She got really turned on snapping naughty photos

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We had been dating for a few months and it was incredibly fun. Here I was, under-employed (I was working in a machine shop totally unsure of what I should be doing with my life), 6’2”, 200 lbs, dark hair, green eyes, athletic build, socially awkward (because it is hard to shake being a long-time D&D playing, video gaming, swing dancing, comic book loving nerd). She was beautiful, finishing her last year of under-grad, 5’4”, 100 lbs, chestnut haired, blue eyed, actress and part-time model with a thick ass, full lips, and an insatiable libido. I felt like I was the luckiest man alive. I had met her through a mutual friend a few months earlier — he had a huge crush on her, but he also had a girlfriend… — and we had been dating ever since. In thinking back on that relationship, we didn’t have very much in common, we both just loved to fuck and couldn’t keep our hands off each other.
As important set-up this story I need to talk about the machine shop where I worked. It was a redneck-killjoy of a place to work. Most of my coworkers were lowlife racist scum bags, former convicts, or current drug addicts. I got the job there because the girlfriend I had prior to the one in this story demanded it of me and, being young and dumb, I obliged her. I stayed there because I had no idea what to do with my life. I had taken a few classes at community college, but didn’t see that as a good path for myself at the time. I had worked in a restaurant for a while, but that wasn’t the be-all-end-all. I had no real ambition — I just existed and wanted to have a good laugh whenever I could. So, one day out of the blue, I decided to fuck with my coworkers. I didn’t respect them — they didn’t like me because I really didn’t fit in with their crowd — and it seemed like a fun way to pass the day. My approach was going to be to ask them disturbing questions all day to get in their heads and under their skin. I had done it before with moderate success and I believed, arrogantly, that I could do it again.
I started off my coworker harassment with the guy I was partnered with every day. Walked up to him confidently and asked “Have you ever licked a woman’s asshole?”
“Fuck you, get out of here, no way.” He was always really easy to rile-up. Everything made him mad and he overreacted to the slightest thing. He was both a nightmare and really fun to work with for that reason.
“C’mon? Never? You had to have tasted an asshole before.”
“Fuck off; never!”
I played it straight, but was cracking up on the inside. Another one of our coworkers walked by and I called out the same question to him.
“Ever licked a woman’s asshole?” I was expecting the same sort of gross-out reaction.
“Yeah.” He stopped dead in his tracks, seemed to call back a memory for a moment, then turned back to us and smiled “They love it.”
I was flabbergasted. Shocked. The tables were turned. What the fuck did he just say to me? They love it? What sick… Okay, I need to dig into this and make sure he isn’t messing with me. “Really? You have licked multiple assholes?”
“So many. Too many to count.”
“Sick dude.”
“It’s not sick. It’s life. Gotta please your woman.” He walked away, and I was all sorts of confused. I ran my thoughts by the first coworker and he was as outraged as someone might be about what we had just heard. He stomped off to go wash his hands in defiance of having touched anything that our asshole-licking coworker might have ever touched. The thought rattled around in my head for a while before I decided I needed to learn more. I approached the guy and asked more about his experiences. He told me a few stories and told me it was perfectly normal. I didn’t believe him so I set out on a mission to prove him wrong.
I walked up to one of the other guys in the shop and blurted out my question, “Ever licked a woman’s asshole?”
“I’m married. Of course I have.”
Asked another coworker.
“Yeah, gotta keep things interesting.”
“You haven’t? Ha. Of course.”
Again and again asked damn near every guy in that shop. Anyone over 25 had 100% eaten ass at some point with one exception; one of the operations guys who seemed like he was probably pretty boring in his own right. The other guys about my age said no and were grossed out by the prospect as I had anticipated from everyone, but now I was intrigued. 20+ grown men had just admitted — happily and freely to rimming their wives or girlfriends on multiple occasions. Each one expressed how much those people loved it and I could barely work the rest of the day thinking about it.
That night was date night with the girlfriend. It was a Friday so we went out, had dinner, did something — probably — and then headed back to her parents house to “watch a movie.” During the movie I told her I had to tell her about my crazy day at work. She was intrigued and I was feeling gabby, so I set the stage and laid out the story I just conveyed but with a lot more juicy detail since it was still fresh in my mind. She was grossed out at first, shocked at the responses I got from these guys, concerned that it might be unnatural or unhealthy, but by the end I could see a look in her eye which very clearly reflected “I wonder what it would feel like…”
Well, by this time in our relationship, we had been having sex whenever and however possible. We had taken a lot of naughty photos with my digital camera in her parents living room, her dorm room, my bedroom, the bathtub, her parents beach house, and everywhere in between. It was becoming part of our “thing” together. This night was no exception, so when I pulled out the camera she pulled out my dick and got to sucking. I was standing and she was on her knees in front of me as I snapped the first few photos. She looked up with eyes that pleaded for me to satisfy her desire; at the same time she reached up and began to unbutton my shirt so she could strip me naked right there in the living room. I gave her a hand and took off my shirt and undershirt, she stood up

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Notes We had taken naughty photos before and she loved it. This time we started to get a little more kinky and I rimmed her for the first time. She loved it and we filmed the whole thing.
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