She called me "Daddy" while I fucked her in her parent's bed...

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It was her graduation day. Everyone was in a tizzy getting ready to go to the college before a long day of waiting around for one name to be said so we could cheer our lungs out for 15 seconds. The events started early, her family was there, most of her friends had gone to the same school and were graduating with her. Afterward a big group of us were supposed to meet at a very expensive restaurant half-way between the school and her parents house for a late-lunch/early-dinner. She wanted to go home first, however, and change out of her robes and into something nice. I volunteered to drive her so her parents could head right to the restaurant and get things set up with balloons and other decorations. She had gotten her hair cut for the ceremony and it looked really cute. I loved her with long hair, but this new bob was fantastic and she loved it; anything that made her smile was a good thing. I remarked about how much I loved it on the way back to her house after the ceremony and told her it would go great with the outfit that I had just bought for her.
“Oh yeah?” She was beaming, “What is it? Can I see it?”
I handed her a poorly wrapped gift box which she tore into right away. Inside was a red and gold cheongsam / qipao — or Chinese dress. I saw it walking through the mall a few weeks prior and thought that she would look incredible in it.
“I can’t wait to try it on!”
We got back to her parents house and she ran up to her room to get ready while I waited downstairs. A few minutes later and I heard her calling for me to come help her out, so I popped up to her room and was happy to find her wearing the little red dress.
“What do you think?” She asked coyly.
“I love it…” My jaw hit the floor; hard.
“What about now?” She asked as she lifted the hem of the dress up to show me her freshly shaved pussy.
“I really love that.”
“I want you to fuck me. Hard. Really hard.”
“I really want to do that.” I smiled back as I felt my penis begin to get harder and harder.
We started to make out and I slipped my hand down her body to find her pussy and slip a finger in. She was soaking wet. I slipped a second finger in and began a sort of paced drumming on her G-spot. Her pussy was dripping and soaking the palm of my hand. I unzipped my pants with my other hand, undid my belt, and pulled eagerly — if not awkwardly — at my pants to get them off. When they finally hit my ankles I kicked them aside and lay down on the floor. She hiked up her dress a little more and slowly squatted down, hovering her pussy just above the tip of my throbbing head, and then sat down on me. She went all the way up, let my cock loose for a moment, waited for it to stabilize, then sat back down. She did it 10 or 15 times, I don’t know; I was in Disneyland and it was was like the greatest roller coaster I had ever seen. Her legs started to give out after a bit and she just sat on me, every fucking inch of me deep insider her, and she let out a sigh.
“This dress is too fucking tight.”
I grimaced, “Sorry?”
“It’s okay, I just need to take it off. Help me?”
I helped her stand up, joined her, then we spent a minute or so disrobing her — or attempting to. The zipper on the back was stuck and we needed some pliers. She walked me into her parents room and grabbed an old Leatherman multi-tool that her dad kept in the drawer by his bed. We pried the zipper back and got her unstuck before gently taking it off of her and looking at the scene. Here we were, in her parents room, her as nude as she could be. Perky tits begging for attention. Pussy dripping wetness down her legs. Me, limp-wet-cock hanging out like an embarrassment to mankind, a button down shirt and a pair of socks the only clothes I had on. A dress with mangled zipper the only thing between us. I took the dress, laid it on the bed, and she grabbed my limp penis and asked “What happened here?”
“Easy to fix, don’t worry.” I kissed her and started to get hard right away.
She sat on her parents bed as she began to unbutton my shirt and strip me down. We continued right where we had left off, she pushed me to my back and squatted over me again. She must have liked the feeling of having her pussy stuffed so fully. We began to fuck like rabbits. I pushed her onto her knees and took her from behind until something happened — probably hit her cervix — and she cried out in pain.
“I thought you liked a little pain?”
“I do… I do…” She breathed, “but that is too much.”
“You can’t take a big cock any more?”
“I can.” She looked over her shoulder at me. “I’m a good girl.”
“Yes, you are, aren’t you.” I got a stern look on my face. “You’re a very good girl.”
A moment passed between us — we were on the same page — a very unexpected page — but the same one.
“Are you going to be a good girl for me?” I asked her as I flipped her onto her back. “Are you going to be a good girl for this big cock?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Goooooood.” I pushed myself into her an inch at at time; my good girl.
“Ohhhh, fuck, daddy; yesssss.”
“Who do you think has a bigger cock?” Some perverse inspiration had come over me. “Your real daddy, or me?”
“Oh, you do daddy. You have the bigger cock.”
“Do you think your daddy would fuck you as good as me?”
“Oh no, daddy. You’re the best.”
I began to fuck her harder than I ever had before. That is saying a lot, because I fucked this girl hard and often. Truthfully, I think that this particular moment of sex might have been the hardest I ever fucked anyone before or since. I was pounding her pussy with everything I had. The whole time I fucked her she and I parlayed about how superior I was to her real daddy. I asked her if she wanted him to watch me fuck her. If she wanted to me to show him what a real man looked like. She told me yes and that she wanted him to learn from the best. This went on for a few very eager, very exciting minutes. Finally she came on me and I pulled out and came all over her tiny little tummy and hairless little pussy.
The moment that m

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Notes She had just graduated from college and I had a little gift for her. That quickly turned into a fuck session and things got a little kinky when she called me "Daddy."
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