Cannot contain the sexual energy

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I noticed her the moment she dropped her kid off at practice for the first time. She was 5’4” and was wearing ripped jean shorts, the frays and pockets sticking out across her tanned legs. Her white body suit held her A cup tits in place and she was wearing a Red Sox hat with her brunette hair pulled through the back. Ray Ban Aviators covered her brown eyes and a white dress shirt was tied around her waist. Her white Keds clashed against her tan legs. Michelle was a stunner and her kid could play some baseball too! I couldn’t help but scan her up and down each time I saw her and I noticed her checking me out from time to time as well. Nothing came of it except for some innocent flirting but there was a connection between us that I couldn’t put my finger on.

The season came and went and before long summer was upon us. I headed out with a few coaches for a post season night out and went to Zeke’s Place, a local dive bar known for cheap beer, loud music and axe throwing. I walked in in my Red Sox T Shirt, Khaki shorts and flip flops. No it expecting much except an evening of drinking beers with he guys. We sat at a table and ordered a round and listened to the band before we threw a few axes. It was getting late and I was feeling a good buzz when the energy in the room shifted. Michelle entered wearing a white chiffon blouse that was almost see through to her white body suit, again suctioned to her tone body and perfect tits, a navy blue tennis skirt and the white Keds. Her hair was down, brunette and shoulder length and wavy as if blown dry by the wind. Her friend looked stunning as well. A petite red head with a black chiffon blouse, white body suit and white tennis skirt, same Keds. Not as tanned as Michelle but she had slightly bigger tits and was quite an impressive sight.

I remained calm and watcher her float through the room and the bar flies followed them both and parted easily when they approached to order a drink. She ordered what appeared to be a gin and tonic and turned her back to the bar and leaned back just a bit before taking the straw into her hand while scanning the bar and taking a sip. She smiled when she got to my table and I smiled back. She pulled away front he bar and came over to my table and al the other coaches watched her approach. “Hey coach, hows your summer?”, she said and I replied, “Great Michelle, how about you? And by the way, seasons over, you can call me Scott.” “Ok, Scott, and my summer is going well. I wanted to see about getting Keegan into a summer program, got a minute to talk?”, she asked. I said, “Sure, I need another beer, we can talk at the bar?” “Sure”, she said and followed me over.

At the bar, I ordered a Peroni and asked Michelle if she needed another drink which she declined. I got the Peroni and asked, “So summer ball?” And she said, “No, I just used that as an excuse to task to you. I didn’t want the other coaches to think I was flirting with you.” “Oh, I see. So you are flirting with me?”, I ask. “No, I am not. I am actually trying to come onto you. See, all season I felt this energy when we were near each other. A feeling I can’t explain, a sexual energy maybe? I’m not sure but I wanted to see if you felt it too?”, she rambled on, “I see you check me out and I am pretty sure you have caught me checking you out. I think you are super cute and I often have dirty thoughts about you.” “Really? I doubt that.”, I said but was thinking that I was having similar thoughts about her since the season started.

Now that the season was over, these feeling subsided a bit but with her walking into the bar tonight, these thoughts raced back to the front of my mind.

“So, you doubt that there is energy between us? My ex noticed it and has said something to me.”, she said and I replied, “Well, I would be lying if I didn’t say I checked you out. You are a very pretty woman. So what do we do about this?” She jumped in, “Well, I have the house to myself tonight. My ex has the kids. What do you say we go, as two consenting adults to my place and see how this sexual energy plays out? I know it’s forward but this is probably the only night this summer that this could work. How about it? No strings attached.” “Sure, I’ll go along with this. Sounds fun.”, I reply and continue, “What’s your address? I’ll finish this beer and head over when I am finished. That work?” “Perfect”, she says as she downs her drink and walks over to her friend who was being hit on my some guy and whispers in her ear before they both walk out of the bar. I walk back to my table and the coaches are giving me shit about Michelle and I laugh it off. I order one more beer and down it quickly before saying I have to be up early in the morning and I am met the typical shit that guys give each other.

I get to my car and pop a peppermint LifeSaver and look at myself in the mirror. I straighten my hair and put the key in the ignition. I drive to her house and park. My heart is racing as I am about to cheat on my wife but the sexual energy that we have for each other far outweighs the fear of getting caught.

I pop another LifeSaver and head to the door. I ring the bell and I hear “Come on in!” And I walk in, “In the living room”, I hear and find my way into the living room. It is dimly lit, a few candles are burning and I see the back of the couch and Michelle’s head on the right hand corner. I come around and find a bottle of wine opened and a glass already poured for me, and on the couch, Michelle is laying there in a scarlet red teddy, hair still down and sipping her wine. “I hope you like red”, she says as she pats the seat next to her importing me to sit down.

Her tanned body is flawless and toned, a result of many yoga classes she offers. I take the glass of wine off the table and take a gulp, trying to calm the growing nervousness I am feeling as I sit down. Her feet inches away from me, she puts her glass down and

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