I Banged My Best Friend’s Mom!

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Jeremy just exited the school compound and decided that he was going to walk home just to warm up his legs up. Two weeks ago was his eighteenth birthday, he was now a young adult in the eyes of society. He and his best friend, Michael normally walked home together, but today, Michael was about to taste some pussy, thus he abandoned him and went off with his girlfriend. Michael would probably tell Jeremy of his sexual experience tomorrow or maybe later if he came by his house.

While walking along the street all alone, Michael’s mom, Natalie saw Jeremy as she drove by and stopped where he was.

“Where is Michael?” She asked him poking her head through the car window.

“I don't know, Ms. Natalie,” Answered Jeremy. “I think he has some assignment to do but I don't know where he went.”

“You can call me Natalie,” She told him. “Get in, I want to give you a lift back home.”

“Okay, Natalie.”

“That sounds more like it,” She replied then drove off after Jeremy entered her vehicle.

Natalie was clad in a revealing white tank top accompanied by sexy mini shorts. Instead of bringing Jeremy to his home, she brought him to her place. Although Jeremy wanted to go home she acted like she wanted him to explain where her son was. Yet, her true intention was to devour his so-called virginity. She became infatuated with him ever since she witnessed his nude upper muscular body at his eighteenth birthday party.

To further keep Jeremy in her presence, Natalie enquired about the details of her son’s carrying at school and why he was staying out so late recently. Jeremy told a lie that Michael had to do some extra classes because he failed his exams. He further stated that Michael didn't want her to know because she would get upset with him.

“Oh really…?” Natalie glanced at Jeremy strangely for she knew he had told her an obvious lie. Michael was her son after all, therefore she knew him like her hand back. Tossing this petty matter aside, Natalie strutted closer to Jeremy and said, “Jeremy, I heard you are eighteen now.”

“Yes, I am, but I don't really feel any different.”

“You should be because your whole world is opening now. You should get out there and enjoy yourself. I can tell from experience that eighteen is a good number.”

“I guess I want to go to college.”

“Do you have a girlfriend, Jeremy?”

“No, I am not really that lucky I guess, girls want hot guys and hot guys want fame. I guess I don't have that chemistry because everyone sees me as the brilliant nerd.”

“Don't say that about yourself, Jeremy. You are special just like anybody else. You are such a darling. I would love to show you something fantastic and in the process, give you a few pointers.”

“What do you mean, Natalie?” Jeremy looked at his best friend’s mom weirdly.

“We can both help each other,” Said Natalie with a forming smile on her face. She was very horny for Jeremy. Being unable to contain her lust any longer, she took his right hand; put it on one of her breasts then fondled his crotch.

“Ms. Natalie what are you doing…?” Jeremy wasn't sure about what she wanted him to do. She was his best friend's mom so he felt like it was disrespectful. Natalie persuaded him that everything was pretty fine and she would be okay with him fucking her.

“Squeeze my boobs like you mean it, Jeremy. Why don't we go into my room where I can show you even more?”

“I am not so sure about this, Ms. Natalie.”

“I told you before, please call me, Natalie. All I want to do is to help you out, Jeremy. I promise I will be good.”

“What if Michael comes home and sees us?”

“I have the keys to the house, you don't have to worry about that,” She said to him.

Since she didn’t have a personal man in her life to cuddle with, Natalie was feeling lonely. She insisted on showing Jeremy a few pointers in the bedroom. Jeremy really didn't know what more to say to her. He watched as she locked the front door just in case Michael showed up when he wasn’t supposed to.

“Come sit with me for a bit Jeremy.” Natalie brought Jeremy to sit on the sofa in the living room. There she kept eyeing him but more so his now erected crotch.

“I want to help you get accustomed to a woman’s touch Jeremy. Have you ever sucked a woman boobs before?"

“I can’t say that I haven’t and I can’t say that I have."

“Well, you can touch mine and lick my nipples as you please.” Natalie took her tits out of their bra and put Jeremy’s hands on them.

“Wow! These are so soft.” Feeling excited, Jeremy started licking his best friend’s mom’s nipples while she rubbed his bulging crotch.

“You have a beautiful cock, Jeremy.” Natalie praised the size of Jeremy’s manhood as she fondled it through his pants. “Have you ever seen a pussycat before?”

“I have seen them in the movies, but I’ve never actually examined one in person.”

“Well, I am going to show you my pussycat, Jeremy.”

Saying this, Natalie took her shorts off before bending over in front of Jeremy’s lustful eyes, exposing both her ass and pussy smack in his face.

“Jeremy, you can touch my ass or kiss it if you desire.”

“Okay, Natalie,” He replied eagerly.

Jeremy began rubbing Natalie’s fine ass for a moment before he started kissing it all over. By how he acted, Natalie could tell that he was an amateur. During his tasting of Natalie’s butt, Jeremy felt compelled to suck her pussy. Due to her panty being in the way, he pulled it to the side. Natalie’s wet and smoking pussycat was now revealed to him, making his unsteady dick harder.

Moments later, Natalie took Jeremy’s pants and underwear off then started sucking his cock aggressively. Next, she was on top of him forcing his dick up into her shaved pussy. As she started riding on his big flesh-pole Jeremy began pushing his dick further into her as hard as he could beneath her weight.

“That's it, Jeremy! Give me that young and very stiff cock of yours! Oh, fuck yeah. Your cock feels so stiff and nic

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Written by Suzy Ferret
Cargado May 31, 2021
Notes Jeremy never expected that his best friend’s mom would have invited him home only so she could gain access to the bulging party taking place in his pants. She was a smoking hot babe too for her age. Which horny young adult would pass on this enthralling moment…?
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