Solids & Stripes

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The Sex games game room -- an intimate studio. The Sex Wheel, a multi-colored, paneled, vertical wheel stands against a wall in the back of the room. The panels read: Digital Pleasure, Oral Pleasure, Sex, and Bound Sex. A table with a deck of cards stands in the middle of the room.

On each side of the table are Chris and Fatima. Chris is a clean-cut white male wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts. Fatima is a curvy Brazilian beauty wearing a black, one-shoulder, club mini dress.

Kitty, the host, a busty mixed-raced British woman with an East London accent enters wearing a leopard print leotard body suit and six-inch heels.

“Welcome to another edition of Sex Games! We have a handsome young man and a beautiful young lady ready to play!”

Chris and Fatima clap.

“Let's meet the contestants!”

Kitty gestures towards Chris.

“To my right is Chris, a corporate management executive from Los Angeles!”

Chris waves and does a 360. Fatima claps.

“Chris enjoys candle light dinners, walks on the beach, and squirting big loads over beautiful women!”

Kitty gestures towards Fatima.

“To my left is Fatima from Rio de Janeiro!”

Fatima grabs her dress and gyrates her hips. She twerks. Chris' eyes bulge as he claps.

“Fatima grew up in a favela, works as a carnival dancer, and loves making rock hard cocks cum everywhere!”

Chris develops a big grin.

“It's time to spin the Sex Wheel!”

Chris and Fatima clap.

“To determine who will do so, we're gonna draw cards from the deck.”

Chris and Fatima step up to the table.

“In the interests of fun, each contestant will draw five cards. Best poker hand wins! Ladies first!”

Fatima draws a card and places it face down, followed by Chris. They alternate until each has drawn their full allotment.

“Let's see what we have!”

Chris and Fatima turn over their cards. Chris has a 2 of clubs, a 3 of hearts, a 4 of diamonds, a 5 of spades, and a 6 of clubs.

“Chris has a straight.”

Fatima has a King of diamonds, an Ace of spades, a King of clubs, an Ace of diamonds, and a King of hearts.

Chris scratches his chin.

“Geez: That's one helluva random draw.”

Fatima jumps up and down, her boobs nearly busting out of her dress.

“Fatima has a Full House! Winner! Come on down to the Sex Wheel!”

Fatima steps up to the Sex Wheel. Kitty addresses her.

“Let's go through the options.”

Fatima eagerly nods.

“Manual Pleasure: The loser pleasures the winner with his or her hands.”

“Like a handjob?”

“You catch on fast.”

“That's it?”

“At Sex Games, anything can happen. Think outside the box, if you know what I mean.”

Kitty points at the next panel.

“Oral Pleasure: The loser orally pleasures the winner. In this country, we call that a blow job or pussy eating.”

Fatima nods.

“Sex: Need I explain?”

Fatima shakes her head.

“Finally, Bound Sex: The loser gets restrained and the winner has his or her way!”
Chris scratches his chin and grins.

“Time to spin the Sex Wheel!”

Fatima spins the Sex Wheel. Chris claps and cheers.

“Sex! Sex! Sex!”

Fatima giggles. The needle lands on Sex. Chris falls to his knees.

“There is a God!”

Kitty observes.

“Sex it is! You are getting laid!”

Chris and Fatima clap. Kitty addresses both.

“However, we're gonna add a twist. The loser must manually and orally pleasure the winner to orgasm, followed by sex until orgasm.”

Chris cracks his knuckles and takes a deep breath.

“Chris: Do you think you're up to rising to the occasion?”

“We may as well find out!”

“On to the Strip Round! We'll be playing Strip Pool.”

Kitty walks over to a pool table with two cues and the balls set in a triangle. Chris and Fatima each take a cue.

“Before we get into the rules, I would like to give a shout out to Johnson Pool Cues, which graciously provided this set up.”

Kitty assumes character.

“Johnson Pool Cues: You'll always sink your balls with a Big Johnson.”

Raucous applause and cheering. Chris fist pumps.

“Johnson! Johnson! Johnson!”

Fatima clasps her hands with stars in her eyes.

“I love me some big Johnson!”

Kitty resumes.

“The objective is to put all of your balls into the pockets and then sink the 8 Ball. The first ball sunk by each contestant is free. No clothes come off.”

Fatima has a puzzled look on her face.

“From thereafter, one article of clothing comes off the opponent for each ball sunk.”

Fatima develops a relieved look.

“If you sink the Eight Ball before you've sunk your other balls, you automatically lose and all of your clothes come off!”

Chris raises his hand. Kitty looks at him.

“What happens if you scratch?”

“Your opponent gets to grope you for 10 seconds.”

Chris and Fatima eye each other knowingly.

“It's time for the clothes to come off! Fatima spun the wheel, so Chris gets to break.”

Chris takes aim at the cue ball. He breaks. The balls disperse. The solid green 6 ball enters a corner pocket. Kitty takes note.

“Chris is solids. One down. Fatima will be disrobing from hereafter.”

A digital scoreboard shows Chris 1 Fatima 0. Chris lines up the red 3 ball and sinks it in a side pocket. The scoreboard shows Chris 2 Fatima 0. Kitty looks at Fatima.

“Alright Fatima: Please remove an article of clothing.”

Fatima seductively pulls off her dress, revealing giant breasts, a garter belt holding up black stockings, and black satin panties adorned with jewelry. She twirls. Chris' eyes pop out and a pronounced bulge forms in his shorts.

Kitty admires Fatima.

“Very impressive! If I was Chris, I'd sink the 8 ball right now!”

Chris lines up the orange 5 ball. He strikes. The 5 ball bounces off the pocket.

“Fatima: You're up!”

Fatima leans over the table to line up the purple-striped 14 ball. Chris checks her out. Fatima drills it into the pocket.

The scoreboard shows Chris 2 Fatima 1.

“Chris will be disrobing from this point forward.”


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Written by xyz417
Cargado May 19, 2021
Notes Sex Games matches up horny adults in naughty contests. This edition involves a game of strip pool between a Brazilian beauty and an American stud.
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