Hostile Takeover

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The brutal humidity of midsummer hung heavily in the air. The afternoon was bearable thanks to a light breeze and the large table umbrella shielding them from the sun. Audrey and Samantha sat in the quad; a communal area for eating, breaks and company picnics. The large commons was an oasis of nature in the otherwise stifling commercial office environment. The quad was dotted with trees, benches, flower gardens, cobblestone paths and numerous tables for the employees of various companies to use.

Samantha had joined Morningstar Insurance Corp a few months ago. It was Audrey who'd vetted her in the second interview. The short blonde with perky B-cups was Vice President of the company and held veto power over all personnel decisions. She wielded that authority with an iron fist and accepted nothing but the best from anyone working below her in the hierarchy. Samantha knew they'd be fast friends after Audrey joked about “morning star” being a beautiful view of a faraway planet, but also a spiked melee weapon from medieval times. It was the perfect name for a modern insurance company.

As a tall, dark-haired Latina with massive E-cups, Sam was in many ways Audrey's opposite. Their breast size and skin tone weren't the only way anatomy set them apart. Samantha was a futanari and she'd made little effort to hide it on the job. Within weeks of joining the firm, nearly everyone who worked there had seen the sizable bulge in the front of Sam's skirts and pant suits.

This had caused some to steer clear of her at the office. Most were scaredy-cat men who were intimidated by a woman with a bigger cock and bigoted women who felt futanari were betrayers to real womanhood. Not everyone was ready to accept the rapid expansion of sexual liberation that trans-humanism was unleashing on society. Luckily, Audrey had no such qualms and their friendship had flourished over many lunches and drinks after work.

Today, their conversation was cut short by a phone call. It seemed Audrey was more focused on tonight's dinner than the lunch sitting in front of her. Samantha had coaxed precious little about Audrey's boyfriend from the tight-lipped blonde, but it sounded like that was about to change. Sam listened to her to go back and forth with the mystery man as she stabbed her fruit salad and consumed it piece by delicious piece.

“What do you mean you don't know how to cook a chicken?!? It's not hard!”

Audrey was quiet for a few seconds as an annoyed voice replied. Sadly, the phone's speaker wasn't loud enough for Samantha to make out the replies.

“Ok, well, you have this magical device in your pocket called a PHONE and believe it or not, there are no shortage of tutorials on how to make chicken dinner on the INTERNET!”

Samantha snickered, then quickly covered her mouth with one hand. It was amusing, but she didn't want to make light of her boss' irritation.

“Everything you need is in the kitchen. Figure it out! Oh, and it's Wednesday, so don't forget to vacuum and take out the trash!”

More incoherent muttering peeped from the phone's speaker. It sounded more mopey than annoyed this time.

“Mmmhmm, I know you will. And if you don't, you know what's going to happen, you little slut! Love you! Bye!!!”

Samantha's eyebrows shot upward. Those final words provoked astonishment and curiosity in equal measure. Audrey ended the phone call and let out a frustrated groan before leaning back in her chair.

Sam put on a devilish smile and made a few 'tsk tsk' sounds with her tongue. “Audrey Hagen... Do you have a kept man at home?”

“Let me tell you something. Having a younger boyfriend has its advantages, but it might just send you to the loony bin.”

“How young are we talking here?”

“Twenty two.”

“WHAT?!? HAHAHAHAHA!” Samantha doubled over in laughter, leaning against the table as Audrey smirked. “You're practically robbing the cradle!”

The indignant blonde folded her arms under her breasts defensively. “He likes mature women and I like him.”

“Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Sorry, but you've kept it hidden for this long, it caught me off guard.”

“To answer your question, he's only sort of a kept man. He didn't finish college but he has a career he's trying to get off the ground.”

“What career?”


“Hahahahaha!” Sam couldn't help it. She burst into another fit of laughter.

“What? What's so funny?!?”

After she recovered, Samantha clasped her hands together and launched into her best approximation of feminine mockery. “Oh, woe is me! I have a beautiful young man at home who cooks me dinner and does my chores! He's such a burden! Especially when he pleasures me after a long day! Will these trials never end?!?”

Audrey sighed indignantly. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up...”

“You know I'm just having fun. I think it's awesome you have a boy toy! You got a picture of him?”

Audrey reached into her purse and pulled out her wallet. She flipped to the photo compartment and smiled upon seeing his picture. The pretty, middle-aged blonde held it up for Sam to see.

“That's Casey.”

Samantha's eyebrows rose again. Casey was a gorgeous young man. Platinum blonde pixie cut. High cheeks bones. Nice eyelashes and soft lips. Audrey liked them young and femmy. This was getting more interesting by the second.

“Mmmmm, he's cute. I see the appeal, definitely.”

“Thanks... He's great, but the truth is there's been some tension lately.”

“What kind of tension?”

“Tension in the bedroom.”

Samantha held up a single finger and her expression grew adamant. “I must insist you tell me more.”

“I don't know if I should. This isn't really appropriate conversation for work.”

“We're not working, we're on break. And no one from the firm is around.”

Audrey still looked hesitant.

“Anything you tell me stays between us. I promise” Sam said with sincerity.

“Alright...” Audrey responded, leaning in closer to her colleague. She and Samantha had

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Written by James Bondage
Cargado May 20, 2021
Notes An ambitious Latina Futanari senses opportunity when she learns the boss has a submissive femboy at home.
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