Pleasing My Mistress

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Yesterday, I was bored with nothing interesting going on I msg my Mistress Lutty, (a tall dark skin TS from Sydney, Aust, words are hard to found when explaining her physique, "long black hair with the most amazing blue eyes and a perfectly stunning athletic body, highlighted with the most beautiful 8.5inch lady cock that shouts dominances),She sent a text to confirm plans .. and the next day I jumped in my car followed my gps and when I arrived to her place I could she was waiting outside her door wearing her leather's, she was dressed to dominant, and I had no time to relex as I reached the front door she didn't waste any time, grabbing me the second she could and stripping me complete naked feeling totally powerless as I was shoved onto the couch, "Oh my god ,are you ok" she said before whispered into my left ear in a dominant voice "Your in my company now bitch boy" I didn't say anything as I had never seen her this forceful before, Mmmmm, Oh my god you make me so hard, she whispered into my right ear, "Your mine to do as I please" in a broken voice, "Pleases, Oh Yes my Mistress" "Ok ,now Slut you gonna take care of my balls, come here as I felt her hand on the back off my head "What are you doing" I went to say, only to be told to "Shut up bitch" I was too excited, I told her that I didn't really like it ,but really loved it, and she knew it, I didn't say anything, I was so excited opening my mouth to take her big dick only to have her pushed a butt plug in my ass, "Now you're ready, pushing my head in between her legs taking her big hard lady dick and holding it upwards to get in low to lick her big blue balls I worked my tongue like I was playing tennis with them ,my right hand shaking and stroking on her lady dick, my left hand caressing her tits, squeezing them firmly I was so excited "Yes continue to eating my balls sissy" she demands, some 20 minutes later, after a long moment of rude words she told me to suck on her lady dick ,she was pushing my head so strong and forcefully, that sometimes it hurt, "Oh my god keep sucking" Mistress Lutty yells out, I fall to my knees with her help, kissing her stomach as I work my month back down onto her lady dick, I could feel how excited she was by her actions pulling my head against her dick, balls deep she began fucking my mouth, her balls slapping loudly against my chin, holding me deep on her 8.5inch shecock to gain her breath was me gagging breathless every time she did this, I was now under her complete control, nothing I could do was able to stop her from deepthroating down her big lady dick, I loved it so much, I caressing her boobs with my hands while continuing sucking her dick until she told me "I'm going to cum" and I tired to remove her exploding lady cock from my mouth only to have her grabbing my head firmly down, cock balls deep in my month I felt her big warm load of cum flowing down my mouth, taking all her sperm and swallowing every drop before licking and sucking her woman cock clean. "Ok now my dick is read to fuck you strong, she gave me a condom, told me to put in my mouth and slid it onto her hard cock, when I managed to do cover her cock she told me to get on all fours, she took the butt plug out off my ass and I felt her 8.5inch throbbing lady dick penetrate me slowly, Oh your so tight she tells me, oh my god you feel so good as she began to fuck me hard and deep, I begun pushing my man pussy back into her lady dick, fucking her back doggy style as she road me, but eventually I just gave in as she found a rhythm and pounded me successfully from behind. I almost came... I came very close but wasn't allowed too. I held her cock in my hand and slip my lips around the head of her cock, as I started to get hotter for more I started sliding my lips back and forth on her cock, taking more and more deeper into my mouth till she bends me over the edge of the couch and rams her hard cock in my man pussy. At that point I was so horny I did not care, she tells me you like my hard cock you slut. I moan out a loud yes she tells me how she loves fucking sluts like me, I say you own my man pussy, fuck me, I yelled out between loud moans, "harder" fuck my man pussy, she starts pounding me faster and moments later she is pushing me against the wall, pushing her dick against my asshole, she was so hard and big pushing it deep inside of me, it was so good, as I take it like a sissy, she fucked me many in this position for over an hour without stopping before she says she’s about to cum. She takes her cock out and puts it in my face. I take it immediately back into mouth. I slide my lips back and forth on her cock. She says I’m going to cum. Then she gushes another big warm load into my mouth. Mid way through she than pulls her lady cock out so the tip is on my lips and cums again all over my lips and chin, as she stands over me I lick up all the cum that’s dripping from around my lips. She give me a kiss and told me "you was such a good bitch I loved it, now you can go back at home ,and she went to the bathroom, I took my clothes and I went back home completely broken by this great night of sex. Very good

Written by virgincharlie
Cargado May 28, 2021
Notes And moaning so loud in ecstasy to the point I couldn’t take anymore
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