When Dean Ate My Ass

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“You ever had your ass eaten?”

I turned and looked at Dean as we walked arm in arm home from an evening in the pub. I mustn’t have heard him right. “What did you say?”

“You heard me,” he said with a grin on his gorgeous face. “You ever had a guy eat your ass before? Or a girl?”

I was shocked. Honestly. Where the hell has this come from? Dean was a naughty boy, sure, but in the six months we’d been together, this had never been a topic of conversation. “What are you talking about? Don’t be daft.”

“You know what it means?”

“Yes Dean. I know what it means.”

“Really? Then tell me.”

Despite myself, despite how comfortable I was with Dean, all the wicked things we’d done together, a blush of heat spread over my cheeks. I gave Dean a playful shove. “I’m not going to talk about stuff like that, not in public.”

Dean looked around us. It was close to midnight, the road was empty, not a soul to be seen. “Go on. There’s no one here.” He leaned close and whispered in my ear. “Tell me what I’d do if I ate your ass.”

“Fuck off.” But I laughed as I pushed Dean away from me. “What’s all this ass business anyway? It’s pronounced arse round here.”

Dean shrugged. “Eating ass just sounds better than eating arse. Stop trying to change the conversation anyway. Answer the question. You ever had your ass eaten? Or you arse?”

I couldn’t believe we were still talking about this. Something so utterly filthy. Something surely no one actually did, outside of porn anyway. My face was so hot Dean must have been able to see red I was, even in the semi-light coming from the streetlights around us. “No. I have not Dean. I have never had my arse eaten.”

“That settles it then,” Dean said. “I’m going to eat your arse tonight.”

Dean dropped the topic of conversation as we walked the rest of the way to my house. He stopped talking about it, but he was clearly in the mood for something though. He kept stopping and kissing me. He sighed into my lips as he ran his hands over my body, he kissed me roughly as he fondled my breasts through my top. He grasped my arse hard through my jeans, he made me sigh as he rubbed me between my legs. I didn’t try and stop Dean though; I was in the mood too. I massaged his hard cock through his jeans. Ten minutes later when we got back to my place, we were both dying for each other.

Here’s the thing too. Something I have to confess. I’d never have admitted this to Dean, not then anyway, but the idea of him eating my ass, as he so eloquently put it, maybe it turned me on. Maybe that was a bit of a secret fantasy for me.

Dean was obsessed with going down on me, he licked pussy like a man obsessed, like nothing turned him on as much. And dear god he was good at it. Dean went down on me every day and in so many positions, with me standing, with me above him, with me on all fours and him licking me from behind. He made me come better than anyone with his mouth, and more than once, I’d found myself wondering what it would feel like if his tongue moved a touch higher. What it would feel like if he licked me there too.

I’d seen people eating ass in porn, and it turned me on. I had to face it. It was so depraved, so naughty, such a bad thing to do, how could that not have a certain appeal? And I was sure if felt good. Dean often touched me down there, he sometimes put a finger or two inside me when he licked my pussy, and it always made me come harder. Dean had shown me how sensitive I was back there. Him licking my arse could be fun. I’d never have dared ask him though. But Dean making the suggestion, that was… interesting. That was really why I was blushing. I wasn’t sure whether Dean was just joking though, just playing around? Probably he was.

Dean pushed me up against the wall as soon as we were through the front door. He kissed me deeply, he squeezed my breasts through my top with both hands. I moaned as his fingers rubbed my bra into my nipples, as it sent pulses of pleasure down through the core of me. He rubbed me through the front of my jeans again and heat spread through my lower body. Dean pulled the front of my jeans open. I quivered as his fingertips moved over my bare skin below my bellybutton. I groaned as he slid his hand down into my knickers.

We couldn’t though, not here, not in the downstairs hallway. The house was dark and silent, but I had no idea if my flatmates were home. One of them could step out of their room at any second and catch us. “We can’t,” I gasped between kisses. “My flatmates.”

“Fuck your flatmates,” Dean said. “I’ve been dying to get hold of you all evening. I can’t wait any longer.”

The need in Dean’s voice disarmed me. His lips pressed back into mine, our tongues met, his hand slid deeper into my jeans. Dean’s warm fingers pushed into my underwear, I groaned as they ran over my pussy. He caressed me with a light touch, he spread me open with his fingers. Even with my jeans half trapping his hand, Dean managed to run a fingertip up though my wetness to find my throbbing clit.

I moaned and held Dean tight as he slipped that finger around my clit, as it traced back and forth over me. Dean kissed me hard, but he stroked me with such a delicate touch it got me squirming and quivering in minutes.

We groaned together as we kissed. Dean moved that finger perfectly, his rhythm matched the bucking of my hips, his touch gradually grew firmer. He kissed and kissed me over and over, he teased my clit until my head went light.

Dean slid his other hand up the back of my top and popped my bra open. His fingers moved around to the front of me, his hand passed under my bar and closed around one of my breasts. Dean held me, he rolled my nipple under his thumb and my clit pulsed harder.

It wasn’t so bad, I told myself. My clothes were still on, if one of the girls came out of their bedrooms, or if one of them stepped through the front door right now, it wouldn’t look too naughty. I wasn’t naked, nothing was o

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