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You wanted 2 speak 2 me after class professor. Yes I did(closes door). Your in danger of failing the class I'm worried about you. Professor I need this class or I won't graduate. I'm trying the best I can. There's not much time.left and I'm not sure you'll be able 2. Professor there's gotta be something I can do(grabs tie and moves hand down the body and grases the cock) wow your cock is hard! Nooo noi what are you doing??!! Why is your cock so hard? Start unzipping pants.... No we can't! Why can't we as I pull your cock out and starts stroking it! What you don't enjoy this!?? Puts it in my mouth! I grab her and and points the finger no and do up my pants! Professor you help me I'll help you! But I'll lose my job if someone finds out! She goes and closes the blinds! Besides why is you cock so hard? I see you checking me out! Come on as I got back down 2 suck his dick again let me take care of you! I I I... you what?? His moans become louder. Something tells me your enjoying this! Do you wanna see my tits? Tales off shirt. Your not wearing a bra? Easier access wouldn't you say? Continues 2 suck his dick. You wanna see more? Take off my pants... your not wearing any panties. She then pushed my head into her pussy. There yah go now use your tounge! Take off my socks and shoes now! There yah go now put my leg on the desk and eat my pussy! What do you make of that Professor? Eating your students pussy! Bet you didn't think you'd be doing that today did you??!! Keep doing that and your going 2 make me cum!! I stand up and turn around... You wanna bend me over the desk Professor. Bends over and spreads ass come on Professor stick it in! There yah go Professor look at you inside your student! Slap my ass Professor! Oooo fuck Professor your cock is so big! Feels so good inside me. Fuck me nice and deep Professor! Grab my hair as you fuck me! Yah that's it just ,like that! Mmhmm Professor I wanna ride your cock! Lay down on your desk. Clears off desk lays down. She starts sucking cock and hops on reverse! Look at your cock going in and out of my pussy professor. Do you like when I grind up and down on it. Slap my ass! Do you want a better view professor. Spins around while still on his cock. There yah go professor rub my clit! Play with my boobs! Your going 2 make me cum professor. Do you wanna make me cum? Keep doing that professor. Ooo professor don't stop! PROFESSSOR!! And I cum all over his big dick! Look what you did 2 me professor! Your a naughty boy! Let me taste my cum on your big dick! Gets off and sucks his dick and tastes my cum. I wanna get back on professor I wanna ride some more! Fuck your so tight and wet! You like my tight oussu on your thick cock?!! Huh professor. He let's out a big moan! You going 2 cum inside me professor? I can't cu... you can't what professor? You haven't thought about coming in me? That's it grab me so I can feel every inch of you inside me and feel your hot load inside me! That's it professor fuck me hard. Get off im going 2 cum! Get off. I don't get off and continue 2 ride... He's in trouble now and can't do anything about it cause I'm in control. He grabs me and pulls me down and he let's out a big moan and he shoots his load inside of me! You just came inside me professor!! I suck his cock and gets every last drip of his cum!!

Am I going 2 pass the class now professor? I think there's a good chance but I might have 2 see you after class again tomorrow.

Written by makdaddy81
Cargado May 31, 2021
Notes Student fucks teacher 2 pass the class
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