A Christmas Photo Shoot

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For Christmas that year I had been gifted a digital camera. I had never been much of a shutterbug but it was a cool gift and I immediately thought of what I wanted to do with it. I had been dating someone new for about a month and she was beautiful. She stood 5’4”, long chestnut hair, incredible blue eyes, and thick juicy lips. She was in her last year of college studying theater and did amateur modeling on the side. The perfect subject for my first foray into photography.
I was invited over that night once both our respective families standard holiday activities were complete. We had an awkward dinner with her parents — who really didn’t like me — before they retired to bed early and she and I went to the living room to watch a wholesome movie. Whatever we watched wasn’t memorable, but we weren’t really trying to watch it anyway. We were still a new couple, had barely hooked up with one another due to conflicting schedules and a few late fall head colds. Likewise, we hadn’t slept with one another yet and were both quite new to the game. She was only my second girlfriend and I was her third boyfriend. So there we were, laying down on the couch, me the big spoon, occasionally kissing her neck or ears. She would rub her butt into my crotch once in a while to show appreciation for my affection and it started to get me hard. I’ll never forget this one moment where she could clearly feel my growing erection and she made this little “ohhh” sound and then said “it feels big.” I replied back “it isn’t even half-hard yet” and she made this very slow, but sudden, turn to look at me over her shoulder. Her eyes got really big and she looked devastatingly innocent “really?” she whispered to me. “You have no idea.”
She kissed me; hard. There was no doubt in my mind that she wanted to know what she was in for. We made out for a while, our tongues flicking at one another, our teeth gently biting at one another's lips. A little playful pain in the mix was — as I found out over the next few months — something she was very interested in. Well, I was ready for more than just kissing at this point. She was gorgeous and fun and I wanted to know what she looked like nude. I wanted to know how her big lips would feel on my cock. I wanted to taste her and feel her. The next time she sat up I changed positions to get a little more comfortable and then I unbuttoned my dress shirt and tossed it across the room onto a chair. She took off her shirt and did the same before, seemingly out of nowhere, she went for my pants and undid my zipper. In a flash her hand was in the hole and she was getting a first feel of my erection. “Oh my god” she blurted out. “Wait until you see it.” I replied. Then, I proposed my idea, “actually, you know what might be fun?” I was more confident than I should have been in that moment, but it was working for me, “why don’t we take some pictures?”
Her eyes lit up. The theater girl / model in her was very interested in being the center of attention and apparently she was eager to have a little fun. I stood up, checked around the corner to make sure her parents had gone to bed and weren’t lurking around. I was pretty confident we were in the clear — they were much older and not very exiting or spontaneous people — I grabbed the camera which we had used to snap a few cute-couple Christmas dinner photos earlier, turned it on, and walked back over to her. I pointed the camera at her and she donned a friendly smile, I snapped a photo — the last of the night that wasn’t wholly inappropriate — and then sat down on the couch. We looked at the picture in the digital display for a moment, she admired herself, and then I leaned back suggestively in the hope she would continue where she had started a minute before. She didn’t disappoint and in a few seconds she had maneuvered my cock through the slit in my underwear and in-between the teeth of the zipper on my fly. “Oh my fucking god.” She didn’t hide her surprise and I loved it. “It is so thick.”
Without hesitation she was licking the tip and sliding her lips around my shaft. She made eye contact with me almost right away and just stared into my soul as I watched her slobber all over my cock. I remembered the camera and lifted it up to snap a photo of her bobbing downward toward my balls. Then another of of her twisting her hand around my shaft as she popped up to see the result of the first photo. Satisfied that it was sexy, she went right back down for more. We snapped dozens of photos of her sucking, licking, or kissing my cock. We tried a few angles to see what would be sexiest, pausing after every few to see what we liked.
We then went on to kissing and snapping pics of that. She finally started to lift up her top — I think she was shy about the size of her small breasts, but they were so sexy I don’t know why she wasn’t proud of them. I snapped a few photos of myself biting, licking, and sucking on them before I gave the camera to her as I pulled down her pajama pants revealing her sweet little pussy for the first time. I kissed her for a while as I ran my index finger up and down her slit. Her pussy was so wet that I almost lost my mind. I asked for the camera back and captured a few images of what I was seeing. It was so juicy, so pink, and so beautiful. I sucked on my middle finger to get it sufficiently wet and then I slowly pushed it inside her. I was still an amateur at this, but I knew the basics enough of how to make her happy. I looked at her and asked if I could go down on her. “I want to lick your pussy so bad. Can I?” She nodded yes and I gave her the camera back. I went right for her clit and flicked it a few times with gentle lashes while I listened to her soft little moans. She started to snap her photos as I went to town. I pulled out every trick I had until she finally came for me as I lapped consistently at her clit and gently fingered her snatch. I grabbed the camera and took a few photos of her post orgasm so that I could

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Notes Two college co-eds having some fun on Christmas with a new camera.
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