MATRYOSHKA - Sex in the Golden Age

Story 1: Chapter 1. My Jealousy and Their Pi
  • Story 1: Chapter 1. My Jealousy and Their Pi
  • Story 2: Chapter 2. The Rationale of Gagging
  • Story 3: Chapter 3. Stars by Their Inside
  • Story 4: Chapter 4. Lusty Lesbian Love
  • Story 5: Chapter 5. Colliding Oceans
  • Story 6: Chapter 6. Personal Avatars
  • Story 7: Chapter 7. The Story Beyond the Story
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I am bored and excited at the same time. Sounds strange, I know, but I got accustomed to myself. I always have my garden where these marvelous mornings of summer invite me to step barefoot on the dewy grass. What a lovely and liberating feeling to touch the earth with your soles. Geeks say that this practice helps fighting the damaging free radicals in our bodies. Too much chemistry for me to grasp, so I asked Don, who else? He threw the typical machine comparison at me.
"Any electrical device works better, and safer, when grounded. So yes, walk barefoot on the grass. Take your time. But hey! What's with those clothes on you?"
He loves to stare at my naked body. During these over two decades and a half of being married to him, I have learned what to do when I need to capture his attention: get naked! Well, this is the third day since we returned from our hasty and unconventional trip to Saturn. Inside Saturn, to be more specific. I keep walking naked around the house. I frolic through the garden. I sleep naked. I wrap him with my cuddling hands, and legs, when he comes to bed, to rest a bit. He can't sleep more than an hour or two before waking up and suddenly grabbing his newly acquired tablet to finger more over its misty and thin layer of multicolored vapors. This is not a man-made tablet. No! Don traded our polar suits with Kronos for it. According to his saying, it's not even fabricated. Kronos had it cut out of an inner wall, situated up in his huge but simple den, buried deep below Saturn's solid surface.
"A splinter under the nail of Kronos and an interface to the universe in our hands! Neat, eh?"
This is about all the attention I can get from Don. Three days in a row. No love-making. No French kissing. No tender hours on the patio. No gazing together at the stars, embraced forever.
No tickling tapping on my buttocks!
All what I get is a casual kiss, a Spartan spank and an absent answer.
Do I have a jealous nature? You bet I do!
Long ago, when I was uncomfortable with his porn habits, I wanted to become more than his wife. So I joined his game, to master it, to capture his attention on me, to keep him focused. You cannot control a man who isn't looking at you, dreaming of you, talking to you, sleeping with you.
And now this tablet! The infernal little gadget hijacking my man's attention. All of it! I hate it!
But I can't help it. Until he will arrive to some conclusion, I have no other choice than to pray for patience. My dialog with the Lord is the corner of my sanity. People say that God makes miracles happen. I don't think so. For Him nothing is a miracle because everything is possible. We live in the contingent, the random. We cannot fathom what is out there, beyond the hour, expecting for us. Thus we invented terms like "miracles" or "supernatural" so we can explain our incomplete, disabled, nature. We have to believe, or to make believe, because we are blind to the future. The best cure for this type of blindness is patience, and prayer.
When I can't stand my boredom any longer, for not being the focus of my man's mind, and hands, then I feel how panic surrounds me, like a despicable and filthy snake. I begin to pray hastily. Talking to my Lord scares the snake away, brings me confidence and builds hope around my soul. One shy step at a time, this is how I learned patience: to calm down and wait for the future to hit me.
Amazingly, most often, my intuition is taken by surprise and my expectations are overwhelmed by better events. When I know to patiently await for them. But when not, it turns out more or less spectacular, more like the other way around. I suspect that karma is at play. My man puts it otherwise: hurriedly thinking and unrealistic predictions alter your mind, causing it to take on weak decisions, hence landing you in the wrong rooms; but when sitting back and pondering with patience, then the mind gathers enough breath to pick up better ways, anticipating successful moves. To his pretentious elaborations, I conclude that if fate is an ocean, then you'd better learn to swim in it. Like a fish.
All right, I calmed myself down. Time to plant some flowers. But wait! Look at him: humped over that insane tablet. If I won't take care of him, he's gonna deform even further. For three days he took no time to exercise. Did I mention no sex? At all! Oh my God! I have to do something...
"Hello, my Teddy Bear. May I join you?"
"Do you have some news for me, from your tablet?"
"Hm. Think that yes, I have."
"Will you share the news with me? Are they good? Or Bad?"
"Both. Which you wanna hear first?"
"Ha, ha. We're not on a pirate ship. Whichever comes on your tongue. I wish you speak to me and I'm pretty sure that, if we talk, then you'll have less bad news to tell."
"Can be, my bunny, can be... Guess that I ran into a simple method of measuring universal time."
"But you keep telling me that there's no such thing as time."
"Yeah, right. There's no space and no time, just Ouranos and Kronos - two daemons carrying the root of physical features that we, humans, arrived to call with words such as "space" and "time." But I have to use these words nonetheless when talking to you because..."
"Well, Don, please don't use them. Talk to me like you would talk to yourself. Just in a loud voice, so I can hear you. I can't read minds, like Kronos, ya know."
"Okay. Let's consider the universe as a closed system. Going "forward" in time, as we consider that we do: from past to future, will only increase the entropy of this closed system. Hence we have an "arrow of time" observed by measuring a higher entropy in the "future" than it was in the "past." But then, on the other hand, we take one of your eggs and a millionth of my semen and we frantically crash them, like they do with dull particles in the Large Hadron Collider, under the Alps. And..."
"Oh Don, I like the idea. Can we experiment a bit? Just a tiny little bit? Now, in the mem

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Written by dorisdawn
Cargado May 24, 2021
Notes "Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life." - Immanuel Kant
"MATRYOSHKA - Sex in the Golden Age" is a direct continuation of the adventurous sex story from "Polygamy vs. Polygyny" and "TITANIA - From Schönbrunn to Saturn." //
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