She told me to kiss her ass... I did that and a whole lot more.

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I studied several martial arts for a long time at a few different schools all across the country. One style that I really got into had a semi-annual gathering which was a lot of fun. People would kick each others asses, train, learn, share stories, eat good food, and — more often than not — hook-up afterward. The first time I went I wasn’t sure what to expect; as far as I knew the people I trained with were as wholesome as they pretended to be in front of the students. Little did I know…
The first few hours of the day after landing and grabbing lunch were pretty standard. Lunch was good for me, I had a massive confidence boost right out the gate. When we walked into the restaurant the hostess looked at me and said something to the effect of “Are you allowed to be here?” I was surprised and asked “Yeah, why?” She looked me up and down and said “You are hot as hell, if you were my boyfriend I wouldn’t let you leave the house.” No one had ever said anything so direct and bold to me in my entire life and it was amazing. After that we checked in to the hotel, checked out the locale, talked about how awesome the weekend was going to be and discussed what to do next. Our group probably had eight to ten people. Half were instructors and the other half of us were students. I was relatively new, I had maybe trained there for six months at that time. Well, one of the other students (both of us guys) and two of the instructors (one man one woman) wanted to try out the pool at the hotel. We got changed, met down by the water, and jumped in. We were all pretty fit given that we worked out almost every day — sometimes multiple times a day. That said, the female instructor was absurdly hot. She was eighteen, had been training there for more than a decade, blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, had the most shapely and muscular ass I had ever seen, and a perfect little six pack. She was tan, flirtatious, and gave zero living fucks about anyone else’s opinion.
I wanted her bad.
She had flirted with me a few times in the past, but then again, she flirted a little with everyone. I knew she had a boyfriend in the military, but I had also heard a few rumors about her from some of my peer students. She had a… fun reputation. Well that day she was flirting with all three of us. She took turns making sure she got her hands on each of our abs, shoulders, chest, whathaveyou. At one point or another she had flirted with and teased each of us. She was non-stop sticking her tongue out, winking, pushing herself out of the water so we could all get a look at her tan skin and tight body, or something else vaguely sexual. We gave her a rash of shit for everything we could think of until finally she decided it was time to get ready for training that night and she went to get out of the pool telling us to “kiss my ass!”
So I did. I was close enough that I could easily grab the railings of the step ladder and yank myself out of the water. I did a pull-up and pushed myself out of the water after her, and kissed her full on the ass. She laughed, I laughed, we all laughed. She went inside and we discussed how hot she was with one another until we had all calmed down and realized how weird it was to be three dudes in the pool with no one else around. I’d love to say that we parted ways and made things cool, but we were all sharing a hotel room together… so we got out and walked back to our mutual room to shower and get ready. We had a good night of training before heading back to the hotel, getting dressed up, and heading out for the night. Dinner was good, many of the other instructors cut loose and had a few drinks, lots of introductions were made to other martial artists we were going to be training with over the next few days and it was a really fun time.
When we got back to the hotel many of us sat around the lobby, drinking beer, telling stories, letting loose, and getting to know each other outside of the student/teacher setting. I felt really privileged to be there. Also, I felt really horny thinking about the time earlier in the pool and really frustrated thinking I wouldn’t have the chance to resolve that horniness with two other dudes in the same room as me. Well, as time ticked on most people shuffled off to bed and it ended up being just me and her talking. With everyone else out of the way she leveled with me a bit, and started to really be herself. She told me a few stories of things she had done and her reputation was for real; she was a naughty girl. Eventually the talk led to her boyfriend who was deployed and how she really missed him, but she was not going to cheat on him any more. She was done with that lifestyle. Especially after the threeway she had just had a few weeks ago with two of his friends. The more she talked the less I believed that she was done with that lifestyle even though she was really trying to convince herself. She started to yawn and so did I. I offered to walk her back to her room, but I felt like a little bitch, because when I got there I didn’t make a move. I was super horny and had been heavy flirting with her all night, but wasn’t brave enough to do anything about it. I felt guilty about the boyfriend and was worried what might happen to our student/teacher relationship. She closed the door and I walked back to my room.
When I opened the door the other two guys were fast asleep — probably had been for hours. I hit the head to take a piss and spent the whole time thinking about the situation and how I just chickened out. I looked down at my dick, semi-hard as it had been for hours, and realized that I needed to use this moment to be bold. So I shook it off, washed my hands, left my room, and headed back to hers. I knocked hard and she opened the door with a confused look.
“What’s up? What do you want?”
“I want to go down on you.”
“What?” She was shocked.
“I’ll eat your pussy better than anyone ever has.”
“Oh my god.” She laughed, “You’re ridiculous. Come in.”
I followed her in

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Notes My martial arts teacher was young, sexy, and a wild flirt. She told me to kiss her ass and I did. That lead to a lot more and one of the best fucks of my life.
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