The Step Mom - Pt. 05

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Julie managed to go the next few days without masturbating and therefore without Nick enjoying a show. She did take care of Steve a few times. He probably wondered why she was so turned on this past week but as he was reaping the benefits, he didn’t really care.

“Shit!” Julie heard Nick exclaim from the driveway. “Shit shit shit!!” he continued.

She walked to the front door and opened it. Nick was in his car and hitting his head on the steering wheel.

“What’s wrong Nick?” she asked.

“It won’t start,” he said. “I knew the battery was low but I kept putting it off. I have to get to the mall and buy some clothes for summer.”

“Well,” Julie said. “I have to go to the mall too so why not come with me?”

“Sure!” he said. “Thanks!”

“No problem,” she replied. “Give me ten minutes to get dressed.”

Julie ran upstairs and started to get dressed. She was pulling up a pair of shorts when she realized the show-off possibilities that existed at the mall.

She put the shorts back, peeled off her sensible panties and changed quickly. She took out a skimpy, white low-rise high cut panty and a not quite too short red skirt. A white tank over a small summer sports bra, just to keep “the girls” reined in, completed the look.

Nick was waiting at her car when she came out. “Good God,” he thought when he saw her. “Just the epitome of sexuality.”

“Let’s go Nicky boy,” she said with a wink.

He smirked. He had come to realize he was “Nicky boy” when she was being playful and just plain “Nick” at other times. “Did she have plans?” he thought. “She certainly looks the part.”

They chatted casually during the twenty minute drive to the mall. It appeared to Nick that after every red light, Julie’s little skirt seemed to move further up her thighs.

Julie pulled into the mall’s open deck parking garage and parked on the second floor. The mall was the biggest in the city with three floor and over two hundred shops. This being a weekday, it was fairly quiet.

“Where do you need to go?” she asked Nick.

“I’ll try West49 and American Eagle first I guess,” Nick replied.

“Okay. I have to go to The Bay and also Victoria’s Secrets of course,” she said, smiling.

“Man o man,” Nick thought. “Okay, text me or I’ll text you when done,” he said.

They went their separate ways once inside the mall. Nicks hormones were in full gear as he watched Julie walk away, her ass swaying under the little red skirt. “Funny she hasn’t ‘performed’ for me the past few days,” he thought. “Maybe she’s thought better of it, given our relationship.”

Julie went into The Bay and found a few things to try on. In the change room, she of course started to feel a little adventurous. The stall she chose looked out onto the floor of the store where there were a few girls shopping. She opted to leave the change room door open a crack, just for fun.

She peeled her tank top over her head and felt a little rush at that. She pulled the door open a little more, four inches or so, so she could clearly see out to the shopping area. She undid her skirt and pulling the door open a little more, she let the skirt drop to her ankles. Tingles.

She put in one of the dresses and checked herself out in the mirror. “Not bad,” she thought.

It was a lightweight summer dress. Sleeveless cotton and the skirt flared out slightly below the waist. It was a bone colour with large pastel flowers of pink and burgundy pattern. She really liked it in fact. She undid the dress and let it fall. She picked it up and put it on the “I’m buying it” hook in the change room.

As she turned to grab the next one, she realized she forgot the door was open! No one was watching but it thrilled her that she was oblivious to it while standing in her underwear and someone may well have watched her. She felt a hint of dampness form between her legs.

She tried on the next dress and stepped out of the dressing room to see it in the larger mirror in the hallway. She didn’t like this one so she undid it. She looked back over her shoulder and saw no one. She let the dress fall while standing in the hall. The tingles grew and her pussy was now crying for some attention. “Mmmmph,” she muttered.

She went back in the change room for the third dress. Before putting it on, with the door now wide open, she peeled off her panties and hung them in a hook. She was aching now.

She pulled on the third dress and stepped out into the hall again. This dress was much shorter and it’s skirt was one that could flip up quite easily with a little breeze while walking outside. She loved that idea. She flipped the skirt up a few times, flapping it enough to briefly expose the cheeks of her ass and a glimpse of her ever increasingly wet pussy.

She looked out to the shopping area again and saw a couple of young women (younger than her) discussing a cute little dress they were looking at. She reached down and slid a finger through her wet lips, while watching the women. She grunted quietly.

She reluctantly pulled her hand away and looked in the mirror. She stuck the wet finger in her mouth and sucked it, tasting herself. She was looking as sexy as anyone could with teasing eyes and smile and the skimpy dress.

“That’s cute!” one of the women said for the floor.

Julie looked over and realized the young woman was talking to her. She flushed.

“Oh thanks!” Julie said, smiling, her heart racing a bit.

“It’s sexy as hell!” the woman said, smiling and raising her eyebrows.

“Oh well I have to buy it now!” she laughed.

She wanted so badly to drop the dress right there with her new friend watching but somehow she resisted the urge and went back into the change room.

She closed the door this time as she was damn near ready to masturbate like a mad woman.

She lifted the hem of her dress again, exposing the bottom half of her ass. She really liked it, and in her now advanced state of horniness she wanted to see a few

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