Helping A Friend

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Last summer, I was having a conversation with a coworker whose name was Margaret, and we were discussing our social lives. I was married with a kid, and she was divorced. She had been divorced for several years and told me that she was ready to get back into the game. I told her that she should, because there was no reason to be alone. We talked about it and she said that she needed my help. It had been quite a while since she had been out to a bar, and didn't want to go by herself. She asked if I would come with her, to hang out, have a few drinks, and see if any guys would try to talk to us. I wasn't too thrilled about it, because I wasn't really the type to go to the bar, but if I were helping a friend out, then I would do it. I told her that I had her back, and would help her out. She was happy and excited, and hopefully I could help her finally find someone, or at least get laid. We set everything up, and made plans for the following Friday.

The following Friday arrived, and after throwing on a pair of tights, and a nice top, I headed into the living room to wait for an Uber. My husband was in the basement having a couple of beers, while our son played with his toys down there. He knew I was going out for a couple of drinks with Margaret, and didn't really care. His Friday routine, was to have a couple of drinks, until our kid fell asleep, and then he would probably fall asleep watching a ballgame in the basement.

The Uber soon arrived, and I was on my way to Margaret's. We picked her up and soon arrived at a local bar, where we headed inside and grabbed some seats. We sat and enjoyed a couple of drinks and the place was somewhat busy, and about an hour later, we noticed two guys down by the end of the bar looking at us. They smiled while raising their glasses, and we smiled back at them. A few minutes later, the bartender bought us over two fresh drinks, and said it was compliments of the two guys. We raised our glasses to them, as a way of saying thank you, and it didn't take long for them to make their way over to where we were sitting. They quickly introduced themselves, as Tony and Jackie, and the four of us began to chat. They were very friendly, good-looking guys. Tony was married, and Jackie was single, and they were pretty much doing the same thing that we were. I ended up hitting it off with Tony, since we were both the married ones, trying to help our single friends. We spent the rest of the night chatting with the guys, and everyone had a very good time. When we left, the guys suggested getting together again for a drink, and we said sure. We ended up making plans for the following weekend, and I could tell that Margaret was excited.

The following weekend arrived, and we ended up doing the same thing. We met with Tony and Jackie, at the bar, and enjoyed several drinks, as well as each other's company. Margaret and Jackie seemed to be hitting it off pretty good, so Tony and I were happy, because we were doing our jobs. We had another wonderful time with the guys, and ended up doing this a couple more times over the course of the next two months.

One Saturday afternoon, we decided to go to a different place, grabbing dinner at a local restaurant instead of the bar. The four of us hung out, and had a great time, before deciding to head uptown to a local dance club. I wasn't a big club goer, but was here to support Margaret in any way I could. The four of us had a great time, and I ended up spending most of the night dancing with Tony. He was a really nice guy and fun to chat with, and I was truly enjoying myself. I was a bit surprised, because as a married man, he certainly complimented me often and flirted. Of course, I was enjoying the attention, so I found myself flirting back. We had fun with it, and all the drinks we had, were certainly helping.

After a while of this, I found myself getting a little tipsy, and Tony noticed. He asked if I wanted to step out for a little bit and get a little fresh air and I agreed. We had lost sight of Jackie and Margaret at that point, and figured they were probably dancing and enjoying themselves. We headed out to the parking lot, and there were a bunch of people smoking near the entrance, so we decided to take a walk through the lot. We walked along, chatting and joking around with each other and while doing so, it began to lightly rain. We started laughing, and Tony said that he had his SUV parked nearby, and asked if I wanted to sit for a bit. I said sure, and we headed towards his vehicle. When we arrived, he unlocked the door and we jumped in. We sat and chatted, while he continued to flirt and complement, and then out of nowhere, he leaned in and kissed me. I was caught completely off guard, and shocked, but in my current state, I didn't try to stop him. Instead, I sat and let him kiss me, until he finally broke the kiss. We then sat quietly, and just stared at each other, and I guess since I didn't react, he took that as a green light and began to kiss me again. Surprisingly, this time, I found myself kissing him back. I don't know if it was the alcohol, or if I was just going with the moment, but here I was with my tongue interlocked with Tony's.

We kissed each other for a bit and as we did, Tony began to rub my body through my clothing. I let him, and he did it for a bit before taking my hand and placing it on his crotch. I could feel his hard cock through his pants and began to rub it, while he continued to run his hands around my body. We did this for a few minutes before he reached down and undid his pants, pulling his cock out. It was a good 7 inches long and I immediately wrapped my hand around it. I began to stroke it, as he sat back and enjoyed the feeling. After doing this for a few seconds, I lowered my mouth to it and began to lick the tip, before taking his cock deep into my throat. I heard him moan as I began to bob up and down on his cock. As I was doing that, he reached behind me and squeezed

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Notes A divorced friend decides she wants to get back into the dating game and asks me to tag along with her...
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