Duo with Mistress Allure

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I had a duo with Mistress Allure last week. She kindly invited me to come and assist her in training a slave to suck cock and take an ass fucking. I arrived at exactly the appointed time. Punctual as always. It's the least one can do really in the momentous occasion of popping someone's cherry.

Mistress Allure let me in the front door of her securely gated, barred and bolted basement dungeon. Her slave in the appropriate position of obeisance forehead to the floor, knees apart, back door wide open.

Back door guests are best they say.

I greeted Mistress Allure with kisses and her slave with a firm slap on the ass. She'd instructed him to keep his eyes down and stay in position until he received permission to look up. I did see him take a peek at his Mistresses beautiful stocking clad legs as her extremely high heels clicked past his face.

Lucky for him his peeking went unnoticed. My heavier booted footfalls behind him drew a quiver of anticipation. I'm sure he'd seen pics on my site and knew what he was in for.

I disrobed, washed up in the bathroom, and at Mistress bidding, stood a foot or so in front of her slave. At last he got permission to rise to a kneel finding himself eye to eye with 9 inches of Australian trouser snake.

He audibly gulped. The first of many amusing sound effects I was able to elicit. He'd been instructed expertly and made to practice on a dildo in preparation so he was soon fellating me balls deep. I rewarded him for his expertise by grabbing the back of his head and thrusting hard in and out of his pharynx. He made a sound like he'd swallowed a dozen golf balls and was being rescued via vigorous rhythmic application a hulk arm Heimlich manoeuvre and a plunger. It was very romantic.

We adjourned for a bit of light lubrication and Mistress Allure administered a pegging. I ensconced my monstrous antipodean appendage in a king size condom, lubed up and assured him I'd be gentle. We corralled him against the spanking bench and Mistress held him down. Our slave awaited his impending penetration with the trepidation of a steer about to get branded. A few more soft words of encouragement and stroking of the buttocks. Eventually I could see a bit less of the whites of his eyes and he was breathing normally. People often tell me I'm a calming influence and indeed a certain calm did descend upon our slave. Soon he seemed ready for Prince Charming to carry him over the threshold. We decided to forego the candlelit dinner and long walk on the beach at sunset but I think his first time was very special.

Written by Oz Bigdownunder
Cargado May 18, 2021
Notes A duo with a Mistress and her slave at her dungeon training her slave how to take a big cock.
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