Love in the afternoon

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The usual room we occupy in the same love hotel.
While we both slowly undress I can’t help but think that his dick is too small. Sure, it has sort of a cute shape and when it gets hard it awkwardly aims to the sky, but...he really is small. At times I can hold it between three fingers. And he gets aroused for every little thing. At times it’s unnerving.
Now that he stands naked in front of me, he’s way shyer than he’s ever been. But I guess it’s the same for me…
He gets in the bathroom first and, as I wait for him to finish, I only observe my toes touching the moquette: why are they so large? I’m sure my feet would be way cuter if they were more slim.
Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, he gets out. His hair is humid and an embarrassed expression shatters his common, almost banal face.
-Wait for me on the bed, I’ll be quick.- I just tell him. And, when I’ve closed myself in the bathroom, I suddenly realize what’s going to happen in a few minutes.
My head stumbles between the thoughts, my body burns. I’m way too excited.

I’ve been holding him for quite a while. His body’s warmth always comforts me: it erases every tiny bit of my solitude, like a giant breath of fire that dissolves a vast ice expanse.
I can feel he’s impatient. He is slowly rubbing his manhood over my thighs: it tickles softly.
-Do you’re ready, now?- His voice is so weak and broken that it unnerves me a little. At this moment I only want to be held forever. The rest only comes after.
But I can’t blame him: I too feel that burning sensation coming from within. My breath is getting heavier and heavier too, as the knowledge of what we both want becomes more concrete.
-A little bit more...sorry.-
Then, while holding me with one arm, he starts touching me from behind. His left hand moves across my asscheeks, until the fingers reach my hole and start rubbing it. I try to suppress the moans, but after a while I stop caring.
No one will hear us.
I move my thighs in order to let his dick slide exactly between them. And when it ends up there, I continue to massage it. I can feel my skin getting wet.
I start kissing his cheeks, his neck and the move to the chest. Slowly, I reach his crotch and start kissing his member. It quickly becomes wet with my saliva, as I lick it all around, tasting it as I usually do. As he can’t reach me with his hands, I touch myself. My fingers get more and more furious while I start to suck him off. The noises my mouth makes get me even wetter and more aroused: I’m well aware of how horny I am, even if outside of this room I act as a gentle and sweet girl.
But here I can be my true self. Even if it’s only for an hour or two. And everytime we get here, we try something new.
No one is watching us, nor judging us. These are the only moments in which I can be totally free with him. That’s my I just let my body act on its own: licking, kissing, sucking, touching. Everything becomes natural as I feel his sperm flowing through my throat and swallow it.
After coming, he always stays hard down there, even though it's small.
But, maybe, it's better that he is, because when he enters inside I feel a soft pain that starts to give way to pleasure too slowly.
I wonder...Would it hurt more if he was bigger?
His moans are so cute…
His cheeks are so red…
He keeps his eyes closed but, when I kiss him, he opens them and looks inside mine: and in that moment, I’m finally happy and proud of being with him.
While making love for the first time, he holds me close. My hips move up and down, calmly, savouring every centimeter of his penis and the liquids we are sharing soundly splash on the bed.
I close my eyes and let myself go: we come together, letting moans escape from our lips while his sperm fills me completely.

Written by sentimental_girl
Cargado May 26, 2021
Notes His dick is small, but maybe that's better for a first time?

Hi, this is sentimental girl. So, this is the first time I try to publish a short story anywhere, so I hope you’ll like it. I wrote it as a way to cope with the past and to try getting out an idea I had for quite some time: people in love hotels. I’ll try to write more in the future so please, keep reading my works if you enjoy them.
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