved closer to the seductive lady while another man followed. Both men were now intruding in her private space as she kept touching herself sensually, thus she asked them:

“Intruders, what do you both desire to do with me?”

Both men responded simultaneously, “We desire your body.”

“Say no more, let’s go someplace secure where we can do it in peace and quiet.” This lady seemed like no stranger to random sexual encounters. She willingly exited the club as both men followed closely behind her. Their parked vehicles remained outside: instead, they were escorted away in hers.

Minutes into their trek, the mysterious lady pulled over at a cemetery nearby and got out; both men looked at each other strangely as she walked away. With hesitation, they whispered between themselves, “What the hell is this?”

Turning around to look at them, the seductive woman spoke, “Gentlemen, let’s go, I’m eager to get kinky in this graveyard. You both make me so damn horny.”

Obediently, they followed blindly very close behind her. They almost stepped on her heels while periodically gazing over their shoulders still possessed with fear. She led them to one of the decrepit grave houses, moreover, closed the door behind them. Inside were two tombs, one that read ‘Rest in Pieces’ and the other one that read, ‘Rest in Peace.’

“You both have a choice, select the tomb you want to get kinky with me on,” She told them.

“Ahm, can I bonk you standing?” One man replied after glancing fearfully around him, seeing if there were any ghosts present.

The other man replied, “That would be better. I also want to fuck you against the wall.”

“Here, this is all of me. Do as you wish.” She said as her apparels gradually greeted the dusty floor.

“So we start now?” One man who was tremblingly constantly, steadied himself to taste the kinky lady’s thighs for a moment while the other one still stood afar.

“What is this?” Perceiving that both men were too scared to ravish her roughly, she took the game to them, playing wildly because she was known as the Wild Pussycat. She stripped the man that was toying with her thighs of his clothing, moreover, spread them across the tomb. Then she lifted him on it. Moments later, she was lavishing his genitals while teasingly cracking his nuts.

“Oh, damn girl. Your mouth is wild!”
The lewd position she was in caused the other man to draw nigh; he began fondling Wild Pussycat’s erogenous holes. Yet, she paid him no mind and just kept on igniting the flame of ecstasy on the other man, polishing his staff with swathing saliva. He was thrusting her mouth freely due to the sweetness he was feeling, no longer was he burdened by his fears.

Getting enough tongue action in, Wild Pussycat eased herself down on the man’s firm erection; her warm underneath engulfed his throbbing boner entirely. Slowly she started off then gradually increased her pace; harder and faster her hips were moving; slamming, jamming, and gyrating without mercy as her slit became wetter with each stroking of his manliness.

“Damn lady, are you trying to break off my dick? Stop slamming me so hard against this solid tomb.”

Wild Pussycat purred at his weak utterance. “You’re crying when I haven’t even started working on your ass yet.” Intensity was now the tune of her sexual rhythm as her butt cheeks beat a drum on his crying balls. Periodic slaps to his face and stiffness which was pinned beneath her weight had him pleading for mercy.

“Help! Help me, bro! Get this crazy bitch from top of me!”

“No way! I’m getting the hell out of this tomb!” Instead of helping his buddy, the other man dashed towards the exit apace, yet, he couldn’t budge it due to Wild Pussycat’s captivating enchantment.

“Get your ass back here and wait your turn. There’s no escape from my wild pussycat tonight. It’s been too long since I’ve feasted. Now that I’m dining in style, you better not mess it up.”

“Please just let me out of here!” The big man pleaded.

“Shut up and wait your turn!” Wild Pussycat continued to thrust her fingers into the terrified man’s restricted rear zone who was pinned beneath her. Even when he started flexing like crazy, she was still dropping it red, hot and wild on him. He was very close to discharging all of his moist bullets for he commenced kicking like a perturbed stallion. Seeming as if a spell had enchanted him, the other man sticking at the exit got encouraged by what he saw and came a little closer.

“Oh, God my dick! I’m being sucked dry!” The man beneath Wild Pussycat was crying out loudly while repeatedly jerking himself. Af

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Written by Suzy Ferret
Cargado May 18, 2021
Notes Want a taste of sensual scenarios replete with erotic vibrancy? Then these thrilling short stories are just the delicious repast for you. They were written with a toxic sense of humour and mild explicit salacious content. If you’re feeling lonely, feast your eyes on these wet and wild tales that are bound to keep you company. No matter the colour or race, we are all entitled to experience satisfying romantic journeys.
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