The long drive home

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It had been a fun weekend, with drinks and dinner, and no alarm clock.. but the time had come to leave the hotel and get back in the car for the long road ahead, It was going to take atleast 5-6 hours depending on traffic and some breaks but we didn't care, music was loud and we were singing to every song, we would have our normal flirty chat and some quick gropes to ease our wandering hands.

We were only about an hour in and he said he needed to stop which was fine, so we pulled into the next service station and stretched, got drinks and snacks for the road, when I got back to the car he was in the back seat looking through our bags and i never gave any thought, i got in and was just about to put my belt on when I heard a buzz? Next thing I see is he is in the front seat and closed the door, he smiles as he holds my blue remote vibrator in his hands... "fancy some fun for a while?" He says cheekily as he smiles and looks at me with those blue eyes that are still full off lust from that morning, "was the wake up blow job not enough for you?" I joke as I start to squirm in my seat.

We were parked in the middle of the car park and it was busy, I was trying to be quick but subtle at the same time but I couldn't, "go somewhere a bit more quiet and you can put that in me" I ask, feeling a bit uncomfortable, " you weren't saying that next to that car the other night" he laughs teasing me with thoughts of the quickie we had in the hotel car park. I slide my leggings and thong down passed my buttocks and grabbed the vibrator and slowly slide it inside me, to my surprise I didn't realise how excited I was already but it felt really tight with me sitting up, I composed myself and then we set off again.

I was a little nervous and excited even with the blue egg inside me, bumps in the road felt nice with me feeling full, we were quiet going along the road for a while and nothing was said and it was relaxed, my mind started wandering,"does he remember or has he forgotten that quick? Should I take this out just now? What is he up to?"... Next thing i feel is a tingle that was low, soothing buzz, I let out a gasp and turned to him, he didn't look at me but he had a huge smile on his face and the remote in his hand, then it changed to a strong throbbing between my legs and I yelped like I had been struck by lightning then I started to laugh, he kept doing this for a while edging me right up until I almost can't take it and then slowing me right down.

At this point I didn't care who saw me, I had my leggings down passed my buttocks with my left hand running over my wet thong, and my right hand under my t shirt playing with my nipples, he could see I was in a frenzy and turned it off completely while he had me sitting on a strong pulsing throb, I snapped back into reality and looked at him in disbelief,"why!? You know I was nearly there?" Realising I sounded like I had just been given into trouble by my teacher, "why?... why not? We still have 3 hours to go and you want to finish it now?" He says, he points to a sign for another services and I pull myself together, I try to take the egg out and he tells me no that it needs to stay in.

We get out of the car at the services and I say I need to go to the toilet to freshen up, as I walk away I feel the egg moving inside me and my soaking underwear, keeps sending sparks through my body from whats just happened, I go to clean up and realise its a unisex toilet with 3 cubicles, I jump into the first one and just as I close the door I see a hand grab it and I shout out, "excuse me! This one is occupied, go away" the door opens and its him, he comes in and locks the door behind him, "what are you doing? I've not finished yet" I giggle quietly trying to hide that im sharing this space now, "i wanted to help you" he says calmly as he takes my hand and licks my fingers that still have my juices on it, I feel the buzz again and its straight away on high pulse.

He turns me around and bends me over, "put your knees on the seat and no one will know" he whispers in my ear and I do as he says, he slides my leggings down enough to show my ass and pouting pussy that is throbbing with the vibrator, for something so small it feels amazing when its on, I look over my shoulder and he smiles back at me, licking his thumb before placing it on my tight hole tickling it while my pussy throbs, he unzips his trousers and pulls out his semi hard cock and rubs it against me, "that is still in there remember? What can we do with it now?" I say trying to be quiet, "keep it in there, I want to fuck you with it and my cock at the same time" his eyes light up and I moan with excitement... he slides his long thick cock into me and positions himself so that it feels amazing for both of us, vibrator sitting just below my g spot and his full length stretching me above it, I try to stay quiet as a mouse as he fucks me with deliberate thrusts and the vibrator still going off, I feel myself ready to go and the next thing i hear someone walk into the next cubicle, I motion for him to stop as I don't want caught, but he puts a hand over my mouth and slows down the vibrator and his thrusts, this sends me into a meltdown and I push myself hard against him and I feel my pussy dripping down my thighs as I orgasm then and there, I let out a gasp and suck on his fingers that are covering my mouth, he doesn't stop and I feel his pace speed up, the person next to us doesn't say anything and leaves quickly, as the door shuts behind them he smacks my ass hard, "you weren't supposed to do that! You shouldve saved it for the car"... he continues to speed up and starts moaning loudly behind me with his thrusts getting harder into me, and I'm still on cloud 9 from my orgasm, my pussy still contracting over his cock and the buzz, I start to push back against him and he moans loudly, he leans over and moans in my ear as he erupts with huge load inside me, I look down between my legs and see all the

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Notes The joys of long distance journeys aren't just at night
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