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The Sex Games game room – an intimate studio. The Strip Wheel, a multi-colored, paneled, vertical wheel stands in the back against a wall. The panels read: Strip, Safe, Strip 2X, All Off. A table with a deck of cards is next to the strip wheel.

Three men, Demetrius, Mark, and Tony, stand next to it. They wear costumes: Demetrius is a police officer, Mark is a fire fighter, and Tony is an Air Force pilot.

To the side, Lupe, Maria, and Paulina, three gorgeous Latinas in lingerie, sit in lounge chairs.

Kitty, the MC, a busty mixed-race British woman with an East London accent, wears a black satin bra, pink leather jacket, matching pink leather mini skirt, and fishnet stockings. She takes her position in the center.

“Welcome to Sex Games! We have three handsome studs ready to play!”

The guys and gals clap. Kitty gestures to the women.

“We also have a panel of three lovely ladies. They will get to watch and then participate.”

She turns to the guys.

“Let's introduce the guys. These studs all perform at Diamond Cutters Cabaret.

Kitty gestures to Demetrius, a muscular African American male in a police dress uniform.

First up: Demetrius the Police Officer.”

The ladies clap. Demetrius busts a move and twerks towards the ladies.

“When Demetrius gets pulled over by the police, he let's them off with a warning!”

Kitty gestures to Mark, a handsome blonde haired male, dressed in firefighter overalls and jacket.

“Next: Mark the Fire Fighter!”

The ladies clap. Mark mimes fighting a fire with a hose.

“Mark proves that the old adage about fire fighters having big hoses is true!”

Kitty gestures towards Tony, a fit Latino male dressed in a flight suit.

“And Tony the Air Force Pilot!”

The ladies clap. Tony jumps, turns 180 degrees, and does an ass grab.

“As a jet pilot, Tony stays up a long time and delivers incredible payloads!”

Kitty walks over to the table.

“We're gonna get these studs naked! We are going to draw cards to determine the spin order.”

Kitty places three cards face down on the table.

“The spin order will be low to high.”

Each guy grabs a card. The ladies watch intently.

“It's reveal time.”

Demetrius turns over a 5 of clubs. Mark turns over a 6 of diamonds. Tony turns over a 4 of hearts.

“Tony: Come on down and spin the wheel.”

The men queue up. Tony spins. The group cheers and claps. Paulina calls out.

“I wanna see what's under that flight suit!”

The needle lands on Strip 2X.

“Strip Twice!”

Tony removes his boots. He then unzips his flight suit and pulls it off, revealing a wife beater and a pair of pink panties. A pronounced bulge is visible in the panties. The ladies giggle and cover their mouths. Kitty eyes his skivies.

“Pink panties! Those would go great with my outfit!”

Tony walks to the end of the queue.

“Demetrius: Spin the wheel!”

Demetrius spins. The group claps.

Lupe calls out.

“I hope it lands on All Off.”

The needle lands on Strip.


Demetrius takes off his tie. The ladies are unimpressed. Lupe cups her hands around her mouth.

“Boo! We wanted to see some big black cock!”

Demetrius shrugs and returns to the end of the queue.

“Mark: You're up!”

Mark spins. The group cheers and claps. Maria catcalls.

“I wanna see a nude stud!”

The needle lands on Strip 2X.

“Two articles of clothing come off.”

Mark takes off his fire fighter jacket and his boots and returns to the end of the queue.

“Round One is done. Tony: Start off Round 2.”

Tony, in his wifebeater and pink panties, spins the wheel. The group cheers and claps. The ladies chant in unison.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

The needle lands on Safe. The ladies pout. Paulina pounds her fist on the lounge chair.

“That wheel is rigged!”

Tony does the ‘Oh well’ look and returns to the end of the queue.

“Demetrius's is up!”

Demetrius spins. The group claps. The ladies chant in unison.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

The needle lands on Strip 2X. The ladies high five.

“Two items must come off!”

Demetrius unbuttons his shirt, revealing a ripped physique. He flexes his guns. He undoes his pants, which fall to the ground, revealing white panties. He steps out of his pants with his shoes and socks still on. His package protrudes. The ladies fan themselves. Maria nods approvingly.

“That's what I'm talking about!”

Kitty covers her mouth.

“Oh my! White panties! That's hot!”

Demetrius returns to the end of the queue.

“Mark: Your turn!”

Mark, wearing an undershirt and fire overalls, spins the wheel. The group cheers and claps. The ladies chant in unison.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

The needle lands on Strip. The ladies fist pump.

“Strip once!”

Mark undoes his overalls, which fall down, revealing red panties. He steps out of his overalls. Mark's equipment bulges from the panties. Kitty covers her mouth. The ladies are shocked. Lupe’s mouth is agape.

“Are you kidding me?

Kitty inspects Mark’s undergarments.

“Red panties! A Sex Games first: Three men in panties!”

The men perform gyrations and ass grabs as they surround Kitty. She fans herself and dances with them. The ladies rub their twats. Kitty composes herself.

“Focus everyone: We still have another round to go! Tony: Step on up to the Wheel!”

Tony, wearing a wife beater and panties, spins the wheel. The ladies chant in unison.

“All Off! All Off! All Off!”

The needle lands on All Off. The ladies stand up and high five. They retake their seats.

“We have our first nude male!”

Tony pulls off the wifebeater. He flexes his guns at the ladies. He dances in his panties next to Kitty.

“You get the honors!”

The ladies crane their necks to get a good view. Kitty pulls down his panties to reveal an erect, uncircumcised 8-inch penis. She stands up and tosses the panties to the ladies. Paulina catches the pair and fondles them.

“Oh my God! I can feel his ball sweat!”


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Written by xyz417
Cargado May 20, 2021
Notes Sex matches up horny adults in naughty contests. In this edition, three gorgeous Latinas get a male strip show and then visit the gloryhole.
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