We were fooling around in the parking garage when security drove by...

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We had gone to the movies at the theater near her college. Despite the fact that the movie had absolutely nothing sexual in it we decided to get handsy in the back row. Well, technically, not the back row, but no one else was behind us… that we noticed. She wore a short skirt and no panties and it was just too tempting not to slip a finger insider her. For the greater part of thirty minutes I just played with her, teased her, and worked her up. Never went too fast or pushed too far to accidentally rouse anyone's attention; just a little playful fun for the college students on a Wednesday night.
When the movie was over we were in dire straights and needed to fuck. We went back to her dorm room hoping to sneak in some playful naked time, but her roommate was there and she was aggressively disinterested in leaving. My girlfriend and her roommate had a chat while I waited out in the hall — I think there was some negotiating going on in the attempt to trade some future favor for a night alone with me. No luck. The roommate was offended at the idea of anyone having sex in the dorm room at any time for any reason. My girlfriend did not inform her that we had been having sex in their occasionally for the past few months when she was in class. The bottom line was — according to the roommate — that it was gross to think of a man being naked in their dorm room and it was not okay to even ask.
My very horny, very angry, tiny girlfriend emerged from her dorm room and stormed off down the hall, turning only once to beckon me to follow her. When we got to a common area she relayed the situation to me in frustration and then leaned in and quietly whispered in my ear “I need you to fuck me tonight. I don’t care where.” I smiled from ear to ear — thank god I had a big back seat in my car. I pitched the idea and she nodded her head in agreement before grabbing my hand and pulling me to the elevators. We made our way to the parking garage attached to the building — I had gotten a fantastic spot overlooking the campus but somewhat close to the dorm — and hopped into the back seat. It was chilly out — probably early April — so I took a minute to start the car and pump up the heat a little. Popped a CD in to give us some mood music; though I don’t think any of my CDs were great for mood setting so much as rocking the fuck out. I may have screwed that up a bit… Regardless, things were ready.
We started to make out in the backseat. Hot and heavy. She still had no panties on, so I quickly transitioned so that I could get a taste of her. She was an actress, so the moment was overly dramatic, and she slapped her hand up against the window pane as she cried out in satisfaction. Most of our sexual interactions had been relatively quiet to that point. Most of the time we had sex had been in her parents living room, my bedroom, or my parents basement. In each of those circumstances prying ears were surely listening for our inappropriate behavior, eager to stop us. Once, at her parent’s beach house, when we had complete privacy, she had been as loud as she could. It was a bit over-the-top, but fun to hear her let loose. For some reason, in the backseat of my car, on a weeknight, in the parking garage of her dorm, she thought it would be a good idea to let loose as well. Yum.
I went to town on her, licking her with the flat of my tongue as I shook my head back and forth bouncing my cheeks off of her thighs. I slipped two fingers in her and began to push them up into her G-spot and massage it with a “come-hither” motion which made her squeal. She took her top off so I could play with her breasts. She knew how obsessed I was with tweaking her nipples as I ate her out and she loved it too. I started to take off my pants, got them to my knees, and began to jerk myself hard while I enjoyed the feel of her pussy on my lips.
A car horn beeped nearby.
“Oh shit. What?” She suddenly realized we were basically in public. A flood of panic must have rushed into her mind. She lived here. She was a student close to graduating. She wanted to become an elementary school teacher after college. She could not be caught in a situation like this without ruining her future career. Also… she wanted to cum.
We waited it out for a moment. She covered her little breasts with her arm and began to pull her skirt down so she could hide her pretty pussy from view. I tucked my penis away as well — I liked the idea of being watched, but… I wasn’t trying to get in trouble either. A few people walked by, got in their car, and drove away. We relaxed; all was well. The windows in the car were getting foggy anyway; it was unlikely that anyone could see us. We continued — albeit a little more cautiously.
She looked out the windows in all directions before pointing to the seat and telling me to sit. She took my erection out and began to give it the attention it so deeply craved. Her mouth was on me in a flash and I leaned my head back to let myself enjoy it. Every 15 seconds or so she would pop her head up to take a look out the window, the paranoia of being caught building in her mind, but clearly turning her on as well. Each time she returned to my cock she would slurp up any pre-cum that had formed and moan her way down the shaft. She reached back with one hand and began to play with her own pussy. It was like the sexiest game of whack-a-mole you ever saw. Head down, suck, flick of the clit, head back up, look around, repeat. We heard voices, some people walking through the garage back to the dorms. We sat there perfectly still like deer on the highway; eyes wide and unmoving with a mix of terror and curiosity. They passed by and we continued. I desperately wanted to be inside her, so I stopped her head bobbing and had her move to her back. I spit on her pussy, spread it around with my fingers, and then pushed myself into her slowly.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. She was such a joy to be inside of. Her body was slender, but muscular. Her

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Notes We had gotten frisky in the movie theatre and she wanted more. Her college roommate wouldn't give us an hour in the dorm room so we went to the parking garage and campus security came...
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